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8 publications mentioning bta-mir-135a-1

Open access articles that are associated with the species Bos taurus and mention the gene name mir-135a-1. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Other miRNAs from this paper: ssc-mir-122, ssc-mir-135-1, ssc-mir-135-2, ssc-mir-148a, ssc-mir-19a, ssc-mir-20a, ssc-mir-224, ssc-mir-24-1, ssc-mir-323, ssc-mir-140, ssc-mir-183, ssc-mir-214, ssc-mir-27a, ssc-mir-325, ssc-let-7c, ssc-let-7f-1, ssc-let-7i, ssc-mir-103-1, ssc-mir-107, ssc-mir-136, ssc-mir-153, ssc-mir-18a, ssc-mir-186, ssc-mir-196a-2, ssc-mir-204, ssc-mir-21, bta-mir-18b, bta-let-7f-2, bta-mir-101-2, bta-mir-103-1, bta-mir-148a, bta-mir-18a, bta-mir-20a, bta-mir-21, bta-mir-221, bta-mir-27a, bta-mir-27b, bta-mir-107, bta-mir-140, bta-mir-20b, bta-mir-215, bta-let-7d, bta-mir-17, bta-mir-186, bta-mir-199b, bta-mir-210, bta-mir-214, bta-mir-450a-2, bta-let-7g, bta-mir-24-2, bta-let-7a-1, bta-let-7f-1, bta-mir-122, bta-let-7i, bta-let-7a-2, bta-let-7a-3, bta-let-7b, bta-let-7c, bta-let-7e, bta-mir-103-2, bta-mir-15a, bta-mir-19a, bta-mir-204, ssc-mir-15a, ssc-mir-17, ssc-mir-199b, ssc-mir-210, ssc-mir-221, bta-mir-101-1, bta-mir-133a-2, bta-mir-133a-1, bta-mir-135a-2, bta-mir-135b, bta-mir-136, bta-mir-146b, bta-mir-153-1, bta-mir-153-2, bta-mir-183, bta-mir-24-1, bta-mir-196a-2, bta-mir-196a-1, bta-mir-196b, bta-mir-224, bta-mir-323, ssc-mir-101-1, ssc-mir-101-2, ssc-mir-133a-1, ssc-mir-450a, ssc-mir-146b, ssc-mir-215, bta-mir-1343, bta-mir-2320, bta-mir-2326, bta-mir-2366, bta-mir-2411, bta-mir-2483, bta-mir-450a-1, ssc-let-7a-1, ssc-let-7e, ssc-let-7g, ssc-mir-103-2, ssc-mir-27b, ssc-mir-24-2, ssc-mir-196b-1, ssc-mir-450b, ssc-mir-450c, ssc-mir-133a-2, ssc-let-7a-2, ssc-mir-18b, ssc-mir-1343, ssc-mir-2320, bta-mir-450b, ssc-let-7d, ssc-let-7f-2, ssc-mir-20b-1, ssc-mir-20b-2, ssc-mir-196a-1, ssc-mir-196b-2, ssc-mir-2366-1, ssc-mir-2366-2, ssc-mir-2411, ssc-mir-2483
It was shown that miR-135 targets the 3′ UTR of APC and suppresses its expression, then APC-free β-catenin stimulates the WNT signaling pathway, leading to active transcription of target genes, and induce downstream WNT pathway activity [41]. [score:9]
The expression of miR-135, miR-224 was significantly higher in Large White pigs, opposite to the expression of miR-133a, miR-122. [score:5]
So, we could speculate that miR-135 may suppress porcine adipogenesis through activating WNT signaling pathway by targeting APC (Figure 6). [score:5]
The results showed that 9 miRNAs were significantly different between the two libraries, such as the expression of miR-215, miR-135 and miR-146b was higher in Large White pigs, opposite to the patterns shown by miR-1a, miR-133a, miR-122, miR-204 and miR-183 (Table 1), suggesting that these miRNAs may have effects on the development of backfat tissue. [score:4]
3′ UTR of APC was predicted as a potential target of miR-135 (position and GenBank No. [score:3]
A. 3′ UTR of APC was predicted as a potential target of miR-135 (position and GenBank No. [score:3]
B. Potential regulation pathway of miR-135 in porcine adipogenesis. [score:2]
Hypothesis of miR-135 in porcine adipogenesis. [score:1]
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In the present study, the downregulation of bta-miR-135a, bta-miR-378 and bta-miR-184 could contribute to the decreased number of SSCs and spermatogenic alterations in cattleyak, which was consistent with the cellular distribution characteristics in cattleyak testis revealed by histological analysis 1– 3. On the other hand, the over expression of miR-19b-3p was reported to repress the expression of USP32, RAB18 and Dusp6 involved in cell differentiation process and contribute to the inhibited proliferation and slow-downed cycle of SH-SY5Y cells [35]. [score:8]
For instance, a total of 18 putative target genes for bta-miR-135a were identified and 9 putative target genes for bta-novel-miR-160 were identified. [score:5]
The downregulation of bta-miR-135a, bta-miR-378 and bta-miR-184 could contribute to the decreased number of SSCs and spermatogenic alteration in cattleyak. [score:4]
The downregulation of miR-135a was revealed to activate FoxO1 gene involved in cellular proliferation, which resulted in the decreased number of SSCs and failure of spermatogonial stem cell maintenance in cryptorchid testes [32]. [score:4]
Moritoki Y Expression profiling of microRNA in cryptorchid testes: miR-135a contributes to the maintenance of spermatogonial stem cells by regulating FoxO1J Urol. [score:4]
The putative target sites for bta-miR-135a were zinc finger family genes, CSPP1, CUBN and so on. [score:3]
To validate the expression level of DE miRNAs, stem-loop RT-qPCR was performed on 6 known miRNAs (bta-miRNA-449a/b, bta-miRNA-135, bta-miRNA-19b, bta-miRNA-378 and bta-miRNA-184) and 2 novel miRNAs (bta-novel 10 and bta-novel 11). [score:3]
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miR-135a attenuated the insulin-stimulated phosphorylation and activation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase p85α (PI3Kp85α) and v-Akt murine thymoma viral oncogene homolog (AKT) as well as glucose uptake, and the level of its target insulin receptor substrate 2 (IRS2) regulates insulin signaling [40]. [score:4]
The results indicated that bta-miR-106a, bta-miR-20b and bta-miR-135a may play roles as regulators of mammary gland development and mammary epithelial cell proliferation. [score:3]
There is evidence that miR-433, miR-138, mRNA-370, miR-135a and miR-296-3p are involved in cell proliferation, growth and differentiation 27– 31. [score:1]
Moreover, miR-103 [32], miR-2885, miR-135a and miRNA-370 are involved in metabolism of glucose and lipids 33– 35. [score:1]
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A recent study reported that miR-181a and b, miR-199b, miR-135a and miR-205 targeted endogenous SIRT1 and downregulated its expression in mouse embryonic stem cells [28]. [score:8]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: bta-mir-221, bta-mir-222, bta-mir-30d, bta-mir-30b, bta-mir-10a, bta-mir-30e, bta-mir-10b, bta-mir-30a, bta-mir-30c, bta-mir-331, bta-mir-135a-2, bta-mir-188, bta-mir-30f, bta-mir-670, bta-mir-873, bta-mir-1839, bta-mir-2284i, bta-mir-2285a, bta-mir-2284s, bta-mir-2285d, bta-mir-2306, bta-mir-2308, bta-mir-2309, bta-mir-2284l, bta-mir-2284j, bta-mir-2284t, bta-mir-2285b-1, bta-mir-2284d, bta-mir-2284n, bta-mir-2284g, bta-mir-2284p, bta-mir-2284u, bta-mir-2366, bta-mir-2284f, bta-mir-2284a, bta-mir-2284k, bta-mir-2284c, bta-mir-2284v, bta-mir-2389, bta-mir-2285c, bta-mir-2284q, bta-mir-2284m, bta-mir-2284b, bta-mir-2422, bta-mir-2284r, bta-mir-2284h, bta-mir-2448, bta-mir-2284o, bta-mir-2284e, bta-mir-193a-2, bta-mir-2284w, bta-mir-2284x, bta-mir-2284y-1, bta-mir-2285e-1, bta-mir-2285e-2, bta-mir-2285f-1, bta-mir-2285f-2, bta-mir-2285g-1, bta-mir-2285h, bta-mir-2285i, bta-mir-2285j-1, bta-mir-2285j-2, bta-mir-2285k-1, bta-mir-2285l, bta-mir-2285o-1, bta-mir-2285o-2, bta-mir-2285n-1, bta-mir-2285n-2, bta-mir-2285p, bta-mir-2285m-1, bta-mir-2285m-2, bta-mir-2284y-2, bta-mir-2285n-3, bta-mir-2285n-4, bta-mir-2284y-3, bta-mir-2285o-3, bta-mir-2285o-4, bta-mir-2285m-3, bta-mir-2284y-4, bta-mir-2284y-5, bta-mir-6525, bta-mir-2284y-6, bta-mir-2285m-4, bta-mir-2285o-5, bta-mir-2285m-5, bta-mir-2285n-5, bta-mir-2285n-6, bta-mir-6526-1, bta-mir-6526-2, bta-mir-2284y-7, bta-mir-6526-3, bta-mir-2285n-7, bta-mir-2284z-1, bta-mir-2284aa-1, bta-mir-2285k-2, bta-mir-2284z-3, bta-mir-2284aa-2, bta-mir-2284aa-3, bta-mir-2285k-3, bta-mir-2285k-4, bta-mir-2284z-4, bta-mir-2285k-5, bta-mir-2284z-5, bta-mir-2284z-6, bta-mir-2284z-7, bta-mir-2284aa-4, bta-mir-2285q, bta-mir-2285r, bta-mir-2285s, bta-mir-2285t, bta-mir-2285b-2, bta-mir-2285v, bta-mir-2284z-2, bta-mir-2285g-2, bta-mir-2285g-3, bta-mir-2285af-1, bta-mir-2285af-2, bta-mir-2285y, bta-mir-2285w, bta-mir-2285x, bta-mir-2285z, bta-mir-2285u, bta-mir-2285aa, bta-mir-2285ab, bta-mir-2284ab, bta-mir-2285ac, bta-mir-2285ad, bta-mir-2284ac, bta-mir-2285ae, bta-mir-2285ag, bta-mir-2285ah, bta-mir-2285ai, bta-mir-2285aj, bta-mir-2285ak, bta-mir-2285al, bta-mir-2285am, bta-mir-2285ar, bta-mir-2285as-1, bta-mir-2285as-2, bta-mir-2285as-3, bta-mir-2285at-1, bta-mir-2285at-2, bta-mir-2285at-3, bta-mir-2285at-4, bta-mir-2285au, bta-mir-2285av, bta-mir-2285aw, bta-mir-2285ax-1, bta-mir-2285ax-2, bta-mir-2285ax-3, bta-mir-2285ay, bta-mir-2285az, bta-mir-2285an, bta-mir-2285ao-1, bta-mir-2285ao-2, bta-mir-2285ap, bta-mir-2285ao-3, bta-mir-2285aq-1, bta-mir-2285aq-2, bta-mir-2285ba-1, bta-mir-2285ba-2, bta-mir-2285bb, bta-mir-2285bc, bta-mir-2285bd, bta-mir-2285be, bta-mir-2285bf-1, bta-mir-2285bf-2, bta-mir-2285bf-3, bta-mir-2285bg, bta-mir-2285bh, bta-mir-2285bi-1, bta-mir-2285bi-2, bta-mir-2285bj-1, bta-mir-2285bj-2, bta-mir-2285bk, bta-mir-2285bl, bta-mir-2285bm, bta-mir-2285bn, bta-mir-2285bo, bta-mir-2285bp, bta-mir-2285bq, bta-mir-2285br, bta-mir-2285bs, bta-mir-2285bt, bta-mir-2285bu-1, bta-mir-2285bu-2, bta-mir-2285bv, bta-mir-2285bw, bta-mir-2285bx, bta-mir-2285by, bta-mir-2285bz, bta-mir-2285ca, bta-mir-2285cb, bta-mir-2285cc, bta-mir-2285cd, bta-mir-2285ce, bta-mir-2285cf, bta-mir-2285cg, bta-mir-2285ch, bta-mir-2285ci, bta-mir-2285cj, bta-mir-2285ck, bta-mir-2285cl, bta-mir-2285cm, bta-mir-2285cn, bta-mir-2285co, bta-mir-2285cp, bta-mir-2285cq, bta-mir-2285cr-1, bta-mir-2285cr-2, bta-mir-2285cs, bta-mir-2285ct, bta-mir-2285cu, bta-mir-2285cv-1, bta-mir-2285cv-2, bta-mir-2285cw-1, bta-mir-2285cw-2, bta-mir-2285cx, bta-mir-2285cy, bta-mir-2285cz, bta-mir-2285da, bta-mir-2285db, bta-mir-2285dc, bta-mir-2285dd, bta-mir-2285de, bta-mir-2285df, bta-mir-2285dg, bta-mir-2285dh, bta-mir-2285di, bta-mir-2285dj, bta-mir-2285dk, bta-mir-2285dl-1, bta-mir-2285dl-2, bta-mir-2285dm
Thus, Streptococcus agalactiae -induced mastitis of bovine mammary glands resulted in altered expression of thirty five miRNAs including a bta-miR-30 family member, bta-miR-135a, and bta-miR-2284 family members [41]. [score:3]
A total of 77 miRNAs that included bta-miR-2422, bta-miR-135a, a bta-miR-2285 member, and several bta-miR-2284 family members showed expression differences in Staphylococcus aureus infected mammary glands compared to control groups [42]. [score:2]
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For instance, linc-MD1 is a muscle-specific intergenic lncRNA that acts as a sponge for miR-133 and miR-135, preventing their suppression of MAML1 and MEF2C and activating muscle-specific gene expression [6]. [score:5]
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Ji Z. Dong F. Wang G. Hou L. Liu Z. Chao T. Wang J. miR-135a Targets and regulates prolactin receptor gene in goat mammary epithelial cellsDNA Cell. [score:4]
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Some miRNAs, such as bta-miR-10a, bta-miR-184, and bta-miR-200a, were detected with relatively high read counts in both groups, while other miRNAs were detected with low read counts, containing novel_3 andbta-miR-135a. [score:1]
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