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5 publications mentioning rno-mir-1843a

Open access articles that are associated with the species Rattus norvegicus and mention the gene name mir-1843a. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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From P4 to P28, miRNAs displayed very similar expression between both progeny: 0–22 (<5%) miRNAs displayed differential expression and 0–7 of them (<2%) had expression differences higher than 3. Ratios of miR-7a-5p, miR-24-3p, miR-29-3p, miR-137-3p or miR-1843-5p expressions relatively to miR-124-3p expression calculated from RT-qPCR at P28 data matched those calculated from HTS data (Fig. 3B). [score:7]
Given the number of miRNAs and the limited quantity of material in individual ARC/MEs, we selected six miRNAs: miR-124a-3p which is wi dely expressed throughout brain 15, miR-29a/b-3p whose brain-specific knockdown results in neuronal cell death 16 17, miR-7a-5p and miR-137-3p which are expressed in hypothalamic nuclei including ARC 18, miR-24-3p and miR-1843-5p which are still poorly or not clearly documented. [score:6]
As the U6 snRNA was excluded from small RNA fractions and could not been used as an internal reference to quantify miRNA expressions, we quantified the expression of miR-7a-5p, miR-24-3p, miR-29-3p, miR-137-3p and miR-1843-5p relatively to that of miR-124-3p, at P4, P8, P14.4 and P21.4 relatively to P28, from RT-qPCR amplification or sequencing data (Fig. 3A). [score:5]
Expression of miR-7a-5p, miR-24-3p, miR-29-3p, miR-137-3p and miR-1843-5p were quantified relatively to those of miR-124-3p, and relatively to those of stage P28, by using the ΔΔCt method 25 and experimentally ascertained amplification efficiencies. [score:3]
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Among them, 12 miRNAs (rno-miR-10b-5p, rno-miR-122-5p, rno-miR-184, rno-miR-1843-5p, rno-miR-196c-5p, rno-miR-199a-5p, rno-miR-202-5p, rno-miR-206-3p, rno-miR-208b-5p, rno-miR-224-5p, rno-miR-298-5p and rno-miR-31a-5p) were significantly upregulated(p<0.01, fold-change >1) compared to the control group and only rno-miR-208a-3p were significantly downregulated (p<0.01, fold-change <-1) (Fig 3). [score:6]
Meanwhile, rno-miR-10b-5p, rno-miR-184, rno-miR-1843-5p, rno-miR-196c-5p, rno-miR-202-5p, rno-miR-206-3p, rno-miR-224-5p, rno-miR-298-5p and rno-miR-31a-5p were reported for the first time to be differentially expressed in HF tissue. [score:3]
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Of these, miR-500-3p, miR-23b-3p, miR-200a-3p, miR-19b-3p, miR-92a-1-5p, miR-21-5p, miR-21-3p, miR-1843-3p, miR-223-3p, miR-3473, and miR-129-2-3p were found to be upregulated, whereas miR-92b-3p, miR-3102, and miR-3577 were found to be downregulated in the rat brain. [score:7]
Nevertheless, many of them had not been reported (miR-500-3p, miR-1843-3p, and miR-3473, miR-3102, and miR-3577). [score:1]
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After applying these structural criteria, 5 novel pre-miRNAs homologous to known miRNAs in other species were discovered and named as rno-mir-1839, rno-mir-3068, rno-mir-1843, rno-mir-509 and rno-mir-1306. [score:1]
rno-mir-1843. [score:1]
All miRNAs show a perfect 2 nt 3′ overhang, except rno-miR-3068-3p and rno-miR-1843-3p marked with (#). [score:1]
The sequences and the secondary structures of these 5 novel rat homologous pre-miRNAs are shown in Figure 2. The single nucleotide extension isomirs of the mature* sequences had higher read counts than the mature* sequences in two miRNAs (rno-miR-3068-3p and rno-miR-1843-3p) (Figure 2c and 2e). [score:1]
The single nucleotide extension isomirs of the mature* sequences had higher read counts than the mature* sequences with perfect 2 nt 3′ overhang in two miRNAs (rno-miR-3068-3p and rno-miR-1843-3p). [score:1]
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Putative target mRNAs of 31 miRNAs were predicted as previously mentioned (rno-mir-378b and mir-1843-5p are not found in the selected databases). [score:3]
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