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6 publications mentioning dme-mir-31b

Open access articles that are associated with the species Drosophila melanogaster and mention the gene name mir-31b. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Other miRNAs from this paper: cel-let-7, dme-let-7, dme-mir-31a
In addition to the transcription regulators, such as CREM (cAMP-responsive element modulator), CREB1 (CREM -binding protein 1) and NFAT (NFκB, AP1 and nuclear factor of activated T-cells), it was shown that miR-31, downregulated in SLE T-cells, could repress the expression of RhoA, a negative regulator of NFAT, and was responsible for impaired IL2 expression [79, 80]. [score:10]
miRNA Target Regulated Process let-7a IL6 IL6 induction[65] let-7c Blimp1, SOCS1 Activation of DCs[64] miR-125a KLF13 CCL5 induction in T-cells[81] miR-126 DNMT1 DNA methylation in T-cells[73] miR-146a TRAF6, IRAK1 NFκB mediated inflammatory response[53] TRAF6, IRAK1, IRAK2 RIG-I -dependent anti-viral pathway[54] IRF5, STAT1 Type I IFN induction and signaling[55] miR-148a DNMT1 DNA methylation in T-cells[71] miR-150 SOCS1 Renal fibrosis[94] miR-155 MyD88, TAB2 TLR/IL1 inflammatory pathway[57, 58] SOCS1 Type I IFN signaling[59] PP2Ac IL2 induction[110] miR-155* IRAKM Type I IFN induction[60] miR-17~92 PTEN, Bim Proliferation of lymphocytes[84] Rora, PHLPP2 Differentiation and function of Tfh cells[85, 86] miR-21 RASGRP1 DNA methylation in T-cells[71] miR-23b TAB2, TAB3, IKKα IL17, TNFα, IL1β signaling[91] miR-29b Sp1 DNA methylation in T-cells[74] miR-30a Lyn Activation of B-cells[87] miR-31 RhoA IL2 induction in T-cells[80] miR-3148 TLR7 TLR7 inflammatory pathway[63] As we are still at the early stage of the exploration of miRNA’s essential roles in SLE pathogenesis, there are many unresolved questions. [score:4]
Moreover, the expression of miR-31 was inversely correlated with RhoA in SLE patients [80]. [score:3]
Fan W. Liang D. Tang Y. Qu B. Cui H. Luo X. Huang X. Chen S. Higgs B. W. Jallal B. Identification of microRNA-31 as a novel regulator contributing to impaired interleukin-2 production in t cells from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus Arthritis Rheumatol. [score:2]
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The final wave, represented by CoMod-C, is expressed in late embryos and post-embryonic development and involves bantam, Mir-1, Mir-8, Mir-278, Mir- 281, Mir-252 and Mir-31. [score:4]
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These included miR-SPs targeting bantam, miR-1, the K-box family (miR-2b, miR-2c and miR-13b displayed strong phenotypes; miR-2a and miR-13a were flight impaired but fell below our stringent cutoff; ), miR-7, the miR-31 family, miR-34, miR-190, miR-957, miR-986, miR-987 and miR-1001. [score:3]
Recent studies suggest that vertebrate orthologues for several of the conserved miRNAs required for muscle maintenance in our screen (miR-1, miR-7, miR-31 and miR-34, and the K-box orthologue miR-23) are associated with muscle physiology in vertebrate species (Supplementary Table 1). [score:1]
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bmo-let-7b, bmo-let-7c, bmo-miR-9, bmo-miR-9*, bmo-miR-100-like, bmo-miR-263a, bmo-miR-31 and bmo-bantam were expressed in larva and pupa, but were not detected in moth; of these miRNAs, bmo-miR-9 and bmo-miR-9* are also complementary miRNAs. [score:3]
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In the 15 missed reference pre-miRNAs, 4 did not pass the pre-processing filter due to their predicted double-loop structures (mir-2c, mir-31a, mir-31b, mir-286) and another 2 due to their low predicted free energy (mir-309, mir-311). [score:1]
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We did not find mir-242 and mir-216, which are also lost in other arthropods, nor mir-31, which is not found in the chelicerate family of Ixodidae, or the mandibulate-specific mir-282 or mir-965 (Rota-Stabelli et al. 2011; Tarver et al. 2013). [score:1]
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