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4 publications mentioning vvi-MIR160c

Open access articles that are associated with the species Vitis vinifera and mention the gene name MIR160c. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Among them, miR160, miR167, miR390 and miR393 contribute to PTI by regulating the expression of genes encoding different auxin response factors (ARFs) and auxin receptors involved in auxin signalling, thereby promoting inhibition of pathogen growth [90]. [score:6]
Our results showed that vvi-miR160, which may target ARF mRNAs, was significantly up-regulated in the AY phytoplasma-infected leaves. [score:6]
vvi-miR159c, vvi-miR160c-e, vvi-miR171acdij, vvi-miR172d, vvi-miR2950-5p, vvi-miR319bcef, vvi-miR3627-5p, and vvi-miR395a-m, were up-regulated, and five, viz. [score:4]
The differential expression of conserved miRNA families (vvi-miR156, miR159, vvi-miR160, vvi-miR171, vvi-miR172, vvi-miR319), known to be involved in different aspects of plant development [18], make these potential candidates that play a role in the interactions leading to symptoms associated with GY. [score:4]
Other instances where miR160 accumulated during biotic stress response were demonstrated in clubroot-infected Brassica napus root [101], powdery mildew infection in wheat [102], and phytoplasma-infected mulberry [81]. [score:1]
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Since this site was located at a miRNA-mRNA mismatch position as well as at a discrepancy site in diverse members (Figure 4), this miR-SNP in the va-miR160 family is unlikely to change the target genes of these miRNAs. [score:3]
Lanes 1'-20' are 3'RACE (C) and 5'RACE (D) products of 20 higher abundance va-miRNAs (va-miR156e, va-miR160c, va-miR162, va-miR164c, va-miR166c, va-miR169m, va-miR171c, va-miR172c, va-miR408, va-miR535a, va-miR001, va-miR007, va-miR016, va-miR018, va-miR023, va-miR046, va-miR047, va-miR049, va-miR057 and va-miR062, respectively). [score:1]
The best example of this is the va-miR160 family, where nucleotide variants of all its six members (a, b, c, d, e, f) not only exist in the middle of their mature sequences, but all have an identical miRNA SNP site. [score:1]
Va-miR160a, va-miR160b, va-miR160c, va-miR160d, va-miR160e respectively showed wild type sequences; miR160a-SNP, miR160b-SNP, miR160c-SNP, miR160d-SNP, miR160e-SNP exhibited SNP types of these miRNAs. [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: vvi-MIR156a, vvi-MIR156b, vvi-MIR156c, vvi-MIR156d, vvi-MIR156e, vvi-MIR156f, vvi-MIR156g, vvi-MIR156i, vvi-MIR159a, vvi-MIR159c, vvi-MIR160a, vvi-MIR160b, vvi-MIR160d, vvi-MIR160e, vvi-MIR162, vvi-MIR164a, vvi-MIR164b, vvi-MIR164c, vvi-MIR164d, vvi-MIR166a, vvi-MIR166b, vvi-MIR166c, vvi-MIR166d, vvi-MIR166e, vvi-MIR166f, vvi-MIR166g, vvi-MIR166h, vvi-MIR167a, vvi-MIR167b, vvi-MIR167c, vvi-MIR167d, vvi-MIR167e, vvi-MIR168, vvi-MIR169a, vvi-MIR169y, vvi-MIR169c, vvi-MIR169d, vvi-MIR169e, vvi-MIR169f, vvi-MIR169g, vvi-MIR169j, vvi-MIR169k, vvi-MIR169m, vvi-MIR169p, vvi-MIR169r, vvi-MIR169s, vvi-MIR169t, vvi-MIR169u, vvi-MIR171a, vvi-MIR171b, vvi-MIR171c, vvi-MIR171d, vvi-MIR171e, vvi-MIR171f, vvi-MIR171h, vvi-MIR171i, vvi-MIR172a, vvi-MIR172b, vvi-MIR172c, vvi-MIR172d, vvi-MIR319b, vvi-MIR319c, vvi-MIR319f, vvi-MIR319g, vvi-MIR393b, vvi-MIR394a, vvi-MIR394b, vvi-MIR395a, vvi-MIR395b, vvi-MIR395c, vvi-MIR395d, vvi-MIR395e, vvi-MIR395f, vvi-MIR395g, vvi-MIR395h, vvi-MIR395i, vvi-MIR395j, vvi-MIR395k, vvi-MIR395l, vvi-MIR395m, vvi-MIR396a, vvi-MIR396b, vvi-MIR396d, vvi-MIR398a, vvi-MIR399a, vvi-MIR399b, vvi-MIR399e, vvi-MIR399g, vvi-MIR399h, vvi-MIR408, vvi-MIR479, vvi-MIR535a, vvi-MIR535b, vvi-MIR535c, vvi-MIR156h, vvi-MIR169b, vvi-MIR169h, vvi-MIR169i, vvi-MIR169l, vvi-MIR169n, vvi-MIR169o, vvi-MIR169q, vvi-MIR169v, vvi-MIR169w, vvi-MIR169x, vvi-MIR171g, vvi-MIR319e, vvi-MIR393a, vvi-MIR394c, vvi-MIR395n, vvi-MIR396c, vvi-MIR397a, vvi-MIR398b, vvi-MIR398c, vvi-MIR399c, vvi-MIR399d, vvi-MIR399f, vvi-MIR399i, vvi-MIR403a, vvi-MIR403b, vvi-MIR403c, vvi-MIR403d, vvi-MIR403e, vvi-MIR403f, vvi-MIR477a, vvi-MIR482, vvi-MIR828a, vvi-MIR845a, vvi-MIR845b, vvi-MIR845c, vvi-MIR845d, vvi-MIR845e, vvi-MIR477b, vvi-MIR171j
Only one miRNA, miR160c, shows a leaf-specific expression profile (2.5 fold lower level in leaves with respect to other tissues) (Figure 3G). [score:3]
In some cases, the most commonly observed sequences were identical to at least one of the predicted mature sequences (notably: miR156, miR160, miR164, miR167, miR169, miR172, miR394, miR399) while for other families, the predominant mature miRNA sequenced exhibited small variations (shifts or differences of length of one or two bases) with respect to the predicted mature sequences (e. g. miR166, miR393, miR395, miR396, miR408). [score:1]
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Only one miRNA, miR160c, shows a leaf-specific expression profile (2.5 fold lower level in leaves with respect to other tissues) (Figure 2G). [score:3]
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