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Open access articles that are associated with the species Glycine max and mention the gene name MIR1522. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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For instance, we identified 22 expressed eTMs for gma-miR1522, which was predicted to target a gene encoding ABC transporter (Glyma03g29150, homolog of At3g21090 that is required for lipid transport; Pighin et al., 2004; Table S5). [score:5]
Additionally, 65 of the 119 expressed eTMs for miRNAs predicted to target genes involved in lipid metabolism had a homolog in at least one of the other four species used in this study (Table S7; eTMs for miR1522 as an example was shown in Figure 1C). [score:5]
Sequences containing a well conserved target mimic site for gma-miR1522 were also found in the four additional species (R. communis, L. usitatissimum, B. rapa, and G. raimondii) examined in this study. [score:3]
A number of eTMs were predicted for gma-miR1522 and 22 of them were expressed in at least one of the tissues or organs examined in this study (Tables S1, S2). [score:3]
Figure 1 Endogenous target mimics (eTMs) for gma-miR1522 in soybean. [score:3]
As an example, sequence alignment between the soybean-specific gma-miR1522 and one of its eTMs, gma-eTM1522-2, was shown in Figure 1A, which showed a typical pairing pattern between a miRNA and its eTM, i. e., three unmatched nucleotides in the eTM at the region corresponding to the 10th to 12th positions from the 5′ end of gma-miR1522 (Figure 1A). [score:1]
Prediction of conserved eTMs for gma-miR1522 in all four species examined in this study suggests that miR1522 could be present, although it has not been reported, in these species. [score:1]
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