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Open access articles that are associated with the species Medicago truncatula and mention the gene name MIR395b. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Sulphur starvation induces the expression of microRNA-395 and one of its target genes but in different cell types. [score:5]
For instance, miR395 and miR530, two miRNAs regulated by sulfur and nitrogen starvation respectively in Arabidopsis (Kawashima et al., 2009; Liang et al., 2010, 2012), were not reported in L. japonicus. [score:2]
We thus searched these miRNAs in available L. japonicus genomic data and identified 5 miR395 and one miR530 genes. [score:1]
MicroRNA395 mediates regulation of sulfate accumulation and allocation in Arabidopsis thaliana. [score:1]
Surprisingly, for some families, an opposite profile was observed: for instance, miR395 and miR399 genes, generally organized in clusters, were more abundant in M. truncatula than in soybean (18/13 genes for miR395 and 18/8 genes for miR399 according to miRBase). [score:1]
However, searches of miR395 and miR399-like sequences in the G. max genomic database, allowing three mismatches, allowed us to identify 30 and 20 putative members respectively (C. Lelandais, pers. [score:1]
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Interestingly, Mir395 is up-regulated in response to drought stress in rice (Zhou et al., 2010) and under high salinity conditions in maize (Zea mays L. ; Ding et al., 2009), suggesting it participates in abiotic stress responses, presumably by maintaining the flux of sulfur toward aerial parts. [score:3]
Interplay of SLIM1 and miR395 in the regulation of sulfate assimilation in Arabidopsis. [score:2]
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Such a pattern has also been described for the miR395-SULTR2;1 miRNA target pair [[51]] and most likely functions to prevent expression of transcripts resulting from spontaneous promoter activity in specific tissues and cell types, a mechanism called promoter dampening [[18]]. [score:5]
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We found homologs of known miRNA target genes for several conserved M. truncatula miRNAs, such as SBP for miR156, NAC for miR160, AGO1 for miR168, bZIP for miR165, GRAS for miR171, AP2 for miR172 and low affinity sulphur transporter for miR395. [score:3]
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Other miRNAs, such as miR395 and miR399, are involved in adaptive responses to local variations in nutrient availability (sulfate and phosphate, respectively) in the soil [10]. [score:1]
In contrast, our procedure clearly led to an underestimation of certain families, in particular miR169, miR395 and miR399. [score:1]
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