Stem-loop sequence vvi-MIR3629c

AccessionMI0016024 (change log)
DescriptionVitis vinifera miR3629c stem-loop
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2 open access papers mention vvi-MIR3629c
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      g     c          a  -u        c  ugaagcuugaggacauaaaaauagg 
5' ucu uuugg ugcugagaaa ug  aggaaaag ga                         u
   ||| ||||| |||||||||| ||  |||||||| ||                         u
3' agg aaacc augacucuuu ac  uccuuuuc cu                         g
      g     a          -  uu        -  uucucccguugucggcagaguuugg 
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Deep sequencing
216 reads, 0 reads per million, 2 experiments
Confidence Annotation confidence: not enough data
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Genome context
Coordinates (12X; GCA_000003745.2) Overlapping transcripts
chr17: 822213-822334 [+]
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Mature sequence vvi-miR3629c

Accession MIMAT0018024

8 - 


 - 28

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Deep sequencing189 reads, 2 experiments
Evidence experimental; Illumina [1]


PMID:20230504 "Identification of grapevine microRNAs and their targets using high-throughput sequencing and degradome analysis" Pantaleo V, Szittya G, Moxon S, Miozzi L, Moulton V, Dalmay T, Burgyan J Plant J. 62:960-976(2010).