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4 publications mentioning mmu-mir-871

Open access articles that are associated with the species Mus musculus and mention the gene name mir-871. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Several miRNAs, such as members of the miR-183-96-182 cluster, miR-741, miR-881, miR-878, miR-743a, miR-743b, miR-465, miR-871, miR-880, are known to be expressed in mouse ESCs and were also expressed in rat PSCs; however, their function in pluripotency induction and regulation has not been directly shown 48– 50. [score:7]
In addition, we found that the rno-miR-novel-8 miRNA was located less than 10 kb from miR-871, mir-3580 and miR-465, which were upregulated in rat PSCs. [score:4]
A cluster of miRNAs, comprised of miR-463, miR-465, miR-471, miR-741, miR-743a, miR-743b, miR-871, miR-878, miR-880, miR-881, and miR-883, was located on the X chromosome and was expressed at a high level in rat PSCs according to the sequencing data. [score:3]
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The expression patterns of miR-199a, miR-470, miR-871, shows relatively higher expression in small preantral follicles as compared to large antral follicles with the similar expression pattern as the results of deep sequencing. [score:6]
a) 6d-8d, b) 8d-12d, c) 12d-15d, d) 15d-21d, e) 21d-P6, f) P48-h6 To further validate these differentially expressed miRNAs identified from the mouse ovary, the expression levels of miR-199a, miR-470, miR-871, miR-34c let-7a, miR-7a, miR-351, miR-191 were further examined in different size follicles (i. e., 100 μm −130 μm, 200 μm -280 μm, 450 μm -550 μm, 500 μm -600 μm) using qRT-PCR assay. [score:4]
c) Expression profile of miR-871 through qRT-PCR. [score:3]
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Through sequencing miRNAs for their quantifications, we show that some known miRNAs (miR-148b-5p, miR-879-5p, miR-144-3p, miR-540-5p, miR-582-5p, miR-15b-5p, miR-210-5p, miR-871-3p, miR-3103-5p, miR-16-1-3p, miR-470-5p, miR-190b-5p, miR-384-5p and miR-490-5p) are upregulated in CUMS -induced depression mice (Table 3), which degrade mRNAs listed in Table 1. In other words, the analysis from miRNA sequencing is consistent to the analysis from mRNA sequencing. [score:4]
These upregulated miRNAs include certain known miRNAs (mmu-miR-148b-5p, mmu-miR-879-5p, mmu-miR-144-3p, mmu-miR-540-5p, mmu-miR-582-5p, mmu-miR-15b-5p, mmu-miR-210-5p, mmu-miR-871-3p, mmu-miR-3103-5p, mmu-miR-16-1-3p, mmu-miR-470-5p, mmu-miR-190b-5p, mmu-miR-384-5p and mmu-miR-490-5p), as well as some novel miRNAs (novel_mir_46, novel_mir_214 and novel_mir_213) with their stem loop structures by Miredp (S3 Fig). [score:4]
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miR-871 - ND miR-875-3p - - - ND miR-877 + ND miR-883a-5p - ND miR-93 +miR-93 was over-expressed in human T-cell leukemia virus 1- transformed human T-cell lines and primary peripheral blood mononuclear cells from adult T-cell leukemia patients [46]. [score:3]
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