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3 publications mentioning bmo-mir-282

Open access articles that are associated with the species Bombyx mori and mention the gene name mir-282. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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The nervous system-specific adenylate cyclase is a target of miR-282, and one of the main functions of miR-282 is the regulation of adenylate cyclase activity in the nervous system during metamorphosis [32]. [score:4]
In this study, up-regulation of miR-282 upon BmNPV infection suggesting miR-282 may be involved in BmNPV infection. [score:4]
The target genes of ame-miR-282 were also found to be associated with kinase, neural function, synaptotagmin and energy indicating that ame-miR-282 could play a role in regulating the dancing behaviors in honey bees [33]. [score:4]
Out of these, we found that the expression of miR-282 was induced by BmNPV infection. [score:3]
Ame-miR-282, encoded by Apis mellifera L., is down regulated in dancing honey bees compared to foraging honey bees. [score:1]
MiR-282 is reported to regulate viability, longevity and egg production in Drosophila. [score:1]
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However, in the silkworm, a number of miRNA genes (mir-2a-1, mir-2b, mir-10, and mir-282) exhibited a similar number of sequence reads originating from the 5' and 3' arms of the miRNA hairpin precursors (5p and 3p, respectively) (Additional file 9*). [score:1]
However, some conserved miRNAs displayed very low read counts; these included bmo-mir-282, bmo-mir-307, and bmo-mir-252. [score:1]
The total reads of 9 miRstar sequences (miR-10*, miR-276*, miR-281*, miR-282*, miR-2a-1*, miR-965*, miR-993a*, miR-993b*, and miR-9b*) were heavily skewed toward the RNA hairpin arm containing annotated miRNAs in at least one library (Additional file 9, names in green). [score:1]
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Direct cloning allowed us to identify several mature miRNAs sequences, such as bmo-miR-263a, bmo-miR-282*, and bmo-miR-317, which vary in their 5′ and/or 3′ ends on the same stem of their precursors (Table 3). [score:2]
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