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2 publications mentioning vvi-MIR3631d

Open access articles that are associated with the species Vitis vinifera and mention the gene name MIR3631d. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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In infected plants, miR166, miR319, miR396, miR3631, mi3633 and miR3639 were down-regulated in SWS, whereas miR168, miR482, miR535, miR2111, miR3624 and miR3634 were up-regulated (Fig. 2, Supplementary Fig. S4). [score:7]
The qRT-PCR results generally confirmed the sequencing data; however, in a few cases (miR2950, miR3624, miR3631, miR3633, miR3634, miR3637), we observed some discrepancies (Table 1, Supplementary Fig. S4). [score:1]
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Seven grapevine miRNA known families (vvi-miR828, vvi-miR845, vvi-miR3626, vvi-miR3630, vvi-miR3631, vvi-miR3636 and vvi-miR3638), were not identified in our libraries. [score:1]
The absence, in our data, of 7 annotated miRNA families is ascribed to their low abundance in the analyzed samples (i. e. for miR828; miR3626; miR3631; miR3636 and miR3638), or to their nature of siRNA-like miRNAs, since most of them are not annotated with high confidence in miRBase (as explained in Kozomara and Griffiths-Jones, [54]). [score:1]
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