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Open access articles that are associated with the species Sorghum bicolor and mention the gene name MIR319a. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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For example, miR156 and miR529 were predicted to target genes that encode SBP-box transcription factors [58- 60], and miR164, miR169, miR171, miR172 and miR319 were reported to target No Apical Meristem (NAM) [61, 62], CCAAT -binding factor (CBF) [63, 64], GRAS transcription factor [65], APETALA2 Ethylene-Responsive Element Binding Proteins (AP2-EREBP) [66, 67] and Teosinite branched, Cycloidea, and PCF (TCP) [68, 69], respectively. [score:5]
In contrast, the sit-miR319, sit-miR390, sit-miR394, sit-miR399 and sit-miR2118 families showed low expression (less than 100 RPM) levels. [score:3]
In our samples, the following miRNA families showed distinct expression patterns: miR529 is barely detected in roots; miR319 is practically absent in leaves; miR395 and miR397 are practically absent in flowers; miR398 and miR399 are detected only in shoots; and miR2118 is barely detectable in any of the four tissues. [score:3]
For example, sit-miR319 potentially targets four different genes involved in carbohydrate metabolic process, suggesting that sit-miR319 might play a central role in sucrose metabolism and carbon fixation. [score:3]
For example, the expression levels of sit-miR156, sit-miR164, sit-miR166 and sit-miR167 were comparatively very high, and sit-miR160, sit-miR319, sit-miR390 and sit-miR394 were comparatively very low, in agreement with similar findings in other plants [21, 22, 80]. [score:3]
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Whereas, motif 12, representing the target region of miR319, is specific to class II proteins and was detected in 15 TCP proteins (BdTCP4, OsTCP21, SbTCP3, SbTCP1, PCF6, BdTCP1, AtTCP24, AtTCP2, BdTCP14, PCF8, SbTCP18, AtTCP3, AtTCP4, BdTCP5 and PCF5) indicating the possibility of miRNA -mediated regulation of class II proteins. [score:4]
Both SbTCP1 and 3 contain target region of miR319 (motif 12) indicating conserved miRNA -mediated regulation of the orthologous genes in Sorghum as well. [score:4]
Both the genes in Arabidopsis and rice are regulated by miR319 and implicated in organ development and cold stress response, respectively. [score:3]
MEME motif analysis revealed that SbTCP7 contained the motif 12 that corresponds to miR319 binding site, suggesting that SbTCP7 might also be involved in regulation of abiotic stresses in Sorghum through similar mechanism as in rice. [score:2]
Negative regulation of PCF5 through miR319 confers increased tolerance against drought and salinity stress in rice 35 36. [score:2]
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Conversely, drought -induced down-regulation of miR156a, miR319a-b, miR529, novel-sbi-miR-111, novel-sbi-miR-120a-b, novel-sbi-miR-227a-c, novel-sbi-miR-268, novel-sbi-miR-376, and novel-sbi-miR-350 led to up-regulation of their target gene. [score:9]
In the present study, we found monocot abundant miR156g-h, miR166c-i, miR167f-j, miR169b, miR171a-b, miR172a-c, miR319a-b, miR395, miR396a, miR437, miR529, miR2118a-b, miR2118d, miR2118e, miR2275, miR5385, and miR6221 (denoted with the symbol “@” in Table 2) which were not previously reported in sorghum. [score:1]
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Nevertheless, based on its extensive homology with sorghum MIR319 precursor (see additional file 2), we annotated this TC as a potential SsMIR319 precursor (Table 1). [score:1]
One exception was the EST TC87836, which displays high similarity (e-value 0.0 and 89.5% nt identity) with one of the MIR319 precursors present in the draft of the Sorghum bicolor genome [20] (see additional file 2). [score:1]
Reporter experiments have demonstrated that regions under stronger evolutionary constraints contain important information for MIR319a transcription [36]. [score:1]
This might be due to the fact that the miR319* is located at the 5'end of the sequence, which is not present in the TC87836 sugarcane EST. [score:1]
It has recently been reported an evolutionary sequencing comparison for the MIR319a locus in Arabidopsis and related Brassicaceae. [score:1]
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Schommer C Control of jasmonate biosynthesis and senescence by miR319 targetsPLoS Biol. [score:3]
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Although the expression difference of miR160, miR164 and miR319 between BTx623 and Rio was inherited in the F2, and thus of interest for further analysis, it was less than two fold; so we decided to focus on miR169, miR172 and miR395 instead. [score:3]
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