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Open access articles that are associated with the species Sorghum bicolor and mention the gene name MIR172d. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Furthermore, when the expression of these two miR172 target genes was tested, we found that they were expressed higher in Rio compared with BTx623 as expected. [score:6]
In summary, high expression of miR172 in BTx623 correlated with early flowering in the F2, whereas the opposite was true for miR395, high expression of this miRNA in Rio correlated with late flowering in the F2 plants selected. [score:5]
We found that variation in miR172 and miR395 expression correlated with flowering time whereas variation in miR169 expression correlated with sugar content in stems. [score:5]
Considering a cutoff level of two-fold change in miRNA expression, we found that miR169 and miR172 were expressed higher in BTx623 relative to Rio, and higher in LB/EF F2s compared to HB/LF F2s. [score:4]
A FRIGIDA-like 2 (FRL2) and a TYPE A RESPONSE REGULATOR 3 (RR3) were predicted as new targets of miR172 with the cleavage product of FRL2 experimentally validated in this study (Additional file 5, Figure S2). [score:4]
Table S3 provides a list of predicted target genes of miR169, miR172, and miR395. [score:3]
Regarding the miR172-predicted targets, we detected cleavage products for the genes INDETERMINATE SPIKELET 1 (IDS1) and an AP2 transcription factor (Additional file 3, Table S3; Additional file 4, Figure S1; and Additional file 5, Figure S2). [score:3]
The most abundantly expressed miRNA family was miR172 (Figure 3a), comprising almost 6% of the total reads with perfect match to the BTx623 genome. [score:3]
Click here for file Mapping of miR172 -guided cleavage sites in predicted target genes. [score:3]
Predicted targets of miR169, miR172, and miR395. [score:3]
Figure S2 displays an alignment of miR172 with its target sequences and cleavage sites. [score:3]
Although the expression difference of miR160, miR164 and miR319 between BTx623 and Rio was inherited in the F2, and thus of interest for further analysis, it was less than two fold; so we decided to focus on miR169, miR172 and miR395 instead. [score:3]
Targets of predicted for miR169, miR172 and miR395 microRNAs. [score:3]
The expression of miR169 and miR172 was at least twice as high in BTx623 relative to that in Rio and this difference was inherited in the F2. [score:3]
Mapping of miR172 -guided cleavage sites in predicted target genes. [score:3]
Consistent with the role of miR172 in flowering, we did not observe any difference in the expression of miR172a in F2 plants with the same flowering time but different Brix (Figure 3f). [score:3]
The observation that high expression of miR172 correlated with early flowering is consistent with the reported role of this miRNA in the promotion of flowering [32- 36]. [score:3]
Click here for file Predicted targets of miR169, miR172, and miR395. [score:3]
Click here for file Targets of predicted for miR169, miR172 and miR395 microRNAs. [score:3]
Figure S1 displays an alignment between miR169, miR172 and miR395 microRNAs and their target sequences. [score:3]
The FRL2 and RR3 genes are novel targets of miR172. [score:3]
Consistent with this, a role of miR172 in the regulation of flowering time by ambient temperature in Arabidopsis has been recently described [42]. [score:2]
Although sorghum is a crop from semi-arid regions [26], the miR172 -mediated post-transcriptional regulation of FRL2 might have a role in the adaptation of sorghum to temperate climates. [score:2]
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For example, miR156 and miR529 were predicted to target genes that encode SBP-box transcription factors [58- 60], and miR164, miR169, miR171, miR172 and miR319 were reported to target No Apical Meristem (NAM) [61, 62], CCAAT -binding factor (CBF) [63, 64], GRAS transcription factor [65], APETALA2 Ethylene-Responsive Element Binding Proteins (AP2-EREBP) [66, 67] and Teosinite branched, Cycloidea, and PCF (TCP) [68, 69], respectively. [score:5]
We found that the expression of the sit-miR172 family was higher in the adult leaf and flower datasets and lower in the young shoot dataset. [score:3]
We noted that the sit-miR156, sit-miR164, sit-miR166, sit-miR167 and sit-miR172 families showed relatively higher expression (slightly over 1,000 RPM, on average) in one or more of the four tissues. [score:3]
In maize, the miR172 that is responsible for the transition from juvenile to adult was reported to have the same expression pattern [46]. [score:3]
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Indeed, besides Vgt1, ZmRap2.7 expression is likely to be under control of miR172 (given the presence of miR172 target sequence in ZmRap2.7), one of the most important and evolutionary ancient noncoding microRNAs (Park et al. 2002; Chen 2004), which seems to act by targeting mRNAs both by cleavage and translational repression (Zhu and Helliwell 2011). [score:9]
In our case, a different genotypic architecture for the miR172 family among B73 (five miR172 loci are present in the B73 genome. [score:1]
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GI has multiple roles, including directly interacting with miR172 to control phase change independent of photoperiod (Jung et al. 2007) and with CONSTANS (CO) in the main photoperiodic flowering time pathway (Hayama et al. 2003). [score:2]
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