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9 publications mentioning tae-MIR1135

Open access articles that are associated with the species Triticum aestivum and mention the gene name MIR1135. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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While 7 of the 9 known miRNAs tested (miR156, miR160, miR164, miR166a, miR167a, miR171a, miR396d) were down-regulated in root tissues, expression of miR1135 and miR5139 was comparable in root and shoot tissues. [score:6]
Similarly all the known miRNAs (except miR1135 which showed no change) were slightly down-regulated when seedlings were exposed to salinity stress. [score:4]
To our understanding this is the first report displaying tissue-specific expression of two miRNAs, miR1135 and miR5139, in plants. [score:3]
We found that miR156, miR160, miR166a, miR396d, miR1135, miR5139, tae_10, tae_15 and tae_44 exhibited approximately two-fold induction in expression levels when mannitol -induced water-deficiency stress was imposed (Figure 5A, B). [score:3]
We analyzed the expression pattern of 9 known miRNAs (miR156, miR160, miR164, miR166a, miR167a, miR171a, miR396d, miR1135 and miR5139) and 9 true novel miRNAs (tae_6, tae_7, tae_10, tae_15, tae_19, tae_22, tae_27, tae_44 and tae_45) (Figure 4 and Figure S2). [score:3]
The identified known miRNAs belonged to 20 families, out of which 9 (miR1117, miR1120, miR1135, miR1136, miR1318, miR1432, miR1436, miR5084 and miR6201) were monocot-specific [43]. [score:1]
Recently, miR1135 was located on the short arm of chromosome 5D of wheat and a similar sequence was found in B. distachyon also [63]. [score:1]
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Differential expression of miR159, miR167, miR1122, miR1125, miR1135, mir1136, miR1139, and miR408 was also observed under Pi deprivation in wheat (Zhao et al. 2013). [score:3]
However, orthologues of miR1122, miR1125, miR1135, mir1136, and miR1139 are not detected in dicots, thus suggesting that these miRNAs may be monocot-specific. [score:1]
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The expressions of six of these miRNAs (miR1120, miR1128, miR1130, miR1135, miR1436, and miR5064) have also been shown previously in Aegilops small RNA libraries (Jia et al., 2013). [score:3]
miRNA names EST miR1117 gi|44888773|gb|AY534123.1|SEG_AY534122S2, gi| 442614136|gb|JX295577.1|, gi| 219814405| gb| FJ436986.1| miR1118 gi| 442614136|gb|JX295577.1| miR1120 gi|442614136|gb|JX295577.1| miR1125 gi|442614136|gb|JX295577.1| miR1128 Contig94874 miR1130 gi|300689672|gb|FJ898281.1|, gi|300689671|gb|FJ898280.1|, gi|300689650|gb|FJ898269.1| miR1135 AEGTA02478, Contig23917 miR1136 gi|22038180|gb|AY013754.1|, Contig23917, AEGTA02478 miR1436 gi|442614136|gb|JX295577.1| miR1439 gi|442614136|gb|JX295577.1| miR437 gi|13447949|gb|AF338431.1|AF338431, gi|13447949|gb|AF338431.1|AF338431 miR5049 Contig115885, Contig29895 miR5064 AEGTA07380 miR5086 gi|21779916|gb|AF497474.1| miR5174 Gb|JX295577.1, gb|GU211253.1 miR5180 Contig22176Hit names starting with “gi” were derived from NCBI A. tauschii (taxid:37682) EST database, while the others were derived from the transcriptome assembly of a recent study (Jia et al., 2013). [score:1]
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Similarly, three miRNA families from the durum wheat Qss-3BL QTL, miR1135, miR1436, and miR1439, targeted three transcripts in the same region with no known homologs in the Viridiplantae (Supplementary Table S2b). [score:3]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: osa-MIR160a, osa-MIR160b, osa-MIR160c, osa-MIR160d, osa-MIR167a, osa-MIR167b, osa-MIR167c, osa-MIR169a, osa-MIR395b, osa-MIR395d, osa-MIR395e, osa-MIR395g, osa-MIR395h, osa-MIR395i, osa-MIR395j, osa-MIR395k, osa-MIR395l, osa-MIR395s, osa-MIR395t, osa-MIR395c, osa-MIR395a, osa-MIR395f, osa-MIR395u, osa-MIR398a, osa-MIR398b, osa-MIR160e, osa-MIR160f, osa-MIR167d, osa-MIR167e, osa-MIR167f, osa-MIR167g, osa-MIR167h, osa-MIR167i, osa-MIR169b, osa-MIR169c, osa-MIR169d, osa-MIR169e, osa-MIR169f, osa-MIR169g, osa-MIR169h, osa-MIR169i, osa-MIR169j, osa-MIR169k, osa-MIR169l, osa-MIR169m, osa-MIR169n, osa-MIR169o, osa-MIR169p, osa-MIR169q, osa-MIR167j, osa-MIR437, osa-MIR395m, osa-MIR395n, osa-MIR395o, osa-MIR395p, osa-MIR395q, osa-MIR395v, osa-MIR395w, osa-MIR395r, osa-MIR818a, osa-MIR818b, osa-MIR818c, osa-MIR818d, osa-MIR818e, tae-MIR160, tae-MIR167a, tae-MIR1117, tae-MIR1118, tae-MIR1120a, tae-MIR1122a, tae-MIR1125, tae-MIR1127a, tae-MIR1128, tae-MIR1131, tae-MIR1133, tae-MIR1136, tae-MIR1139, osa-MIR169r, osa-MIR1436, osa-MIR1439, osa-MIR2118a, osa-MIR2118b, osa-MIR2118c, osa-MIR2118d, osa-MIR2118e, osa-MIR2118f, osa-MIR2118g, osa-MIR2118h, osa-MIR2118i, osa-MIR2118j, osa-MIR2118k, osa-MIR2118l, osa-MIR2118m, osa-MIR2118n, osa-MIR2118o, osa-MIR2118p, osa-MIR2118q, osa-MIR2118r, bdi-MIR167a, bdi-MIR1139, bdi-MIR1122, bdi-MIR437, bdi-MIR169b, bdi-MIR1127, bdi-MIR1135, osa-MIR395x, osa-MIR395y, tae-MIR167b, tae-MIR169, tae-MIR395a, tae-MIR395b, tae-MIR398, tae-MIR5085, bdi-MIR5070, bdi-MIR169d, bdi-MIR169i, bdi-MIR395a, bdi-MIR169j, bdi-MIR160a, bdi-MIR395b, bdi-MIR167b, bdi-MIR160b, bdi-MIR167c, bdi-MIR169k, bdi-MIR160c, bdi-MIR167d, bdi-MIR169g, bdi-MIR160d, bdi-MIR160e, bdi-MIR169e, bdi-MIR398a, bdi-MIR169a, bdi-MIR169h, bdi-MIR169c, bdi-MIR395c, bdi-MIR5180b, bdi-MIR5175a, bdi-MIR5175b, bdi-MIR395d, bdi-MIR398b, bdi-MIR5180a, bdi-MIR169f, bdi-MIR395m, bdi-MIR395e, bdi-MIR395f, bdi-MIR395g, bdi-MIR395h, bdi-MIR395j, bdi-MIR395k, bdi-MIR395l, bdi-MIR395n, osa-MIR818f, bdi-MIR167e, bdi-MIR395o, bdi-MIR395p, bdi-MIR5049, bdi-MIR160f, bdi-MIR167f, bdi-MIR167g, bdi-MIR169l, bdi-MIR169m, bdi-MIR169n, bdi-MIR395q, bdi-MIR2118a, bdi-MIR2118b, tae-MIR1122b, tae-MIR1127b, tae-MIR1122c, tae-MIR167c, tae-MIR5175, tae-MIR1120b, tae-MIR1120c, tae-MIR6197, tae-MIR5049
Chr1 Chr2 Chr3 Chr4 Chr5 miR1127 * miR1128 * * * * * miR1133 * miR1135 * miR1139 * * * miR1439 * * * * * miR167 * miR395 * * miR5049 * * * * * miR5175 * * * miR5180 * * * miR5203 * * * * Bold miRNAs gave the best results that they were syntenic to Bd4. [score:1]
5D miRNAs with the highest apparent representation (over 100 copies) were miR1117, miR1120, miR1139, miR1436, miR5049 in 5DS; miR1117, miR1120, miR1122, miR1131, miR1135, miR1136, miR1436, miR5049 in 5DL (Data S3; Table 1). [score:1]
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One instance each of miR1120, miR1136 & miR1139, 4 copies of miR1122, and 5 of miR1135 gave 100% identical matches to an EST, indicating that despite being DNA transposons, some of these sequences can be transcribed from chromosome 1AL. [score:1]
The majority of the remaining matches to both datasets were TE-related, indicating that TE sequences are significantly represented in the small RNA population in wheat cells; perfect EST matches to instances of miR1120, miR1122, miR1135, miR1136, miR1139, miR2027 & miR2031 indicate that some of these sequences are also transcribed from chromosome 1AL. [score:1]
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Besides it was shown that miR437 and miR1135; miR1120, miR1122, miR1128 and miR1130; and miR1120 and miR1128 were also contributing to the interaction circuitry of miR1436 and miR1439 in Kiziltan, TR39477 and TTD-22 samples, respectively, suggesting additional players in these complex networks. [score:1]
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For miR1128, miR1135 and miR1136, higher responses to the growth temperature were observed in Ldn/KU-2059 than in Ldn/KU-2025. [score:1]
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MiR1122 consisted of 8 members (tae-miR1122a, tae-miR1122b-3p, tae-miR1127a, tae-miR1127b-3p, tae-miR1128, tae-miR1133, tae-miR1135 and tae-miR1136). [score:1]
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