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DOX -induced upregulation of miR-216 and miR-367 expression precedes the detection of overt histopathological lesions in cardiac tissue. [score:6]
DOX Induced Up-regulation of miR-216b and miR-367 Earlier than Tissue Lesions as Observed by Histopathology. [score:4]
However, miR-216b was already up-regulated (>1.5 fold) under these conditions, and miR-367 concomitantly increased at the earliest time point (2 weeks) in the different treatment groups. [score:4]
Comparable changes for many of these microRNAs were confirmed in additional animals, and a subset of five microRNAs (miR-208b, miR-215, miR-216b, miR-367 and miR-34c) and were largely unaffected by the direct Top2 inhibitor etoposide (EPS) (Figure 3). [score:4]
Following two weeks treatment with DOX alone, a slight up-regulation of miR-208b, mir-216b and miR-367 was observed in the heart of most animals. [score:4]
Five of these microRNAs (miR-208b, miR-215, miR-216b, miR-34c and miR-367) displayed a consistent dose -dependent response to DOX at 2 and 4 weeks and were thus chosen as candidates for further expression profiling across the larger in vivo study treatment groups including co-treatment of DOX with DZR and treatment with EPS only (Figure 3). [score:3]
Among them, miR-216b, which was significantly regulated before overt toxicity, has the potential of a genomic indicator of cardiac toxicity. [score:2]
MiR-367, miR-215, miR-216b, miR-208b and miR-34c are Specifically Dysregulated by Chronic DOX Treatment. [score:2]
Following 4 weeks of treatment with DOX alone, the level of all five microRNA candidates were significantly increased and dose dependency was observed for miR-208b, miR-215, miR-216b and miR-367. [score:1]
Seven out of 25 microRNAs (miR-367, miR-216b, miR-383, miR-692, miR-135b, miR-145*, miR-877, miR-434-5p and miR-337-5p), were already modulated after 2 weeks of DOX at 3 mg/kg/week (Table 1). [score:1]
Relative quantification of (A) miR-208b, (B) miR-215, (C) miR-216b, (D) miR-367 and (E) miR-34c in DOX, DOX + DZR, EPS groups, normalized versus vehicle treated animals. [score:1]
Immunochemistry staining of autophagy markers like Ambra1 in heart tissues will also be required to elucidate the functional involvement of miR-215, miR-216b, miR-367, miR-208b and miR-34c in the DOX -induced autophagy process since they seem to be specifically associated to vacuoles appearance. [score:1]
Following 6 weeks of treatment with the same DOX/DZR combination, the level of miR-208b, miR-216b and miR-367 was increased. [score:1]
Notably, treatment with DOX 1 mg/kg/week during 2 weeks did not cause any detectable vacuolation, but showed a statistically significant increase of miR-216b (Figure 4). [score:1]
0040395.g003 Figure 3Relative quantification of (A) miR-208b, (B) miR-215, (C) miR-216b, (D) miR-367 and (E) miR-34c in DOX, DOX + DZR, EPS groups, normalized versus vehicle treated animals. [score:1]
Increasing doses of DOX led to higher cumulative vacuolation grading with time (S1 and Table S2), as well as progressively larger fold changes for microRNAs miR-208b, miR-216b and miR-367 versus vehicle. [score:1]
After treatment with the combination of DOX at 2 mg/kg/week and DZR at 50 mg/kg/week, the level of miR-208b, miR-216b and miR-367 was either slightly increased or not affected. [score:1]
Treatment with DOX at 2 and 3 mg/kg/week for 2 weeks showed a statistically increase of miR-216b and miR-367 (Figure 4). [score:1]
Alteration of miR-216b could be detected earlier than overt myocardial damage. [score:1]
In summary, chronic treatment with DOX at 3 mg/kg/week for 2 weeks led to increases in miR-208b, miR-216b and miR-367, with fold change intensities comparable to those shown by genomic cardiomyopathy indicators (Ankrd/Carp, Nppb, Myh7 and Myh6) (Figure 2 and Table 1), suggesting that microRNAs may enhance the predictivity of established genomic indicators of drug -induced cardiomyopathy (e. g. myosin genes, troponins, natriuretic peptides) when assessing the potential for drug -induced cardiotoxicity. [score:1]
Following 6 weeks of treatment with DOX alone, the levels of miR-208b, miR-215, miR-216b and miR-367 were significantly increased. [score:1]
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miRNA Target Genes Pathways miR-128 ABCB9, BTG1, DSCR1, RASD1 ABC transporters General miR-136 GRN, PPP1R9B miR-147 HOXA1, PTGFRN miR-148 EGR3, SCN3A miR-181b IGF1R, NKX6-1 Adherens junction, Maturity onset diabetes of the, Focal adhesion, **Long term depression miR-196a ABCB9, CPB2, IRS1, MAPK10 ABC transporters General, Complement and coagulation cas, Adipocytokine signaling pathwa, Insulin signaling pathway, Type II diabetes mellitus, Fc epsilon RI signaling pathwa, Focal adhesion, **GnRH signaling pathway, **MAPK signaling pathway, Toll like receptor signaling p, Wnt signaling pathway miR-203 SARA1 miR-20 BTG1, SARA1, YWHAB Cell cycle miR-21 TPM1 mir-216 GNAZ **Long term depression miR-217 RHOA Adherens junction, Axon guidance, Focal adhesion, Leukocyte transendothelial mig, Regulation of actin cytoskelet, TGF beta signaling pathway, T cell receptor signaling path, Tight junction, Wnt signaling pathway miR-31 ATP2B2, DNM1L, EGR3, PPP1R9B, YWHAB **Calcium signaling pathway, Cell cycle miR-7 SLC23A2 miR-7b HRH3, NCDN, SLC23A2 **Neuroactive ligand receptor in b: miRNAs and their targets (from TargetScan and miRanda). [score:8]
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Regulation of UGT2B expression and activity by miR-216b-5p in liver cancer cell lines. [score:4]
miR-216b-5p was connected with liver detoxication (Dluzen et al., 2016). [score:1]
Among them, miR-21-3p, miR216-5p, and miR542-3p are related to myocardial hypertrophy, cancer and apoptosis, respectively. [score:1]
Finally, as Table 1 showed, seven differentially expressed miRNAs were picked out complying with fold change (fc)≥4 (or ≤1/4) (both Sham group and YQFM group compared to MI group) and Reverse Rate (RR) (YQFM group compared to MI group) between 1 and 2. Finally, miR-21-3p, miR216-5p, miR219a-2-3p, miR381-3p, miR466c-5p, miR542-3p, and miR-702-5p were considered as the differentially reversed miRNAs regulated by YQFM. [score:1]
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Current studies on diabetic processes indicate that miRNA-216, miRNA-217, and miRNA-21 target PTEN [6], and the miRNA-200 family targets friend of GATA (FOG)2 [32] to activate the Akt/mTOR signaling pathway, thereby mediating DN occurrence and development. [score:6]
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MiR-216b-5p was increased in 1 vehicle treated animal and miR-217-5p was increased in 2 vehicle treated animals with no histopathologic or clinical chemistry correlates (data not shown). [score:1]
In 3 μg/kg treated dogs miR-216b-5p and miR-141-3p were increased at some time points, but miR-216b-5p was not increased beyond the level of the vehicle treated dog and did not display consistent time dependent increases. [score:1]
MiR-216b-5p reached levels as high as 649 fold above vehicle in individual animals and remained elevated until 24 h. The remaining miRNAs did increase and remained elevated generally as long, but not to the degree of miRs-216a-5p and 216b-5p. [score:1]
MiR-216b displayed similar kinetics to miR-216a-5p, but with a reduced dynamic range while miR-217-5p displayed increases similar to amylase. [score:1]
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Dluzen D. F. Sutliff A. K. Chen G. Watson C. J. Ishmael F. T. Lazarus P. Regulation of UGT2B Expression and Activity by miR-216b-5p in Liver Cancer Cell Lines J. Pharmacol. [score:4]
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Serum was also analyzed by Q-RT-PCR for a panel of 20 tissue enriched and potential miRNA biomarkers, including those identified for liver (cfa-miR-122 and -885), heart/muscle (cfa-miR-1, -133, and -206), testis (miR-34b/c), pancreas (cfa-miR-216), brain (cfa-miR-212), and ubiquitously expressed cfa-miR-193b. [score:3]
A recent rat study demonstrated that plasma levels of miR-216a and miR-216b increased after pancreatic injury [34]. [score:1]
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miR-186, miR-216b, miR-337-3p, and miR-760 cooperatively induce cellular senescence by targeting α subunit of protein kinase CKII in human colorectal cancer cells. [score:3]
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The potential miRNA targets of rno_circRNA_008964 included rno-miR-216b-5p, rno-miR-181d-5p, rno-miR-337-5p, rno-miR-497-3p, and rno-miR-181b-5p (Fig. 5a). [score:3]
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Previous studies have reported that miR-216a, miR-216b, and miR-217 are specifically expressed in the pancreas; these miRNAs were useful as biomarkers for pancreatic injury [30]. [score:3]
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The miRNAs differentially regulated by prenatal stress includes miR-23a (up), miR-129-2 (up), miR-361 (down), let-7f (up), miR-17-5p (down), miR-98 (up), miR-425 (down), miR-345-5p (down), miR-9 (up), miR216-5p (up), miR-667 (up), and miR-505 (down) (Figure 3A). [score:2]
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Recently, some miRNAs for example miR-21, miR-1, miR-216[10], and miR-29 family[11], were reported to be deregulated in myocardial infarction. [score:2]
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