miRBase entry: mmu-mir-223

Stem-loop mmu-mir-223

MGI: Mir223
Mus musculus mmu-mir-223 precursor miRNA
Gene family
MIPF0000067; mir-223

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Mmu-mir-223 is a microRNA that is upregulated in various biological contexts [PMC5617494]. In CD34+SCA1+ BMHSCs, the expression of mmu-mir-223 was found to be upregulated after treatment with CTX [PMC5617494]. Knocking out mmu-mir-223 resulted in the de-repression of exclusive targets with 8mer sites, indicating that the 5'-isomiR of mmu-mir-223 affected these targets [PMC3919606]. The expression levels of mmu-mir-223 were normalized against β-actin [PMC4755013]. In UVB irradiated mice, mmu-mir-223 was found to be upregulated compared to untreated mice [PMC3597329]. Mice with DSS-induced colitis were treated with mmu-mir-223 loaded nanoparticles, which resulted in therapeutic effects [PMC9024817]. Mmu-mir-223 mimic treatment repressed the expression of NLRP3 and increased the repression of IL-1β, IL-6, TNF-α, and CXCL1 and CXCL2 mRNA transcripts [PMC6113393]. G1 arrest and the presence of p27 regulated three miRs including mir233 [PMC4012735]. Several miRNAs including mir233 increased their expression significantly at different times post-infection [PMC9861972].

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185 open access papers mention mmu-mir-223
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516726 reads, 2285 reads per million, 96 experiments

u    ccaucu   - u        cC U              GAGUUG         u 
 cugg      gca g gucacgcu  G GUAUUUGACAAGCU      gacacucug g
 ||||      ||| | ||||||||  | ||||||||||||||      ||||||||| u
 gacu      cgu c cgguguga  C CAUAAACUGUUUGA      CUGUgagau g
-    ---auc   a u        AC C              ------         g 

Annotation confidence High
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Mouse mir-223 is predicted [2] based on homology to a reported miR from human (MIR:MI0000300) [1]. Its expression was later verified by cloning [3].

Genome context
chrX: 96242817-96242926 [+]

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Mature mmu-miR-223-5p

Accession MIMAT0017056
Description Mus musculus mmu-miR-223-5p mature miRNA
Evidence experimental
Illumina [5]
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Mature mmu-miR-223-3p

Accession MIMAT0000665
Description Mus musculus mmu-miR-223-3p mature miRNA
Evidence experimental
cloned [3], Illumina [4-5]
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