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6 publications mentioning dme-mir-282

Open access articles that are associated with the species Drosophila melanogaster and mention the gene name mir-282. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Appropriate controls were included in all tables and figures to verify that the decrease in light sensitivity observed with kis downregulation or with miR-282 overexpression was not due to tim variants. [score:6]
Thus, it appears that morgue and miR-282 overexpression have the most profound effect on CRY signaling, while overexpression of the other candidate genes affect the CRY input pathway more moderately. [score:5]
Moreover, a predicted target of miR-282 is jetlag (TargetScanFly, release4.2; Yong and Emery, unpublished observations), which is crucial for CRY signaling and TIM degradation. [score:5]
1000787.g001 Figure 1(A) Average double-plotted actograms of control (w [1118]), y w; cry [b] (cry [b]), jet overexpressing (y w; tim-GAL4;UAS-jet) and miR-282 overexpressing flies (y w; tim-GAL4;EP(3)714). [score:5]
miR-282 appears particularly likely to be an important regulator of circadian photoresponses, since its overexpression affects profoundly both the behavior of the flies in LL and their response to short light pulse. [score:4]
1000787.g002 Figure 2Flies overexpressing miR-282 respond poorly to short light pulses. [score:3]
While control flies become arrhythmic in LL, cry [b] flies and jet and miR-282 overexpressing flies remain rhythmic. [score:3]
Phase responses to short light pulses in control flies (y w, Canton-S, y w; tim-GAL4; + [tg4/+] and y w; +; EP(3)3041 [EP(3)3041/+]) and flies overexpressing the microRNA miR-282 (y w; tim-GAL4/+; EP(3)3041/+ [tg4/EP(3)3041]). [score:3]
Strikingly, among the six lines with the strongest phenotype were three lines (EP(3)3041, EP(3)714 and EP(3)3718) that are predicted to overexpress miR-282. [score:3]
However, two of them are expressed in circadian tissues: miR-282 and miR-8 [77]. [score:3]
Flies overexpressing miR-282 respond poorly to short light pulses. [score:3]
We are currently determining whether miR-282 is indeed a regulator of the CRY input pathway. [score:2]
An interesting set of lines that resulted in LL rhythmicity affected microRNA genes (EP(3)3041/miR-282, EP(3)714/miR-282, EP(3)3718/miR-282, EP(3)3617/miR-282, EP(2)2402/miR-8, EP(2)2356/miR-310-311-312-313). [score:1]
A similar phenotype was observed with EP(3)714/miR-282 (data not shown). [score:1]
Three EP lines responded poorly to light pulses at high intensity (1000 lux): EP(2)2367/morgue, as described previously [29], EP(3)3041/miR-282 and EP(3)714/miR-282 (Figure 2 and data not shown). [score:1]
3 lines with a very long period (27.5–28.5 hr) affected the same gene, miR-282. [score:1]
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Other studies have consistently found miR-282 to be expressed both in pupae and female adults of D. melanogaster [35, 38], and this miRNA has been shown to regulate viability and production of eggs through the targeting of the nervous-specific adenylate cyclase in pupae during metamorphosis [39]. [score:6]
Among these twelve miRNAs with identical expression pattern, mir-282 was highly expressed in pupae of both D. melanogaster and B. dorsalis studies. [score:5]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: dme-mir-1017
We identified two editing events that create binding sites for miR-282-5p and miR-1017-3p; in both cases, the host genes have increased gene expression levels in the EA mutant compared to the WT flies (Fig 5F). [score:2]
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But the predicted 5'-ends of miR-263a, miR-274, miR-282 and miR-283 are very different with current annotations. [score:1]
MiR-133, miR-219, miR-263a, miR-274, miR-281-2*, miR-282, miR-283 and miR-310 which are also collected in miRBase without cloning evidence, are also identified. [score:1]
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We did not find mir-242 and mir-216, which are also lost in other arthropods, nor mir-31, which is not found in the chelicerate family of Ixodidae, or the mandibulate-specific mir-282 or mir-965 (Rota-Stabelli et al. 2011; Tarver et al. 2013). [score:1]
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Two of these, mir-282 and mir-965, have homologues in crustaceans and insects. [score:1]
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