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4 publications mentioning bra-MIR2111

Open access articles that are associated with the species Brassica rapa and mention the gene name MIR2111. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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For example, miR2111 was predicted to target a cop8 (constitutive photomorphogenic) homolog, miR399 was predicted to target SPA2 (SPA1-RELATED 2), BrmiRC0406 was predicted to target CRY2, and BrmiRC0826 was predicted to target phytochrome and flowering time regulatory protein 1. In the high-throughput sequencing analyses of the blue light and UV-A induction compared with the dark treatment, miR156 and miR157 had about 1.5-fold change in their transcript numbers. [score:9]
By normalizing the number of miRNA reads (on the basis of transcripts per million, TPM) in the library, the relative abundance of miR391, miR1439, miR2111, miR2911, miR2916, miR5083 in the UV-A sRNA library was 2 times higher than in the dark sRNA library, whereas the abundance of miR396 and miR1885 was the opposite. [score:1]
In the blue-light-responsive sRNA library, aside from miR391, miR2111 and miR5083, miR1511 was more abundant than in the dark sRNA library, whereas miR5072 and miR5139 were less abundant. [score:1]
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By expending the members to the existing B. rapa miRNA families, bra-miR156 was now the largest family (harboring 21 members), followed by bra-miR171 (11 members), bra-miR167 (8 members), bra-miR172 (8 members), bra-miR164 (7 members), bra-miR168 (7 members), bra-miR2111 (7 members), bra-miR157 (6 members), bra-miR160 (6 members), bra-miR390 (6 members), and bra-miR395 (6 members). [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: bna-MIR156a, bna-MIR171g, bna-MIR396a, bra-MIR824, bna-MIR824, bna-MIR397a, bna-MIR397b, bna-MIR390a, bna-MIR390b, bna-MIR390c, bna-MIR171a, bna-MIR171b, bna-MIR171c, bna-MIR171d, bna-MIR171e, bna-MIR171f, bna-MIR169a, bna-MIR169b, bna-MIR169c, bna-MIR169d, bna-MIR169e, bna-MIR169f, bna-MIR169g, bna-MIR169h, bna-MIR169i, bna-MIR169j, bna-MIR169k, bna-MIR169l, bna-MIR169m, bna-MIR168a, bna-MIR167a, bna-MIR167b, bna-MIR167c, bna-MIR166a, bna-MIR166b, bna-MIR166c, bna-MIR166d, bna-MIR164a, bna-MIR159, bna-MIR156b, bna-MIR156c, bra-MIR1885a, bra-MIR157a, bra-MIR159a, bra-MIR160a, bra-MIR164a, bra-MIR167a, bra-MIR167b, bra-MIR167c, bra-MIR167d, bra-MIR171a, bra-MIR171b, bra-MIR171c, bra-MIR171d, bra-MIR171e, bra-MIR172a, bra-MIR172b, bna-MIR2111b, bna-MIR2111a, bra-MIR2111a, bra-MIR1885b, bna-MIR156d, bna-MIR156e, bna-MIR156f, bna-MIR156g, bna-MIR160a, bna-MIR160b, bna-MIR160c, bna-MIR160d, bna-MIR164b, bna-MIR164c, bna-MIR164d, bna-MIR166f, bna-MIR166e, bna-MIR167d, bna-MIR168b, bna-MIR169n, bna-MIR172d, bna-MIR172b, bna-MIR172c, bna-MIR172a, bna-MIR394a, bna-MIR394b, bna-MIR395a, bna-MIR395b, bna-MIR395c, bna-MIR395d, bna-MIR395e, bna-MIR395f, bna-MIR403, bna-MIR860, bna-MIR2111d, bna-MIR2111c, bra-MIR408, bra-MIR158, bra-MIR156a, bra-MIR156b, bra-MIR156c, bra-MIR156d, bra-MIR156e, bra-MIR156f, bra-MIR156g, bra-MIR168b, bra-MIR168c, bra-MIR168a, bra-MIR319, bra-MIR390, bra-MIR391, bra-MIR395d, bra-MIR395b, bra-MIR395c, bra-MIR395a, bra-MIR396, bra-MIR400, bra-MIR403, bra-MIR860, bra-MIR164b, bra-MIR164d, bra-MIR164c, bra-MIR164e, bra-MIR172c, bra-MIR172d
For example, the miR2111* sequence was more abundant than miR2111 in bra-MIR2111a, b, c and d (Additional file 5: Figure S1), suggesting miR2111* is the true miRNA mature sequence in B. napus. [score:1]
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Abundant miRNAs on chromosome A3 included miR2111 and miR399. [score:1]
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