miRBase entry: hsa-mir-217

Stem-loop hsa-mir-217

Homo sapiens hsa-mir-217 precursor miRNA
Gene family
MIPF0000077; mir-217

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MIR217 is a type of microRNA that has been studied in various tumor types, including KIRP [PMC7744790]. In type 2 KIRP, the expression of IGF2BP3, NCAPG, and MIR217 was found to be higher compared to type 1 KIRP [PMC7744790]. In a study using 6DT1 cells, the expression of Mir216b and MIR217 resulted in a significant suppression of pulmonary metastasis [PMC3912413]. MIR217, along with miR-34a, has been shown to downregulate the mRNA and protein levels of silent information regulator 1 (SIRT1), leading to weakened antioxidant capacity and vascular endothelial aging [PMC9513221]. The relationship between LINC01268, MIR217, and SOS1 was explored in AML cells (HL-60 and Kasumi-1), where their effects on cell viability, cycle progression, and apoptosis were determined [PMC7326380]. Additionally, MIR217 has been found to interact with several splicing factors and bind to miRNAs such as miR-101, miR-9, miR-125b [PMC6351443]. The expression level of MIR217 was downregulated in TNBS-induced inflammation but significantly upregulated by BEY-treatment [PMC9101272].

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aguauaauuauuacaua    uu     c c  a  C     C          U -   aag 
                 guuu  gaugu g ag UA UGCAU AGGAACUGAU G GAu   a
                 ||||  ||||| | || || ||||| |||||||||| | |||    
                 caaa  cuacg c uC GU ACGUA UCCUUGACUA c cug   a
--------------gaa    -u     a u  C  U     A          C a   acu 

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Genome context
chr2: 55982967-55983076 [-]
Clustered miRNAs
1 other miRNA is < 10 kb from hsa-mir-217
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Mature hsa-miR-217-5p

Accession MIMAT0000274
Description Homo sapiens hsa-miR-217-5p mature miRNA
Evidence experimental
cloned [2]
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Predicted targets

Mature hsa-miR-217-3p

Accession MIMAT0037308
Description Homo sapiens hsa-miR-217-3p mature miRNA
Evidence not_experimental


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