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Open access articles that are associated with the species Ovis aries and mention the gene name mir-29a. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Five highly expressed miRNAs (miR-1, miR-206, miR-133, miR-29 and let-7) and three lowly expressed miRNAs (miR-155, miR-15 and miR-146) were chosen, and their expression levels in the biceps femoris muscle of adult (12-month-old) Altay sheep were determined using qRT-PCR according to an approach called miR-Q [41]. [score:7]
To validate the accuracy of the microarray data, five highly expressed miRNAs (miR-1, miR-206, miR-133, miR-29 and let-7) and three lowly expressed miRNAs (miR-155, miR-15 and miR-146) were chosen, and their expression in the biceps femoris muscle of adult (12-month-old) Altay sheep were detected using qRT-PCR. [score:7]
The miRNA miR-29 can reduce proliferation and facilitate differentiation of myoblasts in skeletal muscle development by targeting Akt3, which is a member of the serine/threonine protein kinase family that is responsive to growth factor cell signaling [32]. [score:4]
Relative expression levels of pri-miR-133a (A), pri-miR-133b (B), pri-let7a (C), pri-miR-27b (D), pri-miR-29a (E) and pri-miR-128–2 (F) among the different genotypes of pri-miRNAs. [score:3]
Relative expression levels of mature miR-133a (A), miR-133b (B), let7a (C), miR-27b (D), miR-29a (E) and miR-128–2 (F) among the different genotypes of pri-miRNAs. [score:3]
We further analyzed the microarray result and found that only 22 miRNAs; let-7a, let-7c, miR-1, miR-206, miR-133a, miR-133b, miR-128–1, miR-128–2, miR-140, miR-143, miR-199a, miR-22, miR-26a, miR-27b, miR-29a, miR-29c, miR-378–1, miR-378–2, miR-486, miR-499, miR-99a and miR-101–2 have high levels of expression. [score:3]
The results of the cell assay and qRT-PCR showed that the levels of mature miR-29a were significantly altered by the TAATAATAC deletion/insertion (g. 94625593-g. 94625601) but, because the targets of miR-29a are unclear in sheep skeletal muscle, we cannot explain the functions of this genetic variation. [score:2]
Recent studies have confirmed that miR-133a, miR-29a and miR-27b play important roles in skeletal muscle development [16, 17, 32, 33]. [score:2]
Although some genetic variations, such as the TAATAATAC deletion/insertion (g. 94625593-g. 94625601) in pri-miR-29a (Table 4 and Fig. 7E), changed the mature miRNA level, they do not affect the meat traits. [score:1]
Allele and genotype frequencies of pri-miR-133a, pri-miR-29a and pri-miR-27b. [score:1]
As shown in Fig. 5, the CCC (+/+), CCC (+/−) and CCC(−/−) genotypes in pri-miR-133a, TAATAATAC (+/+), TAATAATAC (+/−) and TAATAATAC (−/−) genotypes in pri-miR-29a and GG, CC and GC genotypes in pri-miR-27b were detected in five sheep breeds. [score:1]
7 -143.6 3.1 miR-29a T>G -183.7 -183.4 0.3 G>A -183.7 -182.2 1.5 G>A -183.7 -183.6 0.1 CTT -183.7 -182.8 0.9 TAATAATAC -183.7 -182.2 1.5 miR-199a T>C -223.7 -222.9 0.8 T>C -223.7 -225.3 -1.6 miR-378–2 G>T -180.9 -180.9 0 miR-27b T>C -262.9 -262.6 0.3 G>C -262.9 -259.4 3.5 G>C -262. [score:1]
The allele and genotype frequencies of the TAATAATAC deletion/insertion (g. 94625593-g. 94625601) in pri-miR-29a and the G>C SNP (g. 31138951) in pri-miR-27b also showed differences between the five sheep breeds. [score:1]
The levels of miR-133a, miR-133b and miR-29a were also changed (P < 0.05) by the CCC deletion/insertion (g. 540047592-g. 540047594), C>T SNP (g. 24358041) and TAATAATAC deletion/insertion (g. 94625593-g. 94625601), respectively (Fig. 7A, B, E). [score:1]
Allele and genotype frequencies of pri-miR-133a, pri-miR-29a and pri-miR-27b in five sheep breeds. [score:1]
Allele and genotype frequencies of the CCC deletion/insertion (g. 540047592-g. 540047594) in pri-miR-133a, TAATAATAC deletion/insertion (g. 94625593-g. 94625601) in pri-miR-29a and G>C SNP (g. 31138951) in pri-miR-27b were determined in five sheep breeds. [score:1]
PCR-SSCP and sequencing of pri-miR-133a (A), pri-miR-29a (B) and pri-miR-27b (C). [score:1]
Only two SNPs (g. 94625852G>A in pre-miR-29a and g. 27314935G>A in pre-Let-7a) were detected in pre-miRNA and no genetic variations were detected in mature miRNA. [score:1]
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In addition, we also detected other miRNAs that are known to exhibit differential expression during the hair growth cycle, such as oar-miR-125, oar-miR-127, oar-miR-200, and oar-miR-29 [35], and thus confirmed their involvement in hair development. [score:4]
Levels of novel_138, oar-miR-1185-5p, novel_469 and oar-miR-323c were significantly higher in lambs than in adults, while levels of novel_96, oar-miR-150, oar-miR-29a and novel_459 were lower in lambs (Fig.   6). [score:1]
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Validation of a selected few by qPCR identified 10 miRNAs - miR-133b-3p, miR-208b-3p, miR-21-5p, miR-125a-5p, miR-125b-5p, miR-126-3p, miR-210-3p, miR-29a-3p, miR-494-3p and miR-320a, that were significantly up-regulated in HF myocardium compared to normal controls. [score:3]
Similarly, MiR-29a is reported to be a key regulator of cardiac fibrosis and hypertrophy 38, 39, and miR-21 is enhanced in the fibroblasts of failing hearts [40]. [score:2]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: hsa-let-7a-1, hsa-let-7a-2, hsa-let-7a-3, hsa-let-7f-1, hsa-let-7f-2, hsa-mir-15a, hsa-mir-16-1, hsa-mir-21, hsa-mir-23a, hsa-mir-24-1, hsa-mir-24-2, hsa-mir-26a-1, hsa-mir-29a, hsa-mir-30a, hsa-mir-31, hsa-mir-99a, hsa-mir-29b-1, hsa-mir-29b-2, hsa-mir-103a-2, hsa-mir-103a-1, hsa-mir-16-2, hsa-mir-192, hsa-mir-148a, hsa-mir-10b, hsa-mir-181a-2, hsa-mir-181a-1, hsa-mir-215, hsa-mir-223, hsa-mir-224, hsa-mir-200b, hsa-mir-15b, hsa-mir-27b, hsa-mir-125b-1, hsa-mir-141, hsa-mir-143, hsa-mir-152, hsa-mir-125b-2, hsa-mir-126, hsa-mir-146a, hsa-mir-184, hsa-mir-200c, hsa-mir-155, hsa-mir-29c, hsa-mir-200a, hsa-mir-99b, hsa-mir-296, hsa-mir-30e, hsa-mir-26a-2, hsa-mir-378a, hsa-mir-342, hsa-mir-148b, hsa-mir-451a, ssc-mir-125b-2, ssc-mir-148a, ssc-mir-15b, ssc-mir-184, ssc-mir-224, ssc-mir-23a, ssc-mir-24-1, ssc-mir-26a, ssc-mir-29b-1, ssc-let-7f-1, ssc-mir-103-1, ssc-mir-21, ssc-mir-29c, hsa-mir-486-1, hsa-mir-499a, hsa-mir-671, hsa-mir-378d-2, bta-mir-26a-2, bta-mir-29a, bta-let-7f-2, bta-mir-103-1, bta-mir-148a, bta-mir-16b, bta-mir-21, bta-mir-499, bta-mir-99a, bta-mir-125b-1, bta-mir-126, bta-mir-181a-2, bta-mir-27b, bta-mir-31, bta-mir-15b, bta-mir-215, bta-mir-30e, bta-mir-148b, bta-mir-192, bta-mir-200a, bta-mir-200c, bta-mir-23a, bta-mir-29b-2, bta-mir-29c, bta-mir-10b, bta-mir-24-2, bta-mir-30a, bta-mir-200b, bta-let-7a-1, bta-mir-342, bta-let-7f-1, bta-let-7a-2, bta-let-7a-3, bta-mir-103-2, bta-mir-125b-2, bta-mir-15a, bta-mir-99b, hsa-mir-664a, ssc-mir-99b, hsa-mir-103b-1, hsa-mir-103b-2, ssc-mir-15a, ssc-mir-16-2, ssc-mir-16-1, bta-mir-141, bta-mir-143, bta-mir-146a, bta-mir-152, bta-mir-155, bta-mir-16a, bta-mir-184, bta-mir-24-1, bta-mir-223, bta-mir-224, bta-mir-26a-1, bta-mir-296, bta-mir-29d, bta-mir-378-1, bta-mir-451, bta-mir-486, bta-mir-671, bta-mir-29e, bta-mir-29b-1, bta-mir-181a-1, ssc-mir-181a-1, ssc-mir-215, ssc-mir-30a, bta-mir-2318, bta-mir-2339, bta-mir-2430, bta-mir-664a, bta-mir-378-2, ssc-let-7a-1, ssc-mir-378-1, ssc-mir-29a, ssc-mir-30e, ssc-mir-499, ssc-mir-143, ssc-mir-10b, ssc-mir-486-1, ssc-mir-152, ssc-mir-103-2, ssc-mir-181a-2, ssc-mir-27b, ssc-mir-24-2, ssc-mir-99a, ssc-mir-148b, ssc-mir-664, ssc-mir-192, ssc-mir-342, ssc-mir-125b-1, oar-mir-21, oar-mir-125b, oar-mir-181a-1, hsa-mir-378b, hsa-mir-378c, ssc-mir-296, ssc-mir-155, ssc-mir-146a, bta-mir-148c, ssc-mir-126, ssc-mir-378-2, ssc-mir-451, hsa-mir-378d-1, hsa-mir-378e, hsa-mir-378f, hsa-mir-378g, hsa-mir-378h, hsa-mir-378i, hsa-mir-451b, hsa-mir-499b, ssc-let-7a-2, ssc-mir-486-2, hsa-mir-664b, hsa-mir-378j, ssc-let-7f-2, ssc-mir-29b-2, ssc-mir-31, ssc-mir-671, bta-mir-378b, bta-mir-378c, hsa-mir-486-2, oar-let-7a, oar-let-7f, oar-mir-103, oar-mir-10b, oar-mir-143, oar-mir-148a, oar-mir-152, oar-mir-16b, oar-mir-181a-2, oar-mir-200a, oar-mir-200b, oar-mir-200c, oar-mir-23a, oar-mir-26a, oar-mir-29b-1, oar-mir-30a, oar-mir-99a, bta-mir-664b, chi-let-7a, chi-let-7f, chi-mir-103, chi-mir-10b, chi-mir-125b, chi-mir-126, chi-mir-141, chi-mir-143, chi-mir-146a, chi-mir-148a, chi-mir-148b, chi-mir-155, chi-mir-15a, chi-mir-15b, chi-mir-16a, chi-mir-16b, chi-mir-184, chi-mir-192, chi-mir-200a, chi-mir-200b, chi-mir-200c, chi-mir-215, chi-mir-21, chi-mir-223, chi-mir-224, chi-mir-2318, chi-mir-23a, chi-mir-24, chi-mir-26a, chi-mir-27b, chi-mir-296, chi-mir-29a, chi-mir-29b, chi-mir-29c, chi-mir-30a, chi-mir-30e, chi-mir-342, chi-mir-378, chi-mir-451, chi-mir-499, chi-mir-671, chi-mir-99a, chi-mir-99b, bta-mir-378d, ssc-mir-378b, oar-mir-29b-2, ssc-mir-141, ssc-mir-200b, ssc-mir-223, bta-mir-148d
Members of the miRNA-29 family have been shown to revert aberrant methylation in lung cancer by targeting DNA methyltransferases 3A and 3B (Fabbri et al., 2007). [score:3]
MicroRNA-29 family reverts aberrant methylation in lung cancer by targeting DNA methyltransferases 3A and 3B. [score:2]
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