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6 publications mentioning bmo-mir-281

Open access articles that are associated with the species Bombyx mori and mention the gene name mir-281. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Stage-by-stage examinations revealed further expression patterns, such as emergence at specific time-points during embryogenesis and up-regulation of miRNA groups in late embryos (miR-1 and bantam), expression associated with stage transition between instar and molt larval stages (miR-34b), expression associated with silk gland growth and spinning activity (miR-274), continuous high expression from the spinning larval to pupal and adult stages (miR-252 and miR-31a), a coordinate expression trough in day 3 pupae of both sexes (miR-10b and miR-281), up-regulation in pupal metamorphosis of both sexes (miR-29b), and down-regulation in pupal metamorphosis of both sexes (miR-275). [score:20]
Four miRNAs (miR-281-5p, miR-281-3p, miR-79, and miR-317) were not detected until the silkworm hatched (eIL1), and were subsequently expressed at high levels until the birth of the adult moth, in microarray analysis (Additional file 4). [score:3]
However, a higher number of miRNAs were initially present in day 9 embryos (9 d Em) at the body pigmentation stage, including miR-281-5p, miR-281-3p, miR-263, miR-970, miR-133, miR-283, and miR-317. [score:1]
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In tissues undergoing histolysis and regeneration, miR-10b-3p/5p pair strongly expressed in the body wall and midgut, and miR-281-3p/5p pair most strongly expressed in the silk gland and midgut; here miRNAs from both arms demonstrated a high degree of co -expression. [score:7]
However, miR-281-5p and miR-281-3p were strongly expressed in the malpighian tubules, silk glands and midgut, and weakly expressed in the head and body wall. [score:5]
Expression patterns of five miRNAs were significantly increased during metamorphosis in all four tissues (e. g., bmo-miR-275 and bmo-miR-305), and two miRNA pairs, bmo-miR-10b-3p/5p and bmo-miR-281-3p/5p, showed coordinate expression. [score:5]
For instance, both methods confirmed exclusive expression of miR-281-5p and miR-281-3p in the anterior-posterior silk glands, midgut and malpighian tubules of both females and males. [score:3]
Both microarray and analyses with alternative probes for bmo-miR281-5p, bmo-miR-10b-5p, bmo-miR-1, bmo-let-7a and bmo-miR-275 yielded reproducible results. [score:1]
For example, miR-281 and miR-283 were mainly observed in the silk glands and midgut. [score:1]
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Members of MIR-263, MIR-281 and MIR-9 were also highly expressed in the 4 samples. [score:3]
However, the expressed levels of miRNA*, such as bmo-miR-281*, bmo-miR-2766*, bmo-miR-316*, bmo-miR-71*, bmo-miR-965*, bmo-miR-9936*, bmo-miR-9c* and bmo-miR-2808*, were either overrepresented or in similar counts relative to their relevant miRNA counts (Table S1). [score:3]
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The relative overall abundance of miR:miR* was in the ratio of 1:48 for miR-33; 1:18 for miR-281; 1:8 for miR-965 and 1:4 for miR-10a (Figure 5a-d). [score:1]
However, for several miRNAs i. e, miR-10, miR-33, miR-281 and miR-965, the counts of miR* species far exceeded those of their miR species (Table 3). [score:1]
The specific accumulation of miR* sequences for miR-8, miR-10, miR-37, miR-281 and miR-965 was particularly striking in the silkworm (Table 3 and Figure 5). [score:1]
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The total reads of 9 miRstar sequences (miR-10*, miR-276*, miR-281*, miR-282*, miR-2a-1*, miR-965*, miR-993a*, miR-993b*, and miR-9b*) were heavily skewed toward the RNA hairpin arm containing annotated miRNAs in at least one library (Additional file 9, names in green). [score:1]
Nevertheless, some annotated miRNAs and highest reads were not derived from the same arms of the hairpin precursors, as illustrated by bmo-mir-10, bmo-mir-276, and bmo-mir-281 (Figure 3, Additional file 9). [score:1]
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The miRs (sfr-mir-305-5p, sfr-mir-307-3p, sfr-mir-71-3p, sfr-mir-281, sfr-mir-317, sfr-mir-2756, sfr-mir-932, sfr-mir-184-3p, sfr-mir-2766, Novel_miR15, Novel_miR16, and Novel_miR17) were easily detectable in total RNA isolated from Sf21 cells (Fig. 4). [score:1]
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