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2 publications mentioning ath-MIR834

Open access articles that are associated with the species Arabidopsis thaliana and mention the gene name MIR834. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Expression of (a) NF-YA8 -target of miR169; (b) PPR superfamily- target of miR161.1; (c) PHO2- target of miR399; (d) AGL16- target of miR824; (e) CIP4.1 or CIP4- target of miR834; (f) R3H- target of miR854. [score:15]
We observed the significant upregulation of miR834 in all of the germination conditions that we used irrespective of stratification status; and found maximum significant upregulation during 24 h/RT (Fig.   3g), followed by 12 h/4 °C (Fig.   3g). [score:7]
The inverse correlation of miRNA-target also indicates the post-transcriptional regulation by miRNA and the miR834-target CIP4.1 module in the dynamic seed germination process. [score:6]
We validated the expression correlation AGL16 (AGAMOUS-like 16) (Fig.   6d), CIP4.1(COP1-interacting protein4.1) (Fig.   6e) and R3H (Fig.   6f) as the targets of miR824, miR834 and miR854 respectively. [score:5]
The predicted targets of miR834 are DEMETER-LIKE 2 (DML2) and COP1-INTERACTING PROTEIN1 (CIP1). [score:3]
Although, miR834 was highly up regulated in every stages of germination compared to DS (Fig.   3g) and the maximum expression level (~40 fold) was observed at 24 h/RT (Fig.   3g). [score:3]
miR834 is a non-conserved miRNA. [score:1]
The other miRNAs for validation were miR165/166 (Fig.   2a), miR172a (Fig.   2b), miR390b (Fig.   2c), miR160a (Fig.   2d), miR156h (Fig.   2e), miR164a (Fig.   3a), miR169b (Fig.   3b), miR161.1 (Fig.   3c), miR399a (Fig.   3d), miR824 (Fig.   3f), miR834 (Fig.   3g), miR854 (Fig.   3h) and miR2112-5p (Fig.   3i). [score:1]
RT and they are miR157c; miR161.2; miR834 and miR854a, b, d. Only two miRNAs, miR161.2 and miR854a, were common in all three cases here. [score:1]
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To test whether artificial mimics impact miRNA effects independent of changes in target transcript accumulation, we monitored the protein levels produced by CIP4, a gene that is regulated by miR834 through translational inhibition [5], [62]. [score:8]
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