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Open access articles that are associated with the species Caenorhabditis briggsae and mention the gene name mir-1. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Mir-1 is known to have high expression levels in mammalian heart and muscle cells while mir-124 contributes to the cells of the nervous system [24]. [score:3]
Second, we have cloned the 1000 bp 5' flanking region of mir-1 and used it to construct an expression plasmid with green fluorescent protein as the reporter (data not shown). [score:3]
In both cases, we chose mir-1-1 as the representative of mir-1 -family and mir-124a-1 for the representative of mir-124 -family for human and mouse. [score:1]
Figure 4The frequency diagrams of the motif GANNNNGA occurrences in sequences 1000 bp upstream of mir-1 (panel a) and mir-124 (panel b) family members in C. elegans, C. briggsae, human and mouse. [score:1]
The multiple sequence alignment of the mir-1 family upstream sequences of C. elegans, C. briggsae, human and mouse. [score:1]
The abundance and conservation of this motif in the upstream of two old and important miRNAs, mir-1 and mir-124 suggest a connection to miRNAs with global specialized function. [score:1]
We draw the frequency diagrams of the motif GANNNNGA in the 1000 bp upstream sequences of mir-1 and mir-124 orthologs in these four species (Figure 4), and made the global alignments of mir-1 and mir-124 upstream sequences (Additional files 1 and 2). [score:1]
We found these motifs also from the mir-1 and mir-124 1000 bp upstream sequences in C. elegans and C. briggsae, thus strengthening the connection of these miRNAs with a muscle specific function in these two worms. [score:1]
In addition, this motif was observed to be most abundant in the upstream sequences of two important miRNAs, mir-1 and mir-124. [score:1]
Consistent with this result, the transfection of mir-1 duplexes to HeLa cells produced a heart and skeletal muscle profile. [score:1]
When comparing these results, we found that the motif GANNNNGA is especially abundant in the 1000 bp upstream sequences of miRNAs mir-1, mir-124 and mir-228 in both worms. [score:1]
In summary, the mir-1-1 1000 bp upstream sequences of human and mouse contain nearly as many occurrences of the motif GANNNNGA (21 and 20) as the corresponding sequences of mir-1 of C. elegans and C. briggsae (23 and 26). [score:1]
We also found the frequency distribution of the motif in the upstream sequences from human and mouse orthologs of mir-1 and mir-124 to approximately follow its corresponding distributions in the two worms, thus confirming the conserved nature of the motif. [score:1]
Click here for file The multiple sequence alignment of the mir-1 family upstream sequences of C. elegans, C. briggsae, human and mouse. [score:1]
To determine whether the motif GANNNGA is conserved in the upstream sequences of mir-1, mir-124 and mir-228 orthologs in other species, we located all its occurrences from 1000 bp upstream sequences of all miRNAs that, according to miRBase [17], belong to mir-1 or mir-124 family in human and mouse genomes. [score:1]
The 1000 bp upstream sequences of human and mouse miRNAs that belong to mir-1 and mir-124 families were downloaded from UCSC Genome Browser [40], and the multiple sequence alignments for the mir-1 and mir-124 families upstream sequences were made with ClustalW [37]. [score:1]
Prior to and independent from the current study, there has been keen interest in mir-1 and mir-124, two miRNAs with the most abundant GANNNNGA motifs. [score:1]
This motif was also found to be especially abundant in the upstream sequences of two old and biologically important miRNAs, mir-1 and mir-124, thus suggesting a connection between the number of motif instances in the upstream sequence close to a miRNA start site and a globally conserved function of the miRNA. [score:1]
Both human and mouse, have three miRNAs belonging to the mir-1 -family: mir-1-1, mir-1-2 and mir-206. [score:1]
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Indeed, decreased mRNA levels (in human HeLa cells) were observed for dozens of genes upon transfection of two distinct miRNAs, miR-1 and miR-124; it was also shown that the 3′ untranslated regions (UTRs) of these down-regulated mRNAs have significant complementarity to the 5′ extremity of the transfected miRNAs. [score:6]
In fact, most of the mRNAs encoding cytosolic sector subunits (A, B, D, E, F, and H) of a C. elegans vacuolar H [+]-ATPase contain a conserved target site for miR-1, suggesting a miRNA -mediated regulation of this proton-pumping complex. [score:4]
For example, we found that the predicted target set of C. elegans miR-1 (197 genes having a conserved ACAUUCC or CAUUCCA in their 3′UTRs) contains many genes involved in proton transport (p < 10 [−10]) and ATPase activity (p < 10 [−9]). [score:3]
Similarly, the target sites for miR-2/43 and miR-1 are coconserved in 12 genes (p < 10 [−6]). [score:3]
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