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, miR395, miR397 and miR399 were up-regulated both in leaves and flowers (Figure 5a and 5b) while pre-miR159 and pre-miR171 were down-regulated by 2 folds in flower tissues (Figure 5b). [score:7]
miRNA Target Function References miR166 HD-ZIP TFs Leaf development[20] miR395 ATP Sulfurylase; Sulfate metabolism Environmental stress response[7, 23] miR167 ARF TFs Plant development and hormone signaling[50] miR164 NAC domain TFs; CUC1 and CUC2 Leaf development and hormone signaling[18, 21] miR399 Ubiquitin conjugating enzyme Phosphate metabolism[34] Figure 5Semi-quantitative reverse transcription Polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) of various pre-miRNAs in (A) leaves and (B) flower tissues of different plants viz. [score:6]
miRNA Target Function References miR166 HD-ZIP TFs Leaf development[20] miR395 ATP Sulfurylase; Sulfate metabolism Environmental stress response[7, 23] miR167 ARF TFs Plant development and hormone signaling[50] miR164 NAC domain TFs; CUC1 and CUC2 Leaf development and hormone signaling[18, 21] miR399 Ubiquitin conjugating enzyme Phosphate metabolism[34] Figure 5Semi-quantitative reverse transcription Polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) of various pre-miRNAs in (A) leaves and (B) flower tissues of different plants viz. [score:6]
Similarly, most of the miRNAs (miR395, miR396 and miR399) known to be involved in abiotic stress conditions showed enhanced expression under ToLCNDV infection and the levels of the corresponding targets were reduced. [score:5]
, pre-miR166a, pre-miR166b, pre-miR167 and pre-miR395 (Table 2) in this study since the corresponding mature miRNAs are important in leaf development (miR166) and stress responses (miR167 and miR395). [score:2]
On the other hand, miR395, miR399, miR398, etc. [score:1]
The precursors of miR162, miR172, miR395, miR397 and miR399 were induced to more than five folds in ToLCNDV infected leaves, while those of miR159, miR160, miR167 and miR319 showed almost 2-3 times increase in ToLCNDV infected leaves (Table 3). [score:1]
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In the stamen library, a total of 34 unique known and 35 unique novel miRNAs showed differential expression, of which seven known (miR398a-5p, miR395a, miR398b-3p, miR397–5, pmiR160a-3, pmiR162a-5p and miR156e-3p) and seven novel miRNAs were significantly downregulated after 2 d of high-temperature treatment, whereas 31 known and 34 novel miRNAs were significantly down-regulated after 12 d of treatment (Additional file 1: Table S2 and Table S4). [score:9]
For instance, five (miR156e-3p, miR160a-3p, miR162a-5p, miR395a and miR398a-5p) and 19 (e. g., miR156b, miR156c, miR156e-3p, miR156e-5p, miR156d-5p, miR160a-3p, miR162a-5p) significantly expressed known miRNAs were specific to stamens in 2 d and 12 d libraries, respectively (Fig.   5a, Additional file 1: Table S6), whereas six significantly differentially expressed known miRNAs including miR172b, miR167a, miR319b, and miR482a were unique to pistils under heat-stress treatment for 12 d (Fig.   5a, Additional file 1: Table S7). [score:5]
In addition, miR395a, miR397–5p, miR398b-3p, and pc-27 were markedly downregulated at 2 d after heat-stress treatment, whereas miR397–5p and miR398b-3p were strongly increased at 12 d after heat-stress treatment. [score:4]
However, miR395a was continuously downregulated from 2 to 12 d of high-temperature treatment, whereas pc-13a was markedly decreased after 6 d of treatment. [score:4]
Among these differentially expressed miRNAs, four known (miR395a, miR160a-3p, miR162a-5p, and miR156e-3p) and six novel miRNAs were common in the HS-2d and HS-12d libraries (Fig.   5, Additional file 1: Table S2 and Table S4). [score:3]
For instance, miR395, miR399 and miR398 are induced under sulfate-, phosphate-, and copper-deprived conditions, respectively [19– 21]. [score:1]
However, six miRNA families, namely, miR394, miR395, miR397, miR1918, miR4376 and miR6022, had only one member (Fig.   3). [score:1]
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As a proof of concept we selected miRNA395, which was demonstrated to target ATP-sulfurylase (APS) mRNA in Arabidopsis cells [35] and also to be regulated itself by exogenously applied sulfate [36]. [score:4]
Moreover, two tomato ATP-sulfurylases encoding genes (SGN-U313497 and SGN-U313496) were detected as putative targets of the Sly-MIR395. [score:3]
The bottom panel shows the alignments between the miRNA395a/b/c and their target gene ATP-sulphurylase mRNA. [score:3]
Data showed that both S. lycopersicum (GB acc FJ623754) and S. pennellii (and also that from the IL5-1; GB acc FJ623755) alleles span a region of 852 nucleotides driven by two separated regulatory regions; one upstream of miRNA395a and -b and a second one upstream of miRNA395c immediately after the last nucleotide of the -b variant (Figure 3). [score:2]
Two well-known examples of miRNAs regulating plant metabolic homeostasis are miRNA395 [15] and miRNA399 (reviewed by Chiou, [34]). [score:2]
Figure 2 Example of miSOLRNA interface snapshots: (A) Fructose keyword was used in this example (A) which identified among others, the sly-MIR395a precursor co-localizing with this QML on BIN 5B of the IL genetic map (B). [score:1]
However, mature sequences for miRNA395a and b showed no allelic differences. [score:1]
Querying the MiSolRNA database, miRNA395 retrieves several hits, among them the putative precursor of Sly-MIR395. [score:1]
Figure 3Schematic representation of the predicted miRNA395-ATP sulphurylase mRNA interaction in an IL population (Solanum lycopersicum × Solanum pennellii). [score:1]
The middle panel shows the predicted secondary structures of the three pre-miRNA395 (a/b/c) from the two parental lines and also from the introgressed lines 5-1. Gray lines on the right of each stem-loop indicate the regions coding the mature miRNAs. [score:1]
To verify the database prediction we sequenced the genomic clones of the Sly-MIR395 precursors. [score:1]
The top panel shows the genetic map position of miRNA395a/b/c loci in the long arm of tomato chromosome 5 (BIN B) and the physical contig of the three miRNA precursors on the BAC clone (C05HBz0058L13 GenBank Acc # AC194694). [score:1]
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Sly‐miR171, sly‐miR403 and sly‐miR6027 families targeted histone‐arginine methyltransferase involved in cellular and developmental process, and sly‐miR395 and sly‐miR9477 degraded acyltransferase gene, the cellular and metabolic process‐associated target (Table S4). [score:6]
These targets were cleaved by sly‐miR156, sly‐miR164, sly‐miR166, sly‐miR169, sly‐miR171, sly‐miR395 and sly‐mir9477 (Table S4). [score:3]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: osa-MIR156a, osa-MIR156b, osa-MIR156c, osa-MIR156d, osa-MIR156e, osa-MIR156f, osa-MIR156g, osa-MIR156h, osa-MIR156i, osa-MIR156j, osa-MIR160a, osa-MIR160b, osa-MIR160c, osa-MIR160d, osa-MIR162a, osa-MIR164a, osa-MIR164b, osa-MIR166a, osa-MIR166b, osa-MIR166c, osa-MIR166d, osa-MIR166e, osa-MIR166f, osa-MIR167a, osa-MIR167b, osa-MIR167c, osa-MIR169a, osa-MIR171a, osa-MIR394, osa-MIR395b, osa-MIR395d, osa-MIR395e, osa-MIR395g, osa-MIR395h, osa-MIR395i, osa-MIR395j, osa-MIR395k, osa-MIR395l, osa-MIR395s, osa-MIR395t, osa-MIR395c, osa-MIR395a, osa-MIR395f, osa-MIR395u, osa-MIR396a, osa-MIR396b, osa-MIR396c, osa-MIR156k, osa-MIR156l, osa-MIR159a, osa-MIR159b, osa-MIR159c, osa-MIR159d, osa-MIR159e, osa-MIR159f, osa-MIR160e, osa-MIR160f, osa-MIR162b, osa-MIR164c, osa-MIR164d, osa-MIR164e, osa-MIR166k, osa-MIR166l, osa-MIR167d, osa-MIR167e, osa-MIR167f, osa-MIR167g, osa-MIR167h, osa-MIR167i, osa-MIR169b, osa-MIR169c, osa-MIR169d, osa-MIR169e, osa-MIR169f, osa-MIR169g, osa-MIR169h, osa-MIR169i, osa-MIR169j, osa-MIR169k, osa-MIR169l, osa-MIR169m, osa-MIR169n, osa-MIR169o, osa-MIR169p, osa-MIR169q, osa-MIR171b, osa-MIR171c, osa-MIR171d, osa-MIR171e, osa-MIR171f, osa-MIR171g, osa-MIR172a, osa-MIR172b, osa-MIR172c, osa-MIR166g, osa-MIR166h, osa-MIR166i, osa-MIR171h, osa-MIR408, osa-MIR172d, osa-MIR171i, osa-MIR167j, osa-MIR166m, osa-MIR166j, osa-MIR164f, osa-MIR396e, gma-MIR156d, gma-MIR156e, gma-MIR156c, gma-MIR159a, gma-MIR160a, gma-MIR166a, gma-MIR166b, gma-MIR167a, gma-MIR167b, gma-MIR172a, gma-MIR172b, gma-MIR156a, gma-MIR396a, gma-MIR396b, gma-MIR156b, gma-MIR169a, osa-MIR395m, osa-MIR395n, osa-MIR395o, osa-MIR395p, osa-MIR395q, osa-MIR395v, osa-MIR395w, osa-MIR395r, osa-MIR169r, gma-MIR159b, gma-MIR159c, gma-MIR162a, gma-MIR164a, gma-MIR167c, gma-MIR169b, gma-MIR169c, gma-MIR171a, gma-MIR171b, gma-MIR482a, sly-MIR160a, sly-MIR166a, sly-MIR166b, sly-MIR167a, sly-MIR169a, sly-MIR169b, sly-MIR169c, sly-MIR169d, sly-MIR171a, sly-MIR171b, sly-MIR171c, sly-MIR171d, sly-MIR395b, sly-MIR156a, sly-MIR156b, sly-MIR156c, sly-MIR159, sly-MIR162, sly-MIR172a, sly-MIR172b, osa-MIR396f, gma-MIR167d, gma-MIR396c, mdm-MIR482a, gma-MIR167e, gma-MIR167f, gma-MIR172c, gma-MIR172d, gma-MIR172e, osa-MIR396g, osa-MIR396h, osa-MIR396d, osa-MIR395x, osa-MIR395y, gma-MIR396d, gma-MIR482b, gma-MIR167g, gma-MIR156f, gma-MIR169d, gma-MIR172f, gma-MIR171c, gma-MIR169e, gma-MIR394b, gma-MIR156g, gma-MIR159d, gma-MIR394a, gma-MIR396e, gma-MIR156h, gma-MIR156i, gma-MIR160b, gma-MIR160c, gma-MIR160d, gma-MIR160e, gma-MIR162b, gma-MIR164b, gma-MIR164c, gma-MIR164d, gma-MIR166c, gma-MIR166d, gma-MIR166e, gma-MIR166f, gma-MIR166g, gma-MIR166h, gma-MIR169f, gma-MIR169g, gma-MIR171d, gma-MIR171e, gma-MIR171f, gma-MIR171g, gma-MIR394c, gma-MIR408d, gma-MIR482c, gma-MIR171h, gma-MIR171i, gma-MIR169h, gma-MIR167h, gma-MIR169i, gma-MIR396f, gma-MIR396g, gma-MIR167i, sly-MIR482e, sly-MIR482a, gma-MIR171j, gma-MIR395a, gma-MIR395b, gma-MIR395c, gma-MIR408a, gma-MIR408b, gma-MIR408c, gma-MIR156j, gma-MIR156k, gma-MIR156l, gma-MIR156m, gma-MIR156n, gma-MIR156o, gma-MIR159e, gma-MIR159f, gma-MIR162c, gma-MIR166i, gma-MIR166j, gma-MIR169j, gma-MIR169k, gma-MIR169l, gma-MIR169m, gma-MIR169n, gma-MIR171k, gma-MIR172g, gma-MIR172h, gma-MIR172i, gma-MIR172j, gma-MIR396h, gma-MIR396i, gma-MIR482d, gma-MIR167j, gma-MIR171l, gma-MIR156p, gma-MIR171m, gma-MIR172k, gma-MIR171n, gma-MIR156q, gma-MIR171o, gma-MIR172l, gma-MIR169o, gma-MIR171p, gma-MIR394d, gma-MIR169p, gma-MIR156r, gma-MIR396j, gma-MIR171q, gma-MIR156s, gma-MIR169r, gma-MIR169s, gma-MIR396k, gma-MIR166k, gma-MIR156t, gma-MIR482e, gma-MIR171r, gma-MIR394e, gma-MIR169t, gma-MIR171s, gma-MIR166l, gma-MIR171t, gma-MIR394f, gma-MIR171u, gma-MIR395d, gma-MIR395e, gma-MIR395f, gma-MIR395g, gma-MIR166m, gma-MIR169u, sly-MIR482b, sly-MIR482c, gma-MIR156u, gma-MIR156v, gma-MIR156w, gma-MIR156x, gma-MIR156y, gma-MIR156z, gma-MIR156aa, gma-MIR156ab, gma-MIR160f, gma-MIR164e, gma-MIR164f, gma-MIR164g, gma-MIR164h, gma-MIR164i, gma-MIR164j, gma-MIR164k, gma-MIR166n, gma-MIR166o, gma-MIR166p, gma-MIR166q, gma-MIR166r, gma-MIR166s, gma-MIR166t, gma-MIR166u, gma-MIR169v, gma-MIR394g, gma-MIR395h, gma-MIR395i, gma-MIR395j, gma-MIR395k, gma-MIR395l, gma-MIR395m, mdm-MIR156a, mdm-MIR156b, mdm-MIR156c, mdm-MIR156d, mdm-MIR156e, mdm-MIR156f, mdm-MIR156g, mdm-MIR156h, mdm-MIR156i, mdm-MIR156j, mdm-MIR156k, mdm-MIR156l, mdm-MIR156m, mdm-MIR156n, mdm-MIR156o, mdm-MIR156p, mdm-MIR156q, mdm-MIR156r, mdm-MIR156s, mdm-MIR156t, mdm-MIR156u, mdm-MIR156v, mdm-MIR156w, mdm-MIR156x, mdm-MIR156y, mdm-MIR156z, mdm-MIR156aa, mdm-MIR156ab, mdm-MIR156ac, mdm-MIR156ad, mdm-MIR156ae, mdm-MIR159a, mdm-MIR159b, mdm-MIR160a, mdm-MIR160b, mdm-MIR160c, mdm-MIR160d, mdm-MIR160e, mdm-MIR162a, mdm-MIR162b, mdm-MIR164a, mdm-MIR164b, mdm-MIR164c, mdm-MIR164d, mdm-MIR164e, mdm-MIR164f, mdm-MIR166a, mdm-MIR166b, mdm-MIR166c, mdm-MIR166d, mdm-MIR166e, mdm-MIR166f, mdm-MIR166g, mdm-MIR166h, mdm-MIR166i, mdm-MIR167a, mdm-MIR167b, mdm-MIR167c, mdm-MIR167d, mdm-MIR167e, mdm-MIR167f, mdm-MIR167g, mdm-MIR167h, mdm-MIR167i, mdm-MIR167j, mdm-MIR169a, mdm-MIR169b, mdm-MIR169c, mdm-MIR169d, mdm-MIR171a, mdm-MIR171b, mdm-MIR171c, mdm-MIR171d, mdm-MIR171e, mdm-MIR171f, mdm-MIR171g, mdm-MIR171h, mdm-MIR171i, mdm-MIR171j, mdm-MIR171k, mdm-MIR171l, mdm-MIR171m, mdm-MIR171n, mdm-MIR172a, mdm-MIR172b, mdm-MIR172c, mdm-MIR172d, mdm-MIR172e, mdm-MIR172f, mdm-MIR172g, mdm-MIR172h, mdm-MIR172i, mdm-MIR172j, mdm-MIR172k, mdm-MIR172l, mdm-MIR172m, mdm-MIR172n, mdm-MIR172o, mdm-MIR394a, mdm-MIR394b, mdm-MIR395a, mdm-MIR395b, mdm-MIR395c, mdm-MIR395d, mdm-MIR395e, mdm-MIR395f, mdm-MIR395g, mdm-MIR395h, mdm-MIR395i, mdm-MIR396a, mdm-MIR396b, mdm-MIR396c, mdm-MIR396d, mdm-MIR396e, mdm-MIR396f, mdm-MIR396g, mdm-MIR408a, mdm-MIR482b, mdm-MIR482c, mdm-MIR408b, mdm-MIR408c, mdm-MIR408d, mdm-MIR482d, mdm-MIR159c, mdm-MIR171o, mdm-MIR169e, mdm-MIR169f, sly-MIR164a, sly-MIR164b, sly-MIR394, sly-MIR166c, sly-MIR156d, sly-MIR156e, sly-MIR396a, sly-MIR167b, sly-MIR482d, sly-MIR169e, sly-MIR396b, sly-MIR171e, gma-MIR167k, gma-MIR167l, gma-MIR169w, sly-MIR172c, sly-MIR408, sly-MIR172d, sly-MIR169f, sly-MIR171f, mdm-MIR159d, mdm-MIR159e, mdm-MIR159f, mdm-MIR166j, mdm-MIR395j, mdm-MIR169g, mdm-MIR169h, mdm-MIR169i, mdm-MIR169j, mdm-MIR171p, mdm-MIR395k, mdm-MIR171q, mdm-MIR169k, mdm-MIR169l, mdm-MIR169m, mdm-MIR169n, mdm-MIR172p, mdm-MIR395l, mdm-MIR169o
The tandem duplication of miR395 detected in date palm was consistent with other the tandem duplication events detected in Arabidopsis, tomato, rice, Medicago and poplar [25], [34], [35]. [score:1]
In the miR164, miR172 and miR395 families, all miRNA members were involved in duplication events. [score:1]
In the miR395 family, three pairs of tandem duplications (MiR395d/e, miR395a/b and miR395f/g) were detected. [score:1]
miR396, miR166, miR172, miR169 and miR395 were also present at multiple loci in date palm, and these miRNAs had the highest average copy number in the other plant species. [score:1]
As indicated in Table 2, 19/21 replicated miRNAs (90%) were present in two copies, with two exceptions: miR166 (three copies) and miR395 (four copies). [score:1]
Contig PDK_30s6550926, which contained a tandem duplication of miR395, was found in orthologous segments in six plants, with a total of 13 copies. [score:1]
In addition to analysis of miRNA duplications between paralogous contigs, miRNA-containing tandem repeats were also detected in miR395 and miR396. [score:1]
However, no miR395 members existed in orthologous regions of the five plants. [score:1]
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Other conserved miRNAs targets include F-box protein (miR394, miR414), ATP sulfurylase (miR395), Pectate Lyase (miR482), endo-1, 4-beta- glucanase (miR396), Laccase (miR397), all of which are involved in regulation of metabolic processes. [score:4]
The members of each family were different, the miR156, miR166 and miR171 had more than ten members, in the contrary, miR160, miR319, miR394, miR395, miR399, miR408, miR472, miR482, miR827 had only one member in their corresponding family. [score:1]
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Pant et al. (2008) reported that miR399 acted as a movable signal in Arabidopsis which regulated the phosphate homeostasis (Pant et al., 2008), whereas miR395 was reported to move from wild-type scions to rootstocks miRNA processing mutant hen1-1 under sulfate stress (Buhtz et al., 2010). [score:2]
However, recent evidence has indicated that only four miRNAs (miR399, miR395, miR172, and miR156) have been demonstrated as long-distance mobile signals in plants (Bhogale et al., 2014). [score:1]
SFC) whereas three (miR395a, miR6023, and miR8021) were common in both shoot and fruit of tomato (SFG vs. [score:1]
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Although miR395, 1918, 5302, 5303 and 5304 were deposited in miRBase, they were not detected in the current study, perhaps because these miRNAs have specific expression patterns. [score:3]
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MiR5303, miR169b, miR1916, miR171c, and miR395a represent miRNAs with low expression and a TPM of less than 10 (Additional file 13). [score:3]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: sly-MIR395b
Interplay of SLIM1 and miR395 in the regulation of sulfate assimilation in Arabidopsis. [score:2]
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Cluster_61425, which derived from the MIR395a locus and contained ~30-fold fewer 21-nt small RNAs in 35S>>SlDCL1IR, showed the strongest decrease. [score:1]
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In contrast, miR165, miR393, miR394, miR395, and miR477 contained only one member each. [score:1]
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