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8 publications mentioning hsa-mir-613

Open access articles that are associated with the species Homo sapiens and mention the gene name mir-613. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Epistasis experiments revealed that miR-1 and miR-613 target the pathway upstream of Axin or active β-catenin, and that miR-25 acts downstream, at the level of β-cat, likely by targeting β-cat's coding sequence. [score:5]
Elevated reporter activity by simultaneous siRNA mediated knockdown of Axin1 and Axin2 could be strongly inhibited by transfection of Pre-miR-25 (P<0.05; unpaired t-test), while miR-1 and miR-613 showed no significant influences (P>0.05). [score:4]
Secondary validation and functional testing of 3 candidate miRs, namely miR-1, miR-25 and miR-613 confirmed their inhibitory effect on the activity of the Wnt pathway. [score:3]
While miR-1 and miR-613 could slightly reduce Wnt3a-CM mediated induction of β-catenin protein levels in HEK293 cells, miR-25 and miR-613 expression resulted in a moderate (∼20%) reduction in LiCl induced total β-catenin protein level, (Fig. 3B). [score:3]
Taken together, these data suggest that miR-25 represses the Wnt pathway downstream of GSK3β, Axin1/2 and stabilized β-catenin, while miR-1 and miR-613 act upstream of Axin1/2 and stabilized β-catenin but probably downstream of LiCl -mediated inhibition of GSK3β. [score:3]
MiR-613 showed the strongest inhibition in the primary validation assay (Fig. S1) and shares the same seed sequence as the miR-1/206 superfamily (5′-GGAAUGU-3′) but shows no additional overall conservation (Fig., S4). [score:2]
Moreover, alignment of miRs that could regulate the Wnt reporter made intra- and inter -family related functional consensus sequences apparent (i. e. the seed of miR-1 and miR-613 or within the miR-302 and -515 families (Fig. S8)). [score:2]
Secondary validation of miR-1, miR-25 and miR-613. [score:1]
Pre-mir-1 may function most upstream, followed by miR-613 and then miR-25, which seems to influence the most downstream activity at the level of β-catenin. [score:1]
3 out of 38 candidate miRs (miR-1, miR-25, miR-613) were further characterized in Wnt-responsive cultured cells and all were validated for their Wnt -inhibitory properties identified in the initial screen. [score:1]
Renilla gene activity with an inserted β-catenin CDS in the 3′UTR indicated a significant miR-25 -dependent reduction while control siRNAs, miR-1 or miR-613 had no effect (Fig. 3E). [score:1]
HPLC grade human synthetic Pre-miR™ precursor miRNAs that are strand-selection optimized/approved and chemically modified siRNA-like precursor miRs (Pre-miR-1™ #AM17100; Pre-miR-25™ #AM17100; Pre-miR-613™ #AM17100) were purchased from Ambion. [score:1]
50–100-fold) could only be reduced by miR-1 and miR-613 that can block a more upstream part of the pathway and are thus more efficient (Fig. 3D). [score:1]
0026257.g003 Figure 3 (A) Epistasis experiments with synthetic human Pre-miR-1, Pre-miR-25 and Pre-miR-613. [score:1]
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MiR-613 expression is also upregulated in vitro by SREBP1c upon its activation by LXR, which then leads to the suppression of LXR in a negative, autoregulatory feedback loop [36]. [score:8]
Likewise, activation of peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma (PPARγ) decreased miR-613 expression, removing inhibition of LXR and ABCA1 and increasing macrophage cholesterol efflux [61]. [score:5]
Ou Z. Wada T. Gramignoli R. Li S. Strom S. C. Huang M. Xie W. MicroRNA hsa-miR-613 targets the human LXRα gene and mediates a feedback loop of LXRα autoregulation Mol. [score:4]
Zhao R. Feng J. He G. MiR-613 regulates cholesterol efflux by targeting LXRα and ABCA1 in PPARγ activated THP-1 macrophages Biochem. [score:3]
Because miR-613 represses LXR, it appears to be involved in the resolution of LXR -mediated changes to the cell upon restoration of homeostasis. [score:1]
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Moreover, in humans, miR-613, which targets c-MET and PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathways, is downregulated in osteosarcoma and its downregulation is associated with lymph node metastasis [162]. [score:9]
Li X. Sun X. Wu J. Li Z. MicroRNA-613 suppresses proliferation, migration and invasion of osteosarcoma by targeting c-METAm. [score:4]
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Wang Z. Zou Q. Song M. Chen J. Neat1 promotes cell proliferation and invasion in hepatocellular carcinoma by negative regulating mir-613 expressionBiomed. [score:4]
Other studies have described similar negative correlations with miR-613 [111] and miR-485 [64]. [score:1]
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Indeed, although CTNNA2 can be regulated by primate-specific miRNAs common to both monkeys and humans (miR-513a-3p, miR-518a-5p, miR-548a-5p, miR-576-5p, miR-586, miR-607, miR-625, miR-642), a number of miRNAs present in Homo sapiens but not in Macaca mulatta (miR-1208, miR-1247, miR-1290, miR-1324, miR-1825, miR-613 and miR-634) also target CTNNA2 [19], [29]. [score:4]
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In pancreatic cancer cells, HOTAIR plays the role of ceRNA, combines with miR-613, increased the expression of Notch3, and promoted pancreatic cancer cell proliferation, migration and invasion [58]. [score:3]
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After cross-contrast with the results of two software predictions, 14 candidate miRNAs were chosen for further verification (miR-15b, miR-497, miR-211, miR-206, miR-195, miR-204, miR-1s, miR-382, miR-613, miR-15a, miR-16, miR-103a, miR-182, and miR-107, Figure 3A). [score:1]
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All except 6 microRNAs (mir-613, mir-583, mir-137, mir-499, mir-206, mir-141) were amplified at appreciable levels. [score:1]
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