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6 publications mentioning bra-MIR395a

Open access articles that are associated with the species Brassica rapa and mention the gene name MIR395a. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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In our study, AABB plants were found to overexpress miR395 and presented low expression of its target genes (APS1, APS4, and SULTR2;1) compared with AB plants (Figures  9 and 8). [score:6]
Furthermore, transgenic plants over -expressing miR395 accumulate more sulphate in the plant shoots, which suggests that miR395 is involved in the regulation of sulphate allocation by targeting APS genes and SULTR2;1 [55]. [score:6]
Moreover, only miR165a, miR166a, and miR395a were not inversely correlated with the targeted genes (REV, PHV, and APS1, SULTR2;1) in AABB and AB, respectively. [score:3]
Recent studies have shown that miR395 is induced by sulphur starvation and regulates a low-affinity sulphate transporter (SULTR2;1) and three ATP sulphurylases (including APS1 and APS4) [50, 53- 55]. [score:2]
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miRNAs in Group A1 included most variants of miR156, miR395 and miR824 and were weakly expressed in flower buds. [score:3]
Huang et al. [49] identified several miR395 target genes. [score:3]
These included a cluster containing three MIR156 genes (bra-MIR156f, k, r) on chromosome A06 within a 1000 bp region; a MIR169 cluster as well as a MIR395 cluster, also on chromosome A06. [score:1]
Following the above filtering, we identified 10 putative novel MIRNA loci for 13 out of the 78 presumed miRNA sequences and several conserved miRNA variants including miR400, miR169 and miR395. [score:1]
Most of the miRNAs with stem-loop structures and typical mapping patterns are highly conserved in the plant kingdom including miR156, miR159, miR160, MiR166, miR167, miR172, miR319 and miR395 [26]. [score:1]
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They further validated BnAPS3, BnAPS4 and BnSultr2;1 as targets of miR395. [score:3]
Two of the most glaring examples are miR398 and miR395, which have been repeatedly shown by independent groups to regulate cellular response in many different stresses [23]– [28]. [score:2]
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In another Cd study Zhang et al. [111] showed that transgenic B. napus plants over -expressing miR395 demonstrated a lower degree of Cd induced oxidative stress than the wild type. [score:3]
Zhang L. W. Song J. B. Shu X. X. Zhang Y. Yang Z. M. MIR395 is involved in detoxification of cadmium in Brassica napus J. Hazard. [score:1]
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Four sub-members (bra-miR395a-1, bra-miR395a-2, bra-miR395a-3, bra-miR395a-4) were identified for bra-miR395a. [score:1]
This type of sub-member was also observed in the bra-miR395 family. [score:1]
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By expending the members to the existing B. rapa miRNA families, bra-miR156 was now the largest family (harboring 21 members), followed by bra-miR171 (11 members), bra-miR167 (8 members), bra-miR172 (8 members), bra-miR164 (7 members), bra-miR168 (7 members), bra-miR2111 (7 members), bra-miR157 (6 members), bra-miR160 (6 members), bra-miR390 (6 members), and bra-miR395 (6 members). [score:1]
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