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4 publications mentioning dme-mir-932

Open access articles that are associated with the species Drosophila melanogaster and mention the gene name mir-932. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Among 154 coexpressed miRNAs, five mature miRNAs (dme-miR-1008-5p, dme-miR-133-3p, dme-miR-137-3p, dme-miR-13b-3p, dme-miR-932-5p) were differentially expressed between PD and control groups (p<0.05) (Table 2 and S5 Table). [score:5]
As four of the dysregulated miRNAs in PD flies including dme-miR-133-3p, dme-miR-137-3p, dme-miR-13b-3p and dme-miR-932-5p were brain enriched, we predicted targets of them and then submit to DAVID for Gene Ontology analysis (Fig 6 and S7 Table). [score:4]
Our study using high throughput sequencing of miRNAs identified miR-13b, miR-133, miR-137, miR-932 and miR-1008 consistently upregulated in early stage PD flies. [score:4]
We found that five miRNAs (dme-miR-133-3p, dme-miR-137-3p, dme-miR-13b-3p, dme-miR-932-5p, dme-miR-1008-5p) were upregulated in PD flies. [score:4]
Using high throughput small RNA sequenceing technology, we measured miRNA expression profiles of early stage PD flies and identified five dysregulated mature miRNAs (miR-13b, dme-miR-133, dme-miR-137, miR-932 and miR-1008). [score:2]
In addition, miR-932-5p was proposed to act on AlstR (Galanin receptor) and GABA-B-R1 (GABA receptor). [score:1]
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Specifically, Culex pipiens miR-285 and miR-278 were implicated in pyrethroid resistance through the transcriptional regulation of Cyp6n23 and Cyp6ag11 [48, 49], as well as a miRNA cluster involved in regulation of Cyp9j35 and Cyp325bg3 [50] and upregulation of miR-932 that regulates transcript levels of the cuticular gene CpCPR5 [51, 52]. [score:7]
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F R M 0.16 N/A C689 ame-mir-932 E+ R M N/A 1.69C2187 [†] C2187. [score:1]
F F P 20.62 N/A C689 ame-mir-932 C689. [score:1]
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The miRs (sfr-mir-305-5p, sfr-mir-307-3p, sfr-mir-71-3p, sfr-mir-281, sfr-mir-317, sfr-mir-2756, sfr-mir-932, sfr-mir-184-3p, sfr-mir-2766, Novel_miR15, Novel_miR16, and Novel_miR17) were easily detectable in total RNA isolated from Sf21 cells (Fig. 4). [score:1]
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