Stem-loop sequence hsa-mir-3652

AccessionMI0016052 (change log)
Symbol HGNC:MIR3652
DescriptionHomo sapiens miR-3652 stem-loop
   cg  u   g  -  -    a    -a     -     --gggg    gag      cc  c a  -g   g 
5'   gc gga gu gu gagg uccg  accca ggggu      ggug   gcggcu  ug g uc  aag g
     || ||| || || |||| ||||  ||||| |||||      ||||   ||||||  || | ||  |||  
3'   cg ccu cg cg cucc gggu  ugggu ucccg      ccgc   cgccgg  ac c ag  uuc g
   --  u   g  u  u    -    cg     g     ggagua    --a      cc  u -  ag   a 
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Deep sequencing
198 reads, 5.06 reads per million, 79 experiments
Confidence Annotation confidence: not enough data
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Genome context
Coordinates (GRCh38; GCA_000001405.15) Overlapping transcripts
chr12: 103930425-103930555 [+]
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Mature sequence hsa-miR-3652

Accession MIMAT0018072

1 - 


 - 18

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Deep sequencing46 reads, 34 experiments
Evidence experimental; 454 [1]
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PMID:20483914 "Discovery of microRNAs and other small RNAs in solid tumors" Meiri E, Levy A, Benjamin H, Ben-David M, Cohen L, Dov A, Dromi N, Elyakim E, Yerushalmi N, Zion O, Lithwick-Yanai G, Sitbon E Nucleic Acids Res. 38:6234-6246(2010).