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2 publications mentioning tca-mir-279e

Open access articles that are associated with the species Tribolium castaneum and mention the gene name mir-279e. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Our analyses in the very early stages of embryo development (NFE and ED0) of B. germanica, T. castaneum, D. melanogaster and D. virilis indicated that miRNAs from MIR-276 and MIR-279 families are differentially expressed in short germ-band species, whereas those of MIR-92 family are differentially expressed in long germ-band species. [score:6]
The first two waves of miRNA expression, represented by CoMod-A1 and CoMod-A2, involve Mir-279, which is associated with multiple biological processes [24], and let-7 and Mir-9, which are related with neural differentiation and function [25– 27]. [score:3]
In D. melanogaster, maternal mRNA clearing has been associated with the Mir-309 cluster, which includes Mir-9/4/79, Mir-5/6/2944, Mir-3/309 and Mir-279/286, which are mainly expressed between 9 and 12% of embryo development [21]. [score:3]
Finally, Mir-9 and Mir-279, which are associated with maternal mRNA clearance in D. melanogaster [21], belong to CoMod-A2 and show high levels of expression in ED2. [score:2]
In D. melanogaster, MIR-279 has been related to maternal mRNA clearance in the MZT transition (see above), restricting the emergence of CO [2]-sensing neurons, the maintenance of circadian rhythm, and the regulation of ovarian border cells [24]. [score:2]
PCA showed the main drivers of this grouping to again be MIR-279 (for B. germanica and T. castaneum) and MIR-92 (for D. virilis) (Fig. 6b). [score:1]
PCA (Fig. 5b) showed this grouping to be mostly driven by the MIR-276, MIR-279 and MIR-92 families. [score:1]
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Hartl M Loschek LF Stephan D Siju KP Knappmeyer C Kadow ICGA new Prospero and microRNA-279 pathway restricts CO [2] receptor neuron formationJ Neurosci. [score:1]
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