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7 publications mentioning hsa-mir-2861

Open access articles that are associated with the species Homo sapiens and mention the gene name mir-2861. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Li et al. showed that miR-2861 plays a positive regulatory role in osteoblast differentiation by targeting histone deacetylase 5, an enhancer of Runx2 degradation [69]. [score:4]
Another set of up-regulated miRNAs in both chronic and acute brucelosis are miR-2861 and miR-3960. [score:4]
Afterwards Hu et al. identified miR-3960 that played a regulatory role in osteoblast differentiation through a regulatory feedback loop with miR-2861. [score:3]
They reported that miR-3960 and miR-2861, transcribed together from the same miRNA polycistron, both function in osteoblast differentiation through a novel Runx2/miR-3960/miR-2861regulatory feedback loop [70]. [score:2]
Our findings showed that miR-2861 and miR-3960 have increased expression in both chronic and active group compared with the control group. [score:2]
Because all of the patients involved in this study were classified as osteoarticular brucellosis cases, our findings support the previous knowledge about the altered function of miR-2861 and miR-3960. [score:1]
Xia et al. showed that Runx2/miR-3960/miR-2861 positive feedback loop plays an important role in osteogenic transdifferentiation of vascular smooth muscle cells [71]. [score:1]
Indeed, some miRNAs that have been previously linked to carcinogenesis of different organs and tissues, such as miR-2861 [47, 48], miR-4530 [49], miR-638 [50], miR-371b-5p [51], miR-1225-5p [52, 53], miR-296-5p [54, 55], miR-4787-5p [56], miR-4281 [57], miR-4455 [58], miR-197-3p [59], miR-369-5p [60, 61] and miR-505-3p [62] which were found to be altered in brucellosis in our analysis. [score:1]
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Although no miRNAs were linked to nicotinic acetylcholine receptor-, ligand-gated ion channel- or P-glycoprotein-encoding genes in T. canis, some miRNAs (n = 35), including Tc-miR-2881, Tc-miR-5126, Tc-miR-2861 and Tc-miR-3960, did target ABC transporter, cytochrome P450 and multi-drug resistance -associated protein genes (Additional file 1: Table S9), suggesting an involvement in the regulation of transcription of drug target genes and/or possibly in drug resistance. [score:6]
Together with published information from previous studies, some miRNAs (such as Tc-miR-2861, Tc-miR-2881 and Tc-miR-5126) are predicted to represent drug targets and/or associated with drug resistance. [score:3]
The relative levels of Tc-miR-3885 (a), Tc-miR-3610 (b), Tc-miR-4459 (c) and Tc-miR-265 (d) are indicated (* P = 0.01; ** P = 0.001) We predicted that 60 miRNAs, including particularly Tc-miR-2881, Tc-miR-2305 and Tc-miR-2861 (Additional file 1: Table S8), have roles in regulating mucin type O-glycan biosynthesis and vesicular transport in T. canis and/or modulating immune responses (SNARE interactions in vesicular transport, antigen presentation, intestinal immune network for IgA production, cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction and natural killer cell -mediated cytotoxicity) in the host. [score:2]
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Li et al. [5] described a mutation in pre-miR-2861 that blocked expression of miR-2861 and caused primary osteoporosis in two related adolescents. [score:4]
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The physiological implications of miRNAs like miR-2861 in modulating bone mass in mice and human diseases have also emerged [19]. [score:3]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: hsa-mir-3960
Hu R. Liu W. Li H. Yang L. Chen C. Xia Z. Y. Guo L. J. Xie H. Zhou H. D. Wu X. P. A RUNX2/MIR-3960/MIR-2861 regulatory feedback loop during mouse osteoblast differentiation J. Biol. [score:2]
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Markers for liver fibrosis in HBV-infected patients have also been examined, with miR-345-3p, miR-371a-5p, and miR-2861 reported as positive indicators of fibrosis, whereas miR-486-3p and miR-497-5p exhibited lower expression at all stages of fibrosis when compared to non-fibrosis CHB patients (173). [score:2]
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Another report revealed a link between human juvenile osteoporosis and a mutation in the precursor sequence of miR-2861 [20]. [score:2]
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