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3 publications mentioning chi-mir-494

Open access articles that are associated with the species Capra hircus and mention the gene name mir-494. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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For example, miR-494-3p, located in QTL associated with milk fat in cows, may be preponderant for milk lipid synthesis, notably through the regulation of PTEN, and in targeting mTOR, miR-99a-5p may regulate milk protein synthesis. [score:5]
In addition, seven known (miR-99a-3p, miR-188-5p, miR-196a-5p, miR-204-5p, miR-222-3p, miR-223-3p and miR-494-3p) and six predicted miRNA (chr3_4386-3p, chr3_4386-5p, chr12_17655-3p, chr19_26739-5p, chr23_30758-5p and chr27_34538-5p) were expressed at moderate levels with normalized read counts of between 100 and 1,000, and three known (miR-223-5p, miR-541-5p and miR-671-5p) and five predicted (chr3_3319-5p, chr4_6064-5p, chr9_13534-5p, chr12_18027-5p and chr23_30758-5p) were weakly expressed with normalized read counts below 100. [score:5]
In particular, miR-409-3p and miR-494-3p may target numerous genes involved in lipid metabolism and its regulation. [score:4]
As well as having many putative targets involved in lipid metabolism (Fig 3, S4 Table), miR-494-3p and miR-409-3p are also positioned in QTL regions associated with milk fatty acids, thus rendering these two miRNA good candidates to study their involvement in the regulation of milk lipid synthesis. [score:4]
Finally, five nutriregulated miRNA: miR-222-3p, miR-188-5p, miR-541-5p, miR-494-3p and chr3_3319-5p, may target PTEN (Phosphatase and TENsin homologue) (Fig 4). [score:4]
Furthermore, miR-125b-3p, miR-494-3p and chr3_3319-5p may conjointly target ABCA1 (ATP-Binding Cassette subfamily A member 1) which has been hypothesized to play a role in the transfer, storage and removal of cholesterol in the mammary gland [53]. [score:3]
In particular, miR-494-3p binding has been confirmed experimentally in bronchial epithelial cells [54]. [score:1]
Indeed, miR-409-3p and miR-494-3p belonged to the mir-154 family and miR-188-5p and miR-660-5p to the mir-188 family (Table 2). [score:1]
Furthermore, mir-409, mir-494 and mir-541 belonging to a large and conserved cluster in mammals have also been located in QTL associated with milk yield and milk fat percentage and content on bovine chromosome 21. [score:1]
Indeed, miR-494-3p, miR-409-3p and miR-541-5p are members of the greatest and conserved miRNA cluster located on goat chromosome 21. [score:1]
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Stem-loop Real-time RT-PCR was performed on 15 differential expressed known miRNAs including chi-miR-485, chi-miR-487b, chi-miR-494, chi-miR-382-5p, chi-miR-432, chi-miR-495, chi-miR-365-5p, chi-miR-369-3p, chi-miR-29a, chi-miR-380, chi-miR-503, chi-miR-541, chi-miR-127, chi-miR-299-3p, chi-miR-3958, and 5 novel miRNAs, including chi-novel-miR-47, chi-novel-miR-84, chi-novel-miR-70, chi-novel-miR-30, chi-novel-miR-72. [score:3]
As shown in Figure 9a, for the known miRNAs, the relative expression abundant of chi-miR-485, chi-miR-487b, chi-miR-494, chi-miR-382-5p, chi-miR-432, chi-miR-495, chi-miR-369-3p, chi-miR-380, chi-miR-503, chi-miR-541, chi-miR-127, chi-miR-299-3p and chi-miR-3958 were significantly higher in FC library than that of SMC library except chi-miR-29a and chi-miR-365-5p, which were highly correlated with sequence data. [score:3]
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Further studies reported that miR-30b, miR-30d, and -miR-494 are differentially expressed in pre-receptive and receptive endometria in human [10], suggesting that miRNAs played important roles in gene reprogramming during the formation of endometrial receptivity. [score:3]
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