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7 publications mentioning ame-let-7

Open access articles that are associated with the species Apis mellifera and mention the gene name let-7. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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These knockdown experiments also hightlighted the relevance of a set of miRNAs involved in the regulation of immune response genes and in the general morphogenesis processes during pharate-adult development (e. g., miR-184 and let-7 locus genes). [score:4]
Moreover, ecdysteroid signaling was shown to be linked to the expression levels of the let-7-C cluster genes, as well as of miR-14 and miR-34 during insect development (for review see Kucherenko and Shcherbata, 2013). [score:4]
Many of the miRNAs affected by EcR knockdown in honeybees (let-7, miR-1, miR-9a, miR-12, miR-14, miR-34, miR-79, miR-92b, miR-124, miR-184, miR-210, miR-219, miR-263a, miR-276, miR-279, miR-283, miR-305, miR-306, miR-316, miR-317) have previously been reported as putatively involved in the regulation of D. melanogaster immune genes, particularly those belonging to the JNK, Imd and Toll signaling pathways (Fullaondo and Lee, 2012). [score:3]
Furthermore, the EcR/USP complex can also bind to the let-7-C gene after a 20E pulse has triggered the larval-to-pupal metamorphic molt, thus inducing the transcription of a cluster of three microRNAs (miR-100, let-7 and miR-125). [score:1]
Members of the D. melanogaster let-7-C locus (a cluster containing the let-7, miR-100, and miR-125 genes) are also found in the honeybee genome. [score:1]
Drosophila let-7 microRNA is required for remo deling of the neuromusculature during metamorphosis. [score:1]
Subtle roles of microRNAs let-7, miR-100 and miR-125 on wing morphogenesis in hemimetabolan metamorphosis. [score:1]
In addition to these miRNAs of yet unclear functions, we also found conserved and functionally well-defined miRNAs, such as let-7, miR-1, miR-133, miR-375, miR-184, and miR-34. [score:1]
Hormonal activation of let-7-C microRNAs via EcR is required for adult Drosophila melanogaster morphology and function. [score:1]
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Mir-let-7 is a major target of the steroid pathways underlying temporal cell fate determination during the movement between developmental stages. [score:4]
A number of the miRNAs found to be differentially expressed in our current study form critical components of the major cell signalling pathways in other species, including ame-Bantam, ame-mir-315 and ame-Let-7. Outside of Drosophila, the role of miRNAs in insect development has not been extensively studied. [score:4]
In Drosophila, the developmental progression from larvae to pupae has been shown to involve the modulation of the Let-7-C polycistronic miRNA cluster (Let-7, mir-100 and mir-125), as well as mir-8 and mir-34 52, by the lipophilic hormones 20-hydoxy ecdysone (20E) and juvenile hormone (JH). [score:2]
Royal jelly has been reported to contain significant quantities of ame-mir-Let-7 32, consistent with the idea that let-7 levels are higher in queens relative to workers at this critical larval stage. [score:1]
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As examples, we cite ame- miR-263b-5p (class I in haploid and class III in diploid embryos), ame- let-7-5p (class III in haploid and class I in diploid embryos), and ame- miR-iab-4-5p (a class II miR present only in diploid embryos), but with predicted targets in only one type of embryo (ame- miR-263b-5p only in haploid, ame- let-7-5p and ame- miR-iab-4-5p in diploid) (see Fig 7B and 7D). [score:3]
For example, ame- let-7-3p is a class II gene in both types of embryos and ame- let-7-5p is a class III gene in haploid embryos. [score:1]
The highly conserved gene among metazoans, let-7 [66– 68], is a good example. [score:1]
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In the network constructed with miRNAs, mRNAs and lncRNAs, we found that some genes served as bridges linking different miRNAs, four of which (gene id: 408284, 408609, 409587, and 409152) acting as miRNA targets linked let-7, miR-100, miR-12, miR-14, miR-316 and miR-996. [score:3]
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This group of miRNAs, including miR-275, miR-276, miR-1, miR-2, miR-8, miR-184, Let-7 etc. [score:1]
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The four miRNAs (ame-let-7, ame-mir-34, ame-mir-100, ame-mir-375) commonly found in other animal bodies or products (such as milk [39] or humans [40] and mouse [41]) were also present in RJ. [score:1]
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Other examples of clustered miRNAs or multicopy miRNAs include: novel miRNA C5152a antisense to C5152b; novel C5303 overlapping ame-mir-137; ame-mir-9b overlapping the ame-mir-79 locus, but on the opposite strand; ame-mir-12 near ame-mir-283; ame-mir-275 near ame-mir-305; ame-mir-277 near ame-mir-317 and ame-mir-34; C1504 near ame-mir-375; and ame-let-7 on the same scaffold as ame-mir-100. [score:1]
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