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3 publications mentioning rno-mir-741

Open access articles that are associated with the species Rattus norvegicus and mention the gene name mir-741. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Several miRNAs, such as members of the miR-183-96-182 cluster, miR-741, miR-881, miR-878, miR-743a, miR-743b, miR-465, miR-871, miR-880, are known to be expressed in mouse ESCs and were also expressed in rat PSCs; however, their function in pluripotency induction and regulation has not been directly shown 48– 50. [score:7]
We also analysed the expression of the rno-miR-novel-8 miRNA, rno-miR-sno-57 miRNA, miR-741-3p, and miR-743a-3p, which are upregulated in PSCs during differentiation. [score:6]
Using qPCR, we have shown that members of the miR-741-3p and miR-743a-3p clusters were expressed at high levels in rat ESCs and iPSCs and were downregulated during differentiation. [score:6]
rno-miR-novel-8, rno-homolog-miR-26, and rno-homolog-miR-199 miRNAs were selected from Tier 1, and rno-miR-sno-57 miRNA was selected from Tier 2. In addition, we analysed the expression of miR-741-3p and miR-743a-3p and found that, in accordance with sequencing data, they were highly expressed in rat PSCs. [score:5]
We found that miR-741-3p, miR-743a-3p, and rno-miR-novel-8 miRNA were expressed in the testis at levels comparable to that in PSCs. [score:3]
A cluster of miRNAs, comprised of miR-463, miR-465, miR-471, miR-741, miR-743a, miR-743b, miR-871, miR-878, miR-880, miR-881, and miR-883, was located on the X chromosome and was expressed at a high level in rat PSCs according to the sequencing data. [score:3]
miR-741-3p was also expressed in the lungs, ovaries and spleen but at lower levels (Fig.   4c). [score:3]
qRT-PCR analysis demonstrated that the rno-miR-novel-8 and rno-miR-sno-57 miRNAs as well as the known miRNAs miR-741-3p and miR-743a-3p were expressed in rat PSCs and absent in rat EFs (Fig.   4a). [score:3]
We found that rat miR-295-3p, miR-741-3p and miR-743a-3p expression was significantly decreased during ESC and iPSC differentiation (Fig.   4b). [score:3]
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Expression of rno-mir-741-3p and mir-742-3p, which reside in the mir-463 genomic cluster and is thus likely to be expressed as a single transcript [54], is strain-specific. [score:5]
Notably the strongest diverged arm of rno-mir-741is the most abundant arm in our cloning data (Additional file 12, Figure S4B) and is the only miRNA arm that is described in mmu-mir-741, suggesting that expression is conserved while the sequence has diverged. [score:3]
rno-mir-741 is partially conserved; the syntenic mouse miRNA is mmu-mir-741. [score:1]
The two miRNAs that were more prominent in BN-Lx, mir-742-3p and rno-mir-741-3p, reside in the same genomic cluster and may thus originate from the same primary transcript. [score:1]
This may be one mechanism by which miRNAs evolve within this mir-463 cluster, in which the rno-mir-741/mmu-mir-741 ancestral miRNA has diverged between mouse and rat. [score:1]
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rno-miR-881, rno-miR-880, miR-741-3p, miR-511*, miR-187, miR-449a, as well as 6 members of miR-34 family, miR-34a, miR-34a*, miR-34b, miR-34b*, miR-34c, and miR-34c*, showed over 10-fold up-regulation. [score:4]
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