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5 publications mentioning ath-MIR402

Open access articles that are associated with the species Arabidopsis thaliana and mention the gene name MIR402. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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miR159 regulates floral development, fertility and seed germination by targeting and negatively regulating MYB transcript level [16]; miR417 negatively regulate seed germination under salt stress condition and over expression of miR402 enhances the seed germination under stress conditions in Arabidopsis thaliana 17, 18. [score:9]
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In three cases—miR402 targeting of the transcription factor DML3 (UniProt: O49498) (Fig 5A), miR398 regulation of free radical metabolism (Fig 5B), and miR395 regulation of sulfur metabolism (Fig 5C), there was no evidence of co-regulation by kinases. [score:6]
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This apparent anomaly may be explicable as recent computational work indicates that miR402 may target other mRNAs [39]. [score:3]
Interestingly, miR402 that regulates ARGONAUTE2 (AGO2) was also present, although RT-PCRs were not able to detect AGO2 transcripts during male gametophyte development [17], nor was AGO2 detectable in sperm cells [18]. [score:3]
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Experimental studies in Arabidopsis and other plants have shown that abiotic and biotic stresses induce differential expression of a set of miRNAs such as: miR156, miR159, miR165, miR167, miR168, miR169, miR319, miR393, miR395, miR396, miR398, miR399, and miR402 [7, 18- 23]. [score:3]
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The newly identified genes were members of diverse gene families such as major facilitator super family (MFS) transporters [AT1G08900, AT1G30560, AT1G33440, AT1G72140, AT1G80530, AT2G26690, AT2G34355, AT3G20460, AT3G45680, AT3G47960, AT4G19450, STP8 (AT5G26250), AT5G27350, and AT5G62680], MATE efflux transporters (AT1G71140, AT5G17700, AT5G19700, and AT5G38030), microRNA genes [MIR156b (AT4G30972), MIR161 (AT1G48267), MIR162b (AT5G23065), MIR164 (AT5G01747), MIR167c (AT3G04765), MIR168b (AT5G45307), MIR396a (AT2G10606), MIR402 (AT1G77235), MIR777a (AT1G70645), and MIR848a (AT5G13887)], various transcription factors (MYB, NAC domain, WRKY, etc. [score:1]
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