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miRBase 17 released

miRBase 17 is finally released. The README has stats on the numbers of new sequences (of which there are again many). We’ve added a bunch more deep sequencing data, and there’s more on the way. There are also two important changes in nomenclature, about which we’ll write more shortly. From the README:

The -as nomenclature (previously used to designate a miRNA that is
antisense to another) is discontinued, and a small number of sequences
are renamed for this reason.

The first steps to retire the miR* designation are also taken here.
Mature sequence from all Drosophila melanogaster precursors are now
designated -5p and -3p. Many minor mature products have been added,
and others are renamed.

Some people have been asking if the views of deep sequencing data are available in bulk. We’re working on that, and we’ll post here when you can get them.

Comments, questions, abuse, praise all welcome.

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