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Previous releases
README Release notes - read these first!
miRNA.dat all published miRNA data in EMBL format
hairpin.fa Fasta format sequences of all miRNA hairpins
mature.fa Fasta format sequences of all mature miRNA sequences
miRNA.diff Changes between the last release and this
miRNA.dead List of entries that have been removed from the database

Genome coordinates

aae.gff3 ame.gff3 ath.gff3 bmo.gff3 bta.gff3 cbr.gff3 cel.gff3 cfa.gff3 cre.gff3 dme.gff3 dps.gff3 dre.gff3 ebv.gff3 fru.gff3 gga.gff3 hcmv.gff3 hsa.gff3 kshv.gff3 mdo.gff3 mghv.gff3 mml.gff3 mmu.gff3 osa.gff3 ptc.gff3 ptr.gff3 rno.gff3 sme.gff3 tni.gff3 vvi.gff3 xtr.gff3 zma.gff3