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Open access articles that are associated with the species Bombyx mori and mention the gene name mir-2b. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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mir-2 and mir-13 repress translation of the target genes, grim, skl and rpr, suggesting that they may be involved in regulating apoptosis [48]. [score:6]
bmo-miR-281a, bmo-miR-281a*, bmo-miR-281b*, bmo-miR-13b and bmo-miR-2b were expressed most strongly in larva, although they were also expressed in pupa and moth. [score:5]
bmo-miR-2b, which is found in the gene cluster bmo-miR-2a-1/bmo-miR-2a-1*/bmo-miR-2a-2/bmo-miR-2b/bmo-miR-13a*/bmo-miR-13b, encodes a newly identified member of the mir-2 family. [score:1]
mir-2 and mir-7 may be related to the Notch signaling pathway in B. mori; this hypothesis is consistent with previous predictions [38, 53]. [score:1]
4220] of these six genes can bind perfectly to mir-2 (bmo-miR-2a, bmo-miR-2b, bmo-miR-13a* and bmo-miR-13b) and bmo-miR-7, respectively. [score:1]
mir-2 controls HLHm delta, and mir-7 controls HLHm3, HLHm5, HLHmgamma, M4 and TOM, in D. melanogaster; these six genes are involved in the Notch signaling pathway. [score:1]
Searching miRBase, we found that the bmo-miR-2a sequence was identical to the dme-miR-2a, dps-miR-2a, ame-miR-2, and aga-miR-2 sequences, but we failed to identify any other miRNA that had the same sequence as bmo-miR-2b (Figure 5); therefore, bmo-miR-2b is a newly identified member of the mir-2 miRNA family. [score:1]
Genes in the cluster containing bmo-miR-2a-1/bmo-miR-2a-1*/bmo-miR-2a-2/bmo-miR-2b/bmo-miR-13a*/bmo-miR-13b are members of the mir-2 miRNA family. [score:1]
We identified two miRNA gene clusters in the B. mori genome, and bmo-miR-2b was identified as a new member of the mir-2 family. [score:1]
a. bmo-miR-2a-1/bmo-miR-2a-1*/bmo-miR-2a-2/bmo-miR-2b/bmo-miR-13a*/bmo-miR-13b; b. bmo-miR-275/bmo-miR-305/bmo-miR-305*. [score:1]
Figure 5Homologous analysis of mir-2 family. [score:1]
Examining the positions of the identified miRNAs in the B. mori genome, we identified two miRNA clusters (Figure 4): bmo-miR-2a-1/bmo-miR-2a-1*/bmo-miR-2a-2/bmo-miR-2b/bmo-miR-13a*/bmo-miR-13b; and bmo-miR-275/bmo-miR-305/bmo-miR-305*. [score:1]
Searching the D. melanogaster and A. gambiae miRNAs, we found that corresponding mir-2 and mir-13 family members also assembled into clusters in these two species. [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: bmo-mir-9a, bmo-mir-275, bmo-mir-1926, bmo-mir-965, bmo-mir-2739
Huang et al[13, 14] showed that bmo-miR-2b can suppress the expression of the fibroin protein gene BmP25 as well as bmo-miR-965 and bmo-miR-1926 can suppress the expression of the fibroin light chain gene (BmFib-L). [score:9]
Differential expression of microRNA-2b with potential target coding P25 in the fifth instar larvae posterior silk gland of the silkworm. [score:5]
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Preferential expression of miR-2 and miR-13 families in spinning larvae and moth suggests that these miRNAs may promote apoptosis in these two stages. [score:3]
miR-2 and miR-13 families possess identical "seed" sequences, and both show almost similar expression profiles in the silkworm. [score:3]
The miR-2 family is known to target proapoptotic genes (reaper, grim and sickle) in Drosophila [69]. [score:3]
It includes miR-1, the entire family of miR-2, the miR-9 family (miR-9 and miR-9b), the let-7 family (let-7a, let-7j), miR-10b, miR-31, miR-71, miR-79, miR-87, miR-98, miR-100, miR-252, miR-263a, miR-275, miR-279, miR-317 and miR-1274b (Table 3 and Figure 4a). [score:1]
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Coincidently we detected bmo-miR-13 in two stages: late fifth-instar larva (LFLS) and pupa stages (PS), and its potential targets also include notch-like gene and inhibitor of apoptosis gene (Iap) (Table 4) suggesting that bmo-miR-2/13 have similar functions in silkworms and fruitflies. [score:5]
The miR-2 family has been implicated in the control of apoptosis [23], [64]. [score:1]
We also discovered six pairs that are organized as clusters; bmo-miR-1/bmo-miR-133, bmo-let-7/bmo-miR-100, bmo-miR-12/bmo-miR-283, and bmo-miR-275/bmo-miR-305 are separated by less than 20 kb apart and in the same orientation; bmo-miR-9b overlaps with bmo-miR-79 on the opposite strand; and bmo-miR-2 is adjacent to bmo-miR-13 but on the reverse strand in a tail-to-tail orientation about some twenty basepairs away. [score:1]
Another pair of interesting clustered miRNAs in the silkworm genome contains bmo-miR-2 and bmo-miR-13, which are classified into the miR-2 family based on sequence similarity. [score:1]
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Differential expression of microRNA-2b with potential target coding P25 in the fifth instar larvae posterior silk gland of the silkworm. [score:5]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: dme-mir-2a-1, dme-mir-2a-2, dme-mir-2b-1, dme-mir-2b-2, dme-mir-9a, dme-mir-10, dme-mir-12, dme-mir-13a, dme-mir-13b-1, dme-mir-13b-2, dme-mir-276a, dme-mir-133, dme-mir-276b, dme-mir-210, dme-mir-31b, dme-mir-9c, dme-mir-306, dme-mir-9b, dme-mir-31a, dme-mir-309, dme-mir-316, dme-mir-317, dme-mir-2c, ame-mir-12, ame-mir-133, ame-mir-210, ame-mir-276, ame-mir-2-1, ame-mir-2-2, ame-mir-317, ame-mir-9a, ame-mir-9b, bmo-mir-9a, bmo-mir-10, bmo-mir-276, bmo-mir-31, bmo-mir-71, ame-mir-10, ame-mir-137, ame-mir-13a, ame-mir-2-3, ame-mir-29b, ame-mir-31a, ame-mir-375, ame-mir-71, ame-mir-932, dme-mir-193, dme-mir-375, dme-mir-932, dme-mir-970, dme-mir-971, dme-mir-989, dme-mir-137, dme-mir-1006, dme-mir-1007, bmo-mir-2a-1, bmo-mir-2a-2, bmo-mir-13a, bmo-mir-13b, bmo-mir-133, bmo-mir-210, bmo-mir-317, tca-mir-2-3, tca-mir-2-1, tca-mir-2-2, tca-mir-10, tca-mir-12, tca-mir-13a, tca-mir-13b, tca-mir-31, tca-mir-71, tca-mir-133, tca-mir-137, tca-mir-210, tca-mir-276, tca-mir-317, tca-mir-932, tca-mir-9b, bmo-mir-12, bmo-mir-137, bmo-mir-932, bmo-mir-9b, tca-mir-9a, tca-mir-970, ame-mir-13b, ame-mir-1006, ame-mir-316, bmo-mir-970, lmi-mir-276, lmi-mir-210, lmi-mir-10, lmi-mir-9a, bmo-mir-9c, bmo-mir-306a, bmo-mir-989a, bmo-mir-316, bmo-mir-1175, bmo-mir-9d, bmo-mir-750, bmo-mir-375, bmo-mir-306b, api-mir-137, api-mir-10, api-mir-276, api-mir-13a, api-mir-210, api-mir-29, api-mir-2a, api-mir-2b, api-mir-2c, api-mir-316, api-mir-317, api-mir-71, api-mir-971, api-mir-9a, api-mir-9b, api-mir-306, api-mir-3049, bmo-mir-989b, ame-mir-1175, ame-mir-193, ame-mir-989, ame-mir-3049, ame-mir-971, ame-mir-3770, ame-mir-9c, ame-mir-306, ame-mir-750, tca-mir-9c, tca-mir-316, tca-mir-9d, tca-mir-309a, tca-mir-3049, tca-mir-375, tca-mir-29, tca-mir-1175, tca-mir-750, tca-mir-989, tca-mir-309b, tca-mir-193, tca-mir-6012, tca-mir-9e, ame-mir-6037, ame-mir-6012, ame-mir-2b, tca-mir-309c, tca-mir-971b
The structure of the miR-2 cluster in the seven species of insects studied. [score:1]
There is no correlation between the number of miRNA genes in a given family and the time of emergence of the family (MIR-2 family, which is the one that have more genes, appeared with the protostomes, whereas there are many monogenic miRNA families that emerged with the bilaterians) (Fig. 4). [score:1]
Transposable elements could be one of the sources of the miRNA cluster expansions as we observed on B. germanica Mir-71/Mir-2 cluster. [score:1]
Then, 5 families (8%) have between 2 and 3 genes, 4 families (6%) have between 3 and 5, and only one family (MIR-2) that have between 5 and 16 genes (Supplementary Table S8). [score:1]
In the cluster of Blattella germanica it is remarkable the distance between the second and the third copy of miR-2, where it is inserted a TIGD4 sequence. [score:1]
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Similarly, miR-2 and miR-7 control signal transduction pathways (notch signalling) in both Drosophila sp and B. mori by targeting HLHmδ, HLHm3, HLHm5, HLHmγ, M4 and TOM [33, 34]. [score:3]
The cluster (sfr-mir-2a, sfr-mir-2b, sfr-mir-2c, sfr-mir-13a, sfr-mir-13b) is distributed over the region, 8161–8774 of scaffold 1973 with a size of 20411bp (Fig. 3B, i), while the other (sfr-mir-10494, sfr-mir-10463, sfr-mir-10471) span over 10636bp region of scaffold 6745. [score:1]
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In the previous studies, researcher suggesting the highly expressed Bmo-miR-2 in the egg stage possibly related to the generation of embryos [8]. [score:3]
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A cluster of miR-2a-1, miR-2a-2, miR-2b, miR-13a and miR-13b is localized on chromosome 1 of B. mori, indicating there are two precursors of miR-2a, and miR-2a-2 is in the interior of this cluster. [score:1]
Based on the conserved character of miRNA, Pre-2aF and Pre-2aR for cloning pre-miR-2a-2 were designed according to the mature sequences of miR-2b and miR-2a-1 which located at both ends of the cluster. [score:1]
By searching bmo-miR-2a in Silkworm Genome Database, it is noticed that there are two precursors of pre-bmo-miR-2a which localized on chromosome 1 and organized as a cluster with pre-miR-2b, pre-miR-13a and pre-miR-13b (Figure 5). [score:1]
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Seven families of conserved miRNAs, including four clusters described above (2, 4, 7, and 8), have paralogs in the silkworm genome (mir-2, mir-993, mir-9, mir-92, mir-263, mir-279, and mir-989) (Figure 4). [score:1]
However, in the silkworm, a number of miRNA genes (mir-2a-1, mir-2b, mir-10, and mir-282) exhibited a similar number of sequence reads originating from the 5' and 3' arms of the miRNA hairpin precursors (5p and 3p, respectively) (Additional file 9*). [score:1]
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We observed a similar mechanism in silkworm TE-miRNAs, as we previously reported in non TE-derived miRNAs [37], that a miRNA precursor is able to yield different kinds of mature miRNA sequences (such as TE-miRNA-1 and TE-miRNA-2), and likewise different precursors produce the same miRNAs. [score:1]
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