Stem-loop sequence hsa-mir-324

AccessionMI0000813 (change log)
Symbol HGNC:MIR324
DescriptionHomo sapiens miR-324 stem-loop
Gene family MIPF0000165; mir-324
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   cu      gc     c   u c   a     u   u  aaag 
5'   gacuau  cuccc gca c ccu gggca ugg gu    c
     ||||||  ||||| ||| | ||| ||||| ||| ||     
3'   cugaug  ggggg cgu g gga cccgu acc ca    u
   --      uu     u   c u   c     c   -  gagg 
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Deep sequencing
77053 reads, 211 reads per million, 159 experiments
Confidence Annotation confidence: high
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Genome context
Coordinates (GRCh38; GCA_000001405.15) Overlapping transcripts
chr17: 7223297-7223379 [-]
OTTHUMT00000440693 ; NEURL4-010; intron 1
OTTHUMT00000440668 ; NEURL4-005; intron 20
OTTHUMT00000440657 ; NEURL4-004; intron 20
OTTHUMT00000440658 ; NEURL4-003; intron 20
OTTHUMT00000255435 ; NEURL4-002; intron 21
OTTHUMT00000255434 ; NEURL4-001; intron 21
ENST00000572029 ; NEURL4-010; intron 1
ENST00000573186 ; NEURL4-005; intron 20
ENST00000570460 ; NEURL4-004; intron 20
ENST00000571887 ; NEURL4-003; intron 20
ENST00000315614 ; NEURL4-002; intron 21
ENST00000399464 ; NEURL4-001; intron 21
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Mature sequence hsa-miR-324-5p

Accession MIMAT0000761

16 - 


 - 37

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Deep sequencing52157 reads, 159 experiments
Evidence experimental; cloned [4-5]
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Mature sequence hsa-miR-324-3p

Accession MIMAT0000762

50 - 


 - 72

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Deep sequencing24881 reads, 157 experiments
Evidence experimental; cloned [3-5]
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