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5 publications mentioning mmu-mir-3074-1

Open access articles that are associated with the species Mus musculus and mention the gene name mir-3074-1. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Addition of the anti- miR-3074-5p showed the greatest fold increase in luciferase expression of the pGL3 vector and showed non-specific increases in expression of the SPRET/Outbred and NIH/Ola isoforms suggesting that the reduced luciferase expression is non-specific (data not shown). [score:7]
To further evaluate the effect of miR-3074-5p on pGL3 and NIH/Ola and SPRET/Outbred Twistnb 3′UTRs, we transfected an inhibitor for miR-3074-5p and compared expression to a negative control inhibitor and miR-3074-5p. [score:4]
An anti-miR for miR-3074-5p resulted in non-significant increases in both SPRET/Outbred and NIH/Ola Twistnb isoforms and had the greatest effect on the pGL3 vector providing additional evidence that the decreased expression of the SPRET/Outbred Twistnb isoform is not likely due to this miRNA. [score:3]
MicroRNAs showing higher level of endogenous expression included miR-31 (252% of control), miR-183 (12.5% of control), miR-675-3p (2.2% of control) and miR-3074-5p (3.7% of control). [score:3]
Other miRNAs, miR-128 (Bcap29), miR-3064-3p (Pik3cg), miR-3074-5p (Twistnb) and miR-485 (Dgkb) decreased the luciferase expression of the pGL3 control empty vector to the same degree as the vector containing the cloned 3′UTR (Figure 2C and data not shown). [score:3]
Additional experiments to assess the effects of miR-3074-5p on Twistnb isoforms included transfections in C5N cells with an anti-miRNA for miR-3074-5p or a negative control inhibitor at 24 and 48 hours posttransfection at two concentrations (13 pmoles and 30 pmoles). [score:3]
Additional experimental conditions were tested for transfections with the Twistnb 3′UTRs together with miR-3074-5p and/or miR-691. [score:1]
Representative experiments showing non-specific effect of miR-3074-5p and/or miR-691 on both isoforms of Twistnb are shown at a low dose transfection of miRNA precursors. [score:1]
With the exception of Twistnb with miR-3074-5p and miR-691, we only tested miRNAs individually. [score:1]
B. Twistnb 3′UTRs at 48 hours post-transfection with miR-3074-5p, miR-691 or both miRNAs. [score:1]
A. Twistnb 3′UTRs at 24 hours post-transfection with miR-3074-5p, miR-691 or both miRNAs. [score:1]
To rule out the possibility that we were missing differential effects of the miRNAs on luciferase expression because of the experimental conditions used, we evaluated the Twistnb 3′UTR using additional doses of miRNAs miR-3074-5p and miR-691 and additional time-points post transfection. [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: mmu-mir-3074-2, hsa-mir-3074
It was recently reported that the expression level of miR-3074-5p at the implantation sites was significantly down-regulated compared to that at the inter-implantation sites, and its expression level was remarkably decreased in villus tissues of RM patients compared to that in normal pregnant women. [score:6]
Given NDRG4 is one of the predicted targets of miR-3074-5p, and we supposed that NDRG4 might be participate in the invasion of trophoblasts, and we therefore examined the expression of NDRG4 in human villus tissues of RM patients and normal pregnant women. [score:5]
Recently, a role of NDRG2 in mouse embryo implantation was reported [15], and one of the predicted upstream-regulated microRNAs of NDRG4, miR-3074-5p, was found to be involved in embryo implantation in mice [16], thus, we hypothesized that NDRG4 might also participate in the embryo implantation, and the present study was undertaken to examine the uterine expression pattern of NDRG4 during the peri-implantation period in mice and its role in decidualization of ESCs. [score:4]
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In mouse, Mir23b is part of a miRNA cluster that includes Mir23b, Mir27b, Mir3074.1, and Mir24.1. [score:1]
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86 miR-873-as 1,016 e-miR-743b-5p 23.75 miR-449c-as 515e-miR-715 || 69.35 miR-541-as 439 e-miR-881* 56.21 miR-148b-as 336 e-miR-370 97.41 miR-546-as 333 e-miR-3067 100 miR-3074-as 262 e-miR-448-5p 100miR-451-as ‡ 286 e-miR-669o-5p 99.35 † Novel miR* that are processed within the expected window of the mature strand are labelled “generic”. [score:1]
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Eleven miRNAs were randomly selected for qPCR analysis for each age: GD 17.0 miR-1843-5p, miR-485-3p, miR-711, miR-3962, miR-3067-3p, miR-212-3p, miR-669i, miR-877, miR-26b-3p, miR-465c-3p, let-7b-3p; GD 18.0 miR-1843-5p, miR-485-3p, miR-3473d, miR-132-5p, miR-3074-1-3p, miR-128-2-5p, miR-130b-5p, miR-490-5p, miR-669h-3p, miR-3058-5p, miR-146b. [score:1]
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