Stem-loop sequence ath-MIR778

AccessionMI0005108 (change log)
DescriptionArabidopsis thaliana miR778 stem-loop
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   -         c                    a       cuccauccuauacagauuuugggacaugu 
5'  ccgccuugg uugguuuauguacaccgagu uguucag                             g
    ||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||| |||||||                             c
3'  ggcggaacc aaccagauacauguggcuca acaaguc                             c
   u         a                    a       aagaaagauauauacuuuggaguugggau 
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Confidence Annotation confidence: not enough data
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Genome context
Coordinates (TAIR10; GCA_000001735.1) Overlapping transcripts
chr2: 17349437-17349574 [-]
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Mature sequence ath-miR778

Accession MIMAT0003937

7 - 


 - 27

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Evidence experimental; MPSS [1], Northern [1], 454 [2]


PMID:16954541 "MicroRNAs and other small RNAs enriched in the Arabidopsis RNA-dependent RNA polymerase-2 mutant" Lu C, Kulkarni K, Souret FF, MuthuValliappan R, Tej SS, Poethig RS, Henderson IR, Jacobsen SE, Wang W, Green PJ, Meyers BC Genome Res. 16:1276-1288(2006).
PMID:17299599 "High-throughput sequencing of Arabidopsis microRNAs: evidence for frequent birth and death of MIRNA genes" Fahlgren N, Howell MD, Kasschau KD, Chapman EJ, Sullivan CM, Cumbie JS, Givan SA, Law TF, Grant SR, Dangl JL, Carrington JC PLoS One. 2:e219(2007).