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1 publications mentioning ccr-mir-726

Open access articles that are associated with the species Cyprinus carpio and mention the gene name mir-726. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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MiR-200b expression levels in the flounder Paralichthys olivaceus were seven-fold higher in the ovary compared with the testis, indicating female-biased miRNA expression, while Pol-miR-726 was identified as a unique miRNA in P. olivaceus ovary [21]. [score:4]
Fig. 9 Nucleotide bias at each position in novel miRNAs of Yellow River carp We verified the results of Solexa sequencing by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) analysis of 10 randomly selected miRNAs, including five conserved miRNAs (ccr-miR-726, ccr-miR-181a, ccr-miR-200b, ccr-miR-196a, ccr-miR-430) and five novel miRNAs (novel-m4414-5p, novel-m0352-3p, novel-m3425-3p, novel-m1635-5p, novel-m0568-5p). [score:1]
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