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10 publications mentioning dre-mir-196b

Open access articles that are associated with the species Danio rerio and mention the gene name mir-196b. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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A possible explanation for the presence of target gene/microRNA combinations within single transcription units and for the targeting of nearby Hox genes by both miR-10 and miR-196, may lie in the complexity of the Hox regulatory mechanisms which involve multiple global and local transcriptional elements. [score:6]
The short genomic distances between miR-196 and miR-10 and their targets are remarkable; miR-10c is ∼25 kb from the target sites in HoxB3a and ∼48 kb from those in HoxB1a and (in mammals) a miR-196 paralogue is located at ∼18 kb from HoxB8 and HoxC8 and at ∼14 kb from HoxA7. [score:5]
With respect to the Hox related microRNAs, HoxA7 and Hox-8 paralogues have been identified as targets of miR-196 [23], [24], [25]. [score:3]
MiR-196 is known to represses HoxB8, HoxC8, HoxD8 and HoxA7 and we have identified HoxB1a and HoxB3a as targets for miR-10. [score:3]
C) Polycistronic transcripts identified from the EST database show inclusion of miR-196 paralogues and HoxB8 and HoxC8 target genes on the same primary transcripts. [score:3]
As with the previously described interactions between miR-196 and HoxA7 and Hox-8 paralogues, the target genes are located in close proximity to the microRNA. [score:3]
In Drosophila, a conserved or possibly convergent interaction exists for the miR-196 homologue IAB-4 which targets the Ubx Hox gene [26]. [score:3]
In addition to the Hox coding genes, the miR-10, miR-196 and miR-615 microRNA gene families have been identified within the vertebrate Hox clusters [8]– [11]. [score:1]
In the Hox clusters, miR-10 genes are closely associated with the positions of Hox-4 paralogue members, miR-196 is located 5′ of Hox-9 paralogues and the more recently cloned miR-615 is located in the HoxC5 intron in mammals but appears to be absent from Teleosts and Xenopus tropicalis. [score:1]
In addition to the protein coding Hox genes, the miR-10, miR-196 and miR-615 families of microRNA genes are conserved within the vertebrate Hox clusters. [score:1]
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In order to examine if miR-196a expression is inversely correlated to bovine NOBOX expression during early embryonic development, we analyzed miR-196 expression during oocyte maturation and early embryogenesis. [score:8]
It has also been reported that miR-196a is differently regulated during polycystic kidney disease suggesting that miR-196 is important for normal functioning of kidney [51]. [score:4]
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The three families we identified, miR-10, miR-99/100 and miR-196, are highly conserved and are dysregulated in a number of human diseases. [score:4]
The miR-10, miR-99/100 and miR-196 families are some of the most common Hox gene -targeting miRNAs yet described. [score:3]
Several predicted miRNAs fell just below the threshold criteria, including miR-196b, let-7e, miR-98 and let-7b (Supplementary Figure S1). [score:1]
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One of the teleost specific cliques contains mir196-Aa [see Additional File 1]. [score:1]
The CNSs were mainly teleost and neoteleost-specific, and we could identify two microRNAs in all species: mir196-Ca and mir10-Ca [see Additional File 5]. [score:1]
The footprint clique containing mir196-Ab did not identify a orthologous sequence for medaka, suggesting a lineage-specific loss of this microRNA in medaka [see Additional File 2]. [score:1]
The analyses revealed the existence of mir196-Ba in all teleosts – except for medaka – and mir10-Ba was found in all species but A. burtoni, due to missing sequence data [see Additional File 3]. [score:1]
In contrast to a previous study, we were able to identify mir196-Ab and mir196-Ba in the zebrafish clusters [86], probably due to increased sequence quality of the genomic sequence. [score:1]
An equivalent to the mir196-Cb could not be identified in neoteleosts, which have lost the entire HoxCb cluster. [score:1]
In medaka, we were not able to identify mir196-Ab, mir196-Ba and mir10-Bb, even though sequences were complete and without gaps in these intergenic regions. [score:1]
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The expression level of miR-137, miR-724, miR-7a and miR-734 was more than 10 fold higher in silver than in bighead carp, while for miR-196b, the expression level was more than 10 fold higher in bighead carp than in silver carp. [score:5]
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miR-10b and miR-196b, which are key regulators of HOX signaling and adult stem cell differentiation, have also been identified as upregulated miRNAs in circulating tumor EPCs and are responsive to vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) stimulation [23]. [score:5]
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The mir-196 miRNAs are known to directly cleave HOX mRNAs and modulates development of axial patterning [49], [50]. [score:3]
B1: An interesting example from the network highlighted in orange showing interactions between of network highlighting miRNA: (a) hsa-mir-9; lncRNA: (d) ENST00000500197.2, (e) ENST00000509783.1, (f) ENST00000511014.1, (h) ENST00000505030.1, (i) ENST00000504246.1; mRNA: (b) ENST00000384838.1, (c) ENST00000262095.2, (g) ENST00000491143.1, (j) ENST00000226574 B2: Another interesting example from the network highlighted in blue showing interactions between miRNA: (1) hsa-miR-196a, (5) hsa-miR-196b*, (13)hsa- miR-196b; lncRNA: (4) ENST00000523790.1; (6) ENST00000489695.1, (12) ENST00000519935.1; mRNA: (2) ENST00000354032.4, (3) ENST00000384852.1, (7) ENST00000313173, (8) ENST0000024215, (9) ENST00000040584, (10) ENST00000304786.7, (11) ENST00000366839.4. [score:1]
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The mir-196 family regulates Hox8 and Hox7 genes, the function of mir10 is unknown. [score:2]
The mir10 and the mir196 precursors are located at specific positions in the Hox gene clusters [4- 7]. [score:1]
A few microRNAs are apparently linked to protein coding genes, most notably mir-10 and mir-196 which are located in the (short) intergenic regions in the Hox gene clusters of vertebrates [4- 7]. [score:1]
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Interestingly, the conserved novel miRNAs retrieved by miRDeep, namely miR_4 (miR-429 family), miR_5 (miR-429 family), miR_6 (miR-1788 family), miR_11 (miR-196 family), miR_15 (miR-196 family), miR_16 (miR-103 family) and miR_21 (miR-222 family) were also predicted as novel ZF miRNAs by Ensembl algorithms (Table 4). [score:1]
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The role of microRNAs in lower vertebrates with a known regenerative ability is gaining a lot of attention, with several recent studies identifying miRNAs associated with spinal cord repair (e. g., miR-125b in axolotl, miR-133b in zebrafish; [28, 29]) and appendage regeneration (e. g. miR-196 in axolotl tail, miR-203 in zebrafish fin; [30, 31]). [score:1]
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