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5 publications mentioning ssc-mir-574

Open access articles that are associated with the species Sus scrofa and mention the gene name mir-574. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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When testing miRNAs that were down-regulated, no miRNAs had a significant number of target genes that were up-regulated, but 4 miRNAs (miR-222, miR-27a, miR-574-5p, and miR-485-3p) had a significant number of target genes that were also down-regulated when using both DEG lists of <5% and <10%. [score:14]
Eight DEMs, 4 down-regulated (miR-146a, miR-222, miR-574 and miR-652) and 4 up-regulated (miR-100, miR-133a, miR-216 and miR-582-5p), were randomly chosen for validation using RT-qPCR. [score:7]
Among the 8 DEMs detected by deep sequencing, 4 were proved significant (p<0.05) by qPCR, one had a tendency to be significant (p = 0.06), yet 3 (miR-146a, miR-574 and miR-100) were not confirmed significant (Table 2). [score:1]
Among the 40 DEMs obtained by deep sequencing, 8 (miR-100, miR-140, miR-184, miR-193a-5p, miR-222, miR-4332-3p, miR-451, and miR-574) were detectable in microarray. [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: ssc-mir-34a, ssc-mir-193a, ssc-mir-129a, ssc-mir-126, ssc-let-7d
From the 119 miRNAs highly expressed (>80 reads) in MLN, 8 miRNAs were DE, five up-regulated (mir-126-3p, mir-126-5p, let-7d-3p, mir-129a, mir-let-7b-3p) and three down-regulated (mir-193a-5p, mir-574-5p and mir-34a) (Table  3). [score:9]
Differential expression of miRNAs in MLN is high due to the PCV2 infection; from the most represented miRNAs in both tissues (CN > 80): mir-126-3p, mir-126-5p, mir-let-7d-3p, miR-129-2-3p and mir-let-7b-3p were up-regulated in MLN of PCV2 infected animals, while miR-193a-5p, miR-574-5p and miR-34a-5p were down-regulated. [score:9]
miR-574-5p was down-regulated in MLN and was predicted to be involved in the regulation of the T cell receptor signalling and MAPK signalling pathways. [score:5]
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We found that 86.11% (31 of 36) of the relative real-time RT-PCR results were consistent with those obtained in the microRNA microarray analysis in terms of direction of regulation at one or more time points except the results of miR-574-3p in BJ501-infected lung on 2 dpi, miR-1 in PR8-infected lung on 2 dpi, miR-1 in BJ501-infected lung on 5 dpi, miR-133a in PR8-infected lung on 2 dpi and miR-133b in PR8-infected lung on 2 dpi (Figure 5). [score:3]
Nine microRNAs (miR-1, miR-1187, miR-133a, miR-133b, miR-155, miR-2137, miR-223, miR-30d and miR-574-3p) were selected for validation. [score:1]
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In addition, expression patterns of miR-574-3p, miR-574-5p, miR-744*, miR-30a, miR-30d, miR-205 and miR-532-3p are also inconsistent with our results 29. [score:3]
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It was interesting that ssc-miR-new_06, ssc-miR-new_18, ssc-miR-new_27 and ssc-miR-new_53 matched the same mature miRNA, hsa-miR-574-5p, but their precursors had no sequence homologous to each other or to precursors of has-miR-574-5p. [score:1]
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