miRBase entry: 15722555

Depletion of human micro-RNA miR-125b reveals that it is critical for the proliferation of differentiated cells but not for the down-regulation of putative targets during differentiation

PubMed ID 15722555
Authors "Lee YS, Kim HK, Chung S, Kim KS, Dutta A"
Journal "J Biol Chem
Volume 280
Pages 16635-16641

There are 2 miRNAs associated with this paper:
Name Accession RPM Chromosome Start End Strand Confidence
hsa-mir-125b-1 MI0000446 5007 chr11 122099757 122099844 - High
hsa-mir-125b-2 MI0000470 5102 chr21 16590237 16590325 + High