miRBase::Genomics statistics

  • H. sapiens (GRCh38)
  • M. musculus (GRCm38)
  • R. norvegicus (Rnor_6.0)
  • C. elegans (WBcel235)
  • D. melanogaster (Release_6)
miRNA count: 1492
Ensembl release: v46
UCSC data: NCBI 36.1

Genomic features surrounding miRNA precursors

miRBase::Genomics provides features such as transcription start sites, CpG islands, ESTs, cDNAs, genomic repeats, conserved transcription factor binding sites, expression ditags and polyA signals in the genomic regions surrounding miRNA precursors in human, mouse, rat, worm and fly genomes. The mapping of the features and annotations are obtained from Ensembl and UCSC browser.

To query the database, enter a miRNA ID and the number of basepairs (bp) upstream and downstream from the 5' and 3' ends of miRNAs or a cluster. The default upstream and downstream flank cut-off is 10 kb. You can also specify an inter-miRNA distance to define clusters of miRNAs to be considered together. Check the feature boxes to choose which features to retrieve. The results are displayed both in tabular and graphical formats.


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