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2 publications mentioning sbi-MIR171d

Open access articles that are associated with the species Sorghum bicolor and mention the gene name MIR171d. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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The miR156b (targets IRREGULAR XYLEM 1), miR396b-c (targets mitochondrial HSP70-2); novel-sbi-miR-27 (targets HSP21), novel-sbi-miR-55 (targets HOMEBOX 7), novel-sbi-miR-171 (targets early responsive to dehydration 15), novel-sbi-miR-254 (targets nitrate transmembrane transporter), novel-sbi-miR-268 (targets HSP101), novel-sbi-miR-272 (targets HSP1; WRKY; Heat-intolerant 1 and Cytochrome P450), novel-sbi-miR-277 (targets F-box family protein), novel-sbi-miR-329 (targets abscisic acid responsive elements -binding factor 2), and novel-sbi-miR-389 (DEHYDRIN XERO1), were observed as a regulator of drought and heat responsive proteins (Table S5 in Supplementary Material). [score:22]
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For example, miR156 and miR529 were predicted to target genes that encode SBP-box transcription factors [58- 60], and miR164, miR169, miR171, miR172 and miR319 were reported to target No Apical Meristem (NAM) [61, 62], CCAAT -binding factor (CBF) [63, 64], GRAS transcription factor [65], APETALA2 Ethylene-Responsive Element Binding Proteins (AP2-EREBP) [66, 67] and Teosinite branched, Cycloidea, and PCF (TCP) [68, 69], respectively. [score:5]
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