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5 publications mentioning bmo-mir-307

Open access articles that are associated with the species Bombyx mori and mention the gene name mir-307. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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As shown in the Fig. 6A, sfr-mir-307-3p is highly expressed in haemolymph and expressed less in whole gut while there is a moderate to significant increase in the expression levels of sfr-mir-305-5p and Novel_miR-17 in the whole gut respectively. [score:7]
As shown in the Fig. 6B, there is no significant change in distribution of expression in case of sfr-mir-305-5p and Novel_miR-17 while there is a moderate change in distribution of expression in case of sfr-mir-307-3p. [score:5]
In addition to sfr-mir-305-5p, sfr-mir-307-3p displayed an increase of 2 fold and more in its expression levels in 6 [th] instar larvae. [score:3]
In addition, we performed the expression check for sfr-mir-305-5p, sfr-mir-307-3p and Novel_miR-17 in three segments of the whole gut, i. e., fore gut, mid gut and hind gut. [score:3]
Particularly, sfr-mir-307-3p levels are less in midgut while the expression is mostly constrained to the foregut followed by hindgut. [score:3]
The analysis revealed that, some of the known miRs (sfr-mir-305-5p, sfr-mir-307-3p) are expressed in a wide range of insect species (A. gambie, Culex sp, A. aegypti, A. mellifera, B. mori, T. castenum, D. melanogaster) while some (sfr-mir-71-3p) are restricted to a few (A. aegypti, B. mori, T. castenum). [score:3]
The miRs (sfr-mir-305-5p, sfr-mir-307-3p, sfr-mir-71-3p, sfr-mir-281, sfr-mir-317, sfr-mir-2756, sfr-mir-932, sfr-mir-184-3p, sfr-mir-2766, Novel_miR15, Novel_miR16, and Novel_miR17) were easily detectable in total RNA isolated from Sf21 cells (Fig. 4). [score:1]
As shown in Fig. 6C, Novel_miR-15 is highly expressed when compared to the other miRs, and sfr-mir-307-3p is approximately 2 fold higher compared to sfr-mir-305-5p. [score:1]
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Four miRNAs (miR-29b, miR-34b, miR-277, and miR-285) were significantly up-regulated from the spinning larvae to adult stages, and nine (miR-305, miR-275, miR-289, miR-307-3p, miR-274, miR-286, miR-87, miR-315, and miR-92) were significantly down-regulated during this time-course (Additional file 12). [score:7]
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For example, in the fifth-instar day 3 larvae, miR-307-5p was expressed at greatest levels in hemocytes, followed by the head, body wall, fat body, ovaries and malpighian tubules for both sexes, but miR-307-3p was not detected in all examined tissues. [score:3]
25) and miR-307-5p (No. [score:1]
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The contrary results were found among bmo-let-7, bmo-miR-1, bmo-miR-100, bmo-miR-124, bmo-miR-137, bmo-miR-14, bmo-miR-252, bmo-miR-275, bmo-miR-305, bmo-miR-307, bmo-miR-34, and bmo-miR-279c, where the literature -based collections showed higher expression levels (Additional file 12: Table S7). [score:3]
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However, some conserved miRNAs displayed very low read counts; these included bmo-mir-282, bmo-mir-307, and bmo-mir-252. [score:1]
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