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Open access articles that are associated with the species Ovis aries and mention the gene name mir-133. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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To validate the accuracy of the microarray data, five highly expressed miRNAs (miR-1, miR-206, miR-133, miR-29 and let-7) and three lowly expressed miRNAs (miR-155, miR-15 and miR-146) were chosen, and their expression in the biceps femoris muscle of adult (12-month-old) Altay sheep were detected using qRT-PCR. [score:7]
Five highly expressed miRNAs (miR-1, miR-206, miR-133, miR-29 and let-7) and three lowly expressed miRNAs (miR-155, miR-15 and miR-146) were chosen, and their expression levels in the biceps femoris muscle of adult (12-month-old) Altay sheep were determined using qRT-PCR according to an approach called miR-Q [41]. [score:7]
Some miRNAs, especially those expressed specifically in mammalian skeletal muscle, such as miR-1, miR-133 and miR-206, had extremely high expression levels. [score:5]
The miRNAs miR-1 and miR-133 are specifically expressed in adult cardiac and skeletal muscle tissues, but not in other tested tissues [30]. [score:3]
The miRNA miR-133 is a key regulator of vascular smooth muscle cells and can control the vascular smooth muscle cell phenotypic switch, in vitro, and vascular remo deling, in vivo. [score:2]
They have distinct roles in skeletal muscle proliferation and differentiation: miR-1 promotes myoblast differentiation, whereas miR-133 stimulates myoblast proliferation [16]. [score:1]
Recent studies have confirmed that miR-133 enhances myoblast proliferation by repression of the serum response factor (SRF) [16]. [score:1]
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Previous studies have shown that miRNAs such as miR-133, miR-206 and miR-1 expressed specifically in muscle [30], and long non-coding RNA (LINCMD1) can act as a sponge of miR-133 to regulate muscle development [31]. [score:5]
For example, circRNAs (circRNA 0000385, circRNA 0000582 and circRNA 0001099 etc) have multiple conservative target sites for muscle development-related miRNAs (miR-143, miR-133 and miR-23etc, respectively). [score:4]
For example, oar_circ_0001413 contains target sites of miRNA-133, miRNA-125, miRNA-134, miRNA-103, miRNA-107, miRNA-1185, miRNA-181, miRNA-218, miRNA-329, simultaneously. [score:3]
There are many circRNAs that interact with a lot of muscle-related miRNAs (miR-143, miR-133 and miR-23 etc). [score:1]
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Four myocardial-enriched miRNAs, miR-1, miR-133, miR-499 and miR-208, were confirmed to be highly expressed in ovine heart tissue. [score:3]
For the first time we report that not only are the four cardiac-enriched miR-1, miR-133, miR-499 and miR-208 highly expressed in sheep LV, but also provide information on their isomiRs. [score:3]
In this study, NGS detected high counts of oar-miR-133, while array yielded high expression of hsa-/mmu-/rno-miR-133a-3p, which is one nt longer at the 5′ end compared to oar-miR-133. [score:2]
Oar-miR-133 is currently the only cardiac specific miRNA listed in miRBase 21. [score:1]
Oar-miR-133 was the main form in sheep heart, while hsa-/mmu-/rno-miR-133a-3p and-5p and hsa-/mmu-/rno-miR-133b were detected at much lower counts. [score:1]
Of these, oar-miRNA-133 is the only one presently recorded in miRBase (v21). [score:1]
MiR-1, miR-133, miR-499 and miR-208 are highly enriched myocardial miRNAs 27, 28 and are highly conserved across multiple species including human [29], mouse [30] rat [31] and porcine [32]. [score:1]
The most abundant cardiac-specific miRNA-133 in the sheep heart was oar-miR-133 which has one nt different from hsa-/mmu-/rno-miR-133a-3p (previously hsa-miRNA-133). [score:1]
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Moreover, miR-133 has been proven to restrict injury -induced cardiomyocyte proliferation and its down-regulation is a prerequisite for the initiation of apoptosis, the development of fibrosis, and prolongation of the QT interval [77, 78]. [score:5]
We also successfully validated the expression of 4 known miRNAs in the LV sample (oar-miR-21, oar-miR-493-5p, oar-miR-494-3p, oar-miR-133-3p) (see Table 3). [score:3]
Regulation of zebrafish heart regeneration by miR-133. [score:2]
In particular, miR-133 is typically enriched in cardiac and skeletal muscle and is involved in cell specification, differentiation and development [77]. [score:2]
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A comparison of in regenerated versus un-injured zebrafish myocardium identified miR-133 as being specifically down-regulated during the period of cardiomyocyte proliferation and regeneration [7]. [score:4]
There are three genomic loci producing miR-133 with only-1 and-2 being expressed in the heart [15]. [score:3]
miR-133 is one of the most abundant cardiac miRNA [16] and is essential for normal cardiogenesis in mice, through regulation of serum response factor (SRF) [GenBank: NM_020493] dependent transcription [17]. [score:2]
Microarray miR-133 miR-590 miR-199a Cardiomyocyte Proliferation From late gestation, the majority of human cardiomyocytes cease proliferating due to either an absence of karyokinesis and/or cytokinesis [1– 3]. [score:1]
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The predicted relationship between miR-133 and MAPK14 may indicates that mir-133 may affect the function of different intestine segments by regulating the expression of MAPK14, while more experiments will be required to confirm this assumption. [score:4]
miR-133 has been reported as an important regulatory factor on cell apoptosis [55] and conversion [56]. [score:2]
Therefore, their corresponding predicted regulatory miRNAs were identified as hub miRNAs (PIK3CB: bta-miR-125a and bta-miR-206; VEGFA: novel-miR-70 and novel-miR-378; MAPK14: oar-miR-133; PIK3R1: bta-miR-1343-3p; CASP3: novel_mir_174). [score:2]
For gene MAPK14, oar-miR-133 has been identified as the only related miRNA. [score:1]
oar-miR-10a, oar-miR-148a, oar-miR-200b oar-miR-133 and oar-miR-194 were known sheep miRNAs, cgr-miR-142-5p, chi-miR-215-5p, bta-miR-1388-5p, age-miR-15b, bta-miR-2478, and hsa-miR-141-3p were conserved miRNAs, novel_miR_17, novel_miR_147 and novel_miR_217 were novel miRNA candidates. [score:1]
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During myogenesis, lnc-MD1, one of the first discovered lncRNAs, upregulates the expression of MEF2C and mastermind like transcriptional coactivator 1 by competitive binding with microRNAs such as miR-135 and miR-133, and consequently activates late differentiation [7]. [score:6]
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To verify the Solexa sequencing data, we randomly selected five differentially expressed miRNAs (miR-1, miR-206, miR-122, miR-222, and miR-133), and conducted quantitative RT-PCR. [score:3]
The abundance of miR-1, miR-206, miR-122, miR-222, and miR-133 were normalised relative to the abundance of U6 small nuclear RNA (snRNA). [score:1]
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Muscle-specific miR-l, miR-133, and miR-206 all showed high expression (40,757≤ counts ≤2,699,554) in this study. [score:3]
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Differences in epigenetics between breeds[55] Insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor is regulated by microRNA-133 during skeletal myogenesis. [score:2]
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Furthermore, we determined that various circRNAs interact with different pituitary gland-related miRNAs, such as miR-181, miR-133, miR-26, and miR-329 (Table  S4). [score:1]
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