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Open access articles that are associated with the species Oryza sativa and mention the gene name MIR5796. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Furthermore, we compared the predicted targets of differentially expressed miRNAs detected in our study to Zhang et al. [38], and the results revealed that three targets associated with the DNA methylation activity, including LOC_Os01g25450 (predicted by mes-miR2275, the down-regulated DEM in PMA), LOC_Os10g26430 (predicted by osa-miR5796, the down-regulated DEM in MA and SCP) and LOC_Os05g49930 (predicted by bdi-miR5054_L+2, the down-regulated DEM in SCP), were annotated as AIG1 family protein, agenet domain-containing protein and GRAS family transcription factor domain-containing protein, respectively (Table S17). [score:15]
In our study, we found three DEM, especially osa-miR5796 that was down-regulated in MA and SCP of Taichung65-4x and predicted a LOC_Os10g26430 gene, may be associated with the DNA methylation and transposon activity in polyploidization of rice. [score:4]
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As the functional information for these non-conserved miRNA families is still limited, our target prediction results show that these miRNA families negatively-regulate a number of important drought-related target genes such as those encoding calmodulin binding protein (osa-miR1427, osa-miR5796), NBS-LRR disease resistance protein (osa-MIR2118), glutathione S-transferase (osa-miR2275d), dehydrin (osa-miR5793), transcription factors and protein kinases (S2 Table). [score:8]
Out of the 32 non-conserved miRNA families, 11 families have expression counts >100; (osa-miR2275d, osa-miR5179, osa-miR5486, osa-miR5488, osa-miR5509, osa-miR5793, osa-miR5796, osa-miR5797, osa-miR5800, osa-miR5806, osa-miR5818) and 4 families have expression counts >1000; (osa-miR5485, osa-miR5487, osa-miR5497, osa-miR5791) while the remaining miRNA families have expression count lower than 100. [score:7]
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In the same way, other annotated MIR loci were evidenced in our analysis of 21-nt phased loci as overlapping loci, suggesting that these loci are phasiRNA-generating loci rather than MIR ones: osa- MIR5486, osa-MIR5488, osa- MIR5506, osa- MIR5514, osa- miR5516, osa- miR5519, osa- MIR5517, osa- MIR5527, osa- MIR5530, osa- MIR5791, osa- MIR5796, osa-MIR5800 and osa- MIR5822 (Additional file 6). [score:1]
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