Stem-loop sequence ssc-mir-208b

AccessionMI0013129 (change log)
DescriptionSus scrofa miR-208b stem-loop
Gene family MIPF0000178; mir-208
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   -------        g          c   cg        cu 
5'        cucucagg aagcuuuuug ucg  uuauguuu  c
          |||||||| |||||||||| |||  ||||||||  a
3'        gggagucu uuuggaaaac agc  aauauaag  u
   gugagac        g          a   ag        cc 
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Deep sequencing
2 reads, 0 reads per million, 2 experiments
Confidence Annotation confidence: not enough data
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Genome context
Coordinates (Sscrofa10.2; GCA_000003025.4) Overlapping transcripts
chr7: 81071323-81071402 [-]
OTTSUST00000001741 ; MYH7-001; intron 30
ENSSSCT00000035771 ; MYH7-001; intron 30
ENSSSCT00000002271 ; MYH7-201; intron 31
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Mature sequence ssc-miR-208b

Accession MIMAT0013912

45 - 


 - 66

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Deep sequencing2 reads, 2 experiments
Evidence experimental; Illumina [1-2]


PMID:19917043 "MicroRNA identity and abundance in porcine skeletal muscles determined by deep sequencing" Nielsen M, Hansen JH, Hedegaard J, Nielsen RO, Panitz F, Bendixen C, Thomsen B Anim Genet. 41:159-168(2010).
PMID:21312241 "MicroRNA identity and abundance in developing swine adipose tissue as determined by Solexa sequencing" Li G, Li Y, Li X, Ning X, Li M, Yang G J Cell Biochem. 112:1318-1328(2011).