Stem-loop sequence dme-mir-989

AccessionMI0005848 (change log)
DescriptionDrosophila melanogaster miR-989 stem-loop
Gene family MIPF0000885; mir-989
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   aaa     ug  a  cgg       c ug  g        ----------- g       a    -   c       -   auu   -ua   g 
5'    gauuu  gg au   ccacuac u  ca ucacguga           u aaaagac cagg uga acugauc cgg   ugg   guu a
      |||||  || ||   ||||||| |  || ||||||||           | ||||||| |||| ||| ||||||| |||   |||   |||  
3'    uuaaa  cc ua   ggugaug a  gu aguguacu           a uuuucug guuu acu ugauuag gcc   acc   uaa c
   aca     gu  a  caa       c gu  -        ugauaagcuua g       c    u   u       a   -gu   ucc   a 
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Deep sequencing
2757600 reads, 1.35e+04 reads per million, 46 experiments
Confidence Annotation confidence: high
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Genome context
Coordinates (Release_6; GCA_000001215.4) Overlapping transcripts
chr2R: 14145351-14145524 [-]
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Mature sequence dme-miR-989-5p

Accession MIMAT0020887

17 - 


 - 39

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Deep sequencing618 reads, 34 experiments
Evidence not experimental
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Mature sequence dme-miR-989-3p

Accession MIMAT0005506
Previous IDsdme-miR-989

139 - 


 - 159

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Deep sequencing2756867 reads, 46 experiments
Evidence experimental; 454 [1]
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PMID:17989254 "Evolution, biogenesis, expression, and target predictions of a substantially expanded set of Drosophila microRNAs" Ruby JG, Stark A, Johnston WK, Kellis M, Bartel DP, Lai EC Genome Res. 17:1850-1864(2007).